Tips About How to Maintain a Guitar During Lockdown/Pandemic

In light of the ongoing pandemic, many have decided to nurture new skills and rekindle old passions. Be it refreshing your memory on an instrument such as a guitar or buying a new one; you can achieve a lot.

As you refresh your skills or learn to play the guitar for the first time, you must meet all the maintenance requirements. Many players, particularly beginners, are unaware of the methods used to maintain a guitar.

These are the vital tips essential to the maintenance of your guitar.

If you don't restring, it will sting

Guitars are string instruments, and each string is central to the musicality. Unfortunately, with practice, the strings are subject to wear and tear.

It's crucial to buy a new set of strings for your guitar once every few weeks. For an average guitarist, replacement is typically due once every three months. If you are a regular player, the 100-hour mark of practice is an excellent time to consider buying new strings. Replacing your guitar strings ensures your guitar remains in first-rate condition. The quality of sound is also preserved.

A clean guitar is a winning guitar

Cleaning your instrument is critical to the overall appearance of the guitar. Sweat and particles gradually accumulate on your guitar strings, frets, and boards every time you play.

Wipe down your guitar keenly from top to bottom after each playing session to remove these grimy substances. This will guarantee a top-notch appearance.

Take the opportunity to deep clean your guitar each time you restring using a guitar cleaner and fretboard conditioner. Examine the head tightness and the guitar's hardware fittings as you clean it to ensure everything is steady and in proper working condition.

Humidity checks will prevent wrecks

Guitars in Australia are affected by the constantly changing humidity levels in our surrounding environment. To best safeguard your instrument, invest in a digital hygrometer and thermometer. This will enable you to monitor the surroundings and guarantee the safety of your guitar.

With a narrow absolute humidity range of 45% to 55%, guitars must be looked after constantly to avoid warping or shrinking from the changing conditions.

Owning a humidifier will permit you to regulate the humidity in the room. An alternative option is the humpback product by D'addario - a special humidifier that performs incredibly well.

The products can be found at cost-effective prices from trustworthy providers. Be sure to have a humidifier in your guitar case at all times. You never know when you will need it.

If It's not in a case, that's the worst case

The ideal storage for your guitar when not in use is in a case. Never store your guitar without a case, especially if you intend to put it away for some time without use.

A guitar case is of significant value as it is, first and foremost, a protective armour for your guitar. The casing safeguards your instrument in case of any direct harm and eliminates the risks brought by adverse conditions.

Keeping your guitar in a case will also protect the instrument from gathering up particles that further deteriorate the condition of your guitar. Using a case is a small act that goes a long way to ensuring the longevity of your guitar.

Professional care is best for wear and tear

Once in a while, have your guitar checked out by a professional. These specialists are well trained to diagnose any issues with your instrument and advise or perform the best repairs and maintenance procedures.

With these steps implemented, your guitar will be the best sounding and looking instrument there is as long as it remains.

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