Yamaha YPT 240 Review: An Impressive Entry-Level Digital Piano

When it comes to portable keyboards, Yamaha is a top notch manufacturer. They have a lot to offer to any pianist, regardless of their skill level. Among their products, of the finest is the Yamaha YPT 240.

Specifically, the YPT 240 is not a high-end digital keyboard. Instead, it has an entry-level price and application, which works well for beginners.

However, it is still undeniable that the features of this piano are awe-inspiring beyond its price. Get to know the full performance of this piano by reading this Yamaha YPT 240 review!

But before we get to the specifics, let us make a quick detour. It would be useless to get a digital piano if you don't know its basics.

After all, you can never identify a good digital keyboard from a bad one until you know the things that make it tick. Let's get started!


We already covered the basics behind the operation of a digital piano. This time, we have to take a look at the Yamaha YPT 240. Just like other Yamaha keyboards, this one is a powerhouse when it comes to tones and sound accompaniments.

It has great sound samples that allow it to replicate different sounds like bass and percussion. Moreover, this keyboard allows you to layer these sounds so that you can create a whole new world of possibilities.

Meanwhile, here are some of the features of the Yamaha YPT 240 that you must know. Check if these are the ones that can satisfy your needs and requirements.

Best for Beginners

The Yamaha YPT 240 is the 61-key digital piano. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those who are still new to this instrument.

Of course, you can learn with this tool, even if you don't have a piano teacher. After all, this one has integrated Yamaha Education Suite (YES) System.

This particular innovation allows any user to learn the basics of a piano. It lets you practice with the default songs on its bank easily.

Moreover, the song's tempo adjusts to the speed and pace of the player. Therefore, the learning process would be fun and less pressured!

Responsive Keys

We already mentioned that this digital piano is a 61-key model. Each of the keys is ultra-responsive, which makes it very useful for beginners and intermediate players alike.

The responsiveness enables you to have a good feel on the piano. It allows you to control the pressure of your touch.

Specifically, this keyboard has five octaves. Moreover, it can attain supplementary octaves by accessing the interface of the keyboard.

Five octaves is more than enough for learning all the basic finger positions, which will eventually help progress your technique.

Huge Sound Library

It is a good thing that the Yamaha YPT 240 has a vast repository of sounds. On its system, it got over 300 voices that you can experiment and unleash.

Moreover, it also comes with great instrument samples that you can access quickly. Specifically, it has bass, strings, electric pianos, accordions, and other more sounds on its list.

Furthermore, this digital keyboard comes with the Ultra-Wide Stereo innovation. This particular technology enables the piano to have excellent sound production and stereo imaging!


  • 32-note polyphony
  • It has integrated metronome
  • ​Over 300 instrument samples
  • ​Comes with 100 songs presets
  • ​Reverb and chorus effects are present
  • ​It has Master EQ
  • ​Ultra-Wide Stereo System for better sound production
  • ​Keys are responsive and touch sensitive
  • ​Built-in Yamaha Education System
  • ​Portable, compact, and lightweight
  • Compatible with audio devices like iPad.


  • Some of the essential parts are sold separately (fortunately, it has a bundled version)
  • It doesn't have weighted keys.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Piano

The Keys

A digital piano could possess a different number of keys, depending on the intended use. In the market today, you could see 61-key, 76-key, and 88-key models.

Fortunately, choosing which of these units can work for you is easy. You just have to assess your skill level.

For a person who already learned the ropes of a digital piano, an 88-key model is a perfect choice. A standard keyboard (the authentic ones) has this number as well. For those who are new, a 61 or 76-key digital piano is a good starting place.


You should be aware that a digital piano doesn't possess the intricacy of an acoustic or grand piano.

This is the biggest reason why it has a compact structure. All those vast and expensive parts are simply nowhere to be found. So how can a digital piano sound like it is the real thing?

To attain the tonal characteristic of a digital piano, it should have an excellent sampling. The latter is simply the process of recording various tones for later playback.

Specifically, it is the best way to replicate the natural sound an acoustic piano and some other instruments. Moreover, the sampling should have enough depth so that it is not susceptible to tone loss.


We already mentioned that digital pianos are not at the same level as the authentic acoustic or grand. But it doesn't mean that it should sound shabby and artificial. This is where the concept of polyphony comes into play.

Specifically, polyphony is the capacity of the digital piano to play a different number of notes per time. You can say that the note composed of three chords will require 4-note polyphony.

However, such rating is too small. If you want to play complex passages like classics, you need to get a digital piano that has 64-note or 128-note polyphony. Otherwise, your learning and exploration will always have limits.

Take note of these considerations whenever you shop for a digital keyboard. We guarantee that they can save a lot of precious time and money!

Social Proof

The quality of Yamaha YPT 240 reverbs throughout the piano community. In various music forums and retailers, this particular digital piano has a solid reputation. Many people like it because of its user-friendly interface and compact construction.

Moreover, it has a decent sound production, which is pretty surprising considering that it has an entry-level product.

Final Verdict

Overall, there is nothing that you should think twice when it comes to the Yamaha YPT 240. It is an excellent beginner's piano. It is a perfect tool if you want to explore the vast world of this instrument.

But of course, if you are already an advanced learner, this digital piano is already out of your league. But for starters, we recommend this one.

Did you learn from this Yamaha YPT 240 review? Have you tried this one already? Tell us your experience in the comment section below!

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