Tips to Create Your Blog Look More Attractive by Placing Images

Usually, bloggers neglect the small things in our blog posts and sometimes, these changes can bring massive changes in search engine result pages. A blog requires the right blogging tools and efforts to stand out for a long time.

However, blog marketing is growing so rapidly, and it isn’t easy to select the right platform to stand out. Like every person, blogging websites have their reputation in the market, and it is visible in the form of content, design, and so many other personalities on your blog.

When it comes to blogging content then, we can’t ignore the consequences of plagiarism. You can use a reverse image search tool that allows you to find the plagiarism of the picture you use in your blog.

Plagiarism is an illegal act, and its impacts are very dangerous. It can spoil your reputation in the market as well. You can easily differentiate between a blog, which is maintained by a new blogger or a professional person. Here we will show you the tips that can be useful for you to make your blog attractive.

Tips to Make the Blog Attractive

Below are few tips you can use to make your blog look good so you can get more traffic on your blog:

Break up the text

When it comes to the website or blog content, there are four types of content commonly used on blogging platforms. It includes audio, video, image, and textual content. Usually, people use paragraphs to separate the points and make the content easy to read. Like paragraphs, people also use images to separate points & make it easy for the reader to understand. Well, there is a possibility that you use copyrighted pictures in your content. So, it is important to make a reverse image search to search the similar pictures. In this way, you can reduce the risk of using the plagiarized pictures in your blogging content.

Use clear images

People use the image that someone else uses on their platform, but they publish the images with low-quality images to avoid plagiarism. But the fact is that using a picture that is copyrighted with low quality is also considered violating the rules of plagiarism. So, give a try to the search by image tool to find similar images.

Imagine reading a post where the blog post images were a blur, and then you will click off the right way. In general terms, it is very important to use high-quality images, but it is crucial at the same time to use high-quality images. Using the photos is as important for a blogger as using not the images in your content. But make sure the picture you are going to use contains plagiarism. You can use search by image to search for similar images used on multiple sources for ease.

Use explainer images

When posting the imagery picture in your blog content post, you must think about why you are using these kinds of pictures. Usually, bloggers use these pictures to act as a further explainer of your targeted point for which you create the content. By this explanation, we can say that using the picture that is copyrighted from any aspect can be dangerous. It violates the rules of using the copyrighted images without permission. For your convenience, you can account the reverse image search to search for image plagiarism.

For instance, if you create a post for a social media platform, then get a photo that can be relatable to the blog post. A picture of a person on the computer is not relevant and does not help you add value to the content. Using an online image search can help you a lot in searching the sourced images along with their sources.

Best Reverse Image Search Tools

Below are tools for check that the image you are using is plagiarized or not, read on:

Reverse image search by DupliChecker

This reverse image search by Duplichecker is free to use a find similar photos from the internet. You can make an image search by uploading the picture that you want to search. You can also search using the URL or by typing the keywords or any word search for your related images. The drag & drop option is also there for your convenience.

TinEye – Image search tool

TinEye is one of the most commonly used reverse image search engines that can assist the user to find the image source and where these pictures are used on multiple online platforms. The image search engine allows finding the picture by both URL and pic upload method. All you need is to click the arrow icon displayed in front of the search box. By uploading the picture your tool starts its magic to search the image source where it appears, link here.


In this modern age, blogging becomes one of the best freelancing jobs, and many people are linked with blogging. However, beginners need to put in lots of effort to make their blog look good and attractive. Sometimes newbies use the duplicated or copyright infringement picture on their blogpost without knowing its consequences. Its results are very dangerous, so try to use the image search engines to find out the picture copyrights and their sources.

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