Top 5 Ways To Make Money As A Guitarist

Most guitarists dream of getting paid a steady income for playing their own music. Getting to a place where this is possible can be challenging and sometimes daunting. In order to support themselves as artists guitarists need to find various paying gigs. Luckily, there are many ways for guitarists to make a living while fighting for their dreams. Most musicians will explore a few different income streams to help make ends meet. Working in different musical areas will allow guitarists to expand their portfolio and be exposed to many different types of music.

Teach Students the Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments people want to learn to play. You will likely be able to find a student easily if you market yourself correctly. Try placing a notice on a bulletin board or online to get students. There are four things you will need to make money as a guitar teacher: a guitar, knowledge of a wide range of music, sheet music and patience to teach the guitar.

The last one is extremely important for you to be successful guitar teacher. Without patience or the ability to communicate what you want effectively, teaching can be a miserable experience. So examine you skill set before pursuing teaching as a possible income opportunity. That being said, those who do have the above skills will have the ability to generate a steady income stream this way.

You can teach students at your home, their home or even over the computer.

Join a Cover Band

One way to make money as a guitarist is to join an already working cover band. There are different types of bands you could join; including, local bands that play routinely with more regular schedules, wedding bands that usually have less time commitments and cruise ship bands that tend to work for a season or a few weeks at a time.

Joining a cover band will allow you to meet other musicians and be able to network. This can provide more opportunities for other types of work.

YouTube Musician

Make a name for yourself with no set up costs. With the ability to showcase your guitar skills or music knowledge you can help make a name for yourself in the community. Along with providing prospective clients a place to see your work, this social media platform offers a place where you can make additional income by setting up ads to display on your videos. This is a great passive income stream that can help pay bills while you chase other gigs.

Unless you are actively promoting your channel and increasing video popularity you likely will not make much money. It takes time to grow a channel so making money this way will not be immediate.

Solo Gigs

You can find paying solo jobs at local bars and restaurants. You can try to learn singing yourself at home to increase your marketability. Being able to both sing and play guitar will expand the opportunities available to you.

To get started finding paying solo performances you will need to research local venues, introduce yourself to the staff and provide samples of your work. Have music downloads, websites/ YouTube videos and other promotional materials ready to showcase who you are as an artist when you meet potential employers. Presenting yourself as a reliable guitarist will help build your reputation.

Sell Recordings

If you have a fan base you can sell your own music. There are many places where you can sell your music like iTunes or Amazon. In addition, you can record at home and find recording jobs online for media focused companies. YouTube artists are often looking for affordable music content that they can add to their introductions. It is also a great way to promote your work to an audience.

These are only 5 of the ways you can generate money as a guitarist. Many other creative avenues exist to make money. Just think about all the places where music plays and you will be able to come up with your own ideas for making a living as a musician.

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