The Combination Of Cannabis And Piano

There are countless pianists out there that use cannabis when they are composing their songs or performing at their concerts. Artists like Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, John Legend, etc. admitted to the media that they use cannabis to boost their self-esteem, and they have added to what they said that it makes them perform excellently in the stage while singing and playing the piano at the same time, which made pursuing pianists think if they should consider cannabis as a medium to help them further develop their skills.

Different cannabis strains come with diverse effects for each musician. These strains are made to fit individuals and their preferences since each user has a different approach when it comes to making music. Some strains enhance your creativity and awareness that will help writing songs and chords faster than the normal mental state. On the other hand, there are strains that make you calm, relax, and loosen your movement that makes playing the piano more graceful.

How Can Cannabis Influence Pianists

Unlike tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs, these substances may help at moderate use but its addictive components can lead to abuse and if taken too much the effects will greatly affect the pianist’s playing and even the vocal range of singing which is why cannabis is the best alternative when playing the piano.

Almost every musician gets that anxious feeling before going on stage, this is when cannabis is steps-in and gets rid of the anxiety for anyone in the band, not just the pianist. The weight on the role of the Pianist is heavy since both lead, melody and even bass lines on the piano must be well executed because the pianist can be independent and be the carry among the rest of the instruments especially piano solos.

Aside from buying weed directly from shops and sellers, you have the option to grow your own cannabis. There are lots of seeds to choose from, but the recommended are the highest yielding strains because these strains grow big buds within only a short amount of time compared to regular ones and these types of strains are easy to grow and manage that require moderate monitoring for less hassles and within just a few weeks the quality buds will be ready to harvest. 

For pianists that need stock immediately before going on a tour, fast-growing seeds are certainly the best option.

When Should Cannabis Be Taken

It can be taken anytime whether before or after and even during the performance to continue that stylish playing on the piano. Wiz Khalifa and a lot of reggae musicians from the reggae community do this and still perform at their best even when they are high.

There is no problem using cannabis at any time whether it is for medical use or recreational use, it even helps with fighting depression, stress, and could even be a painkiller for many. There are so many benefits that cannabis brings that impacts each person differently. It cannot be compared to other substances that bring much harm to the user’s physical and mental health.

Choosing The Best Strain For Performances

There is a wide variety of strains to choose from that have different effects for every individual. For pianists and other musicians, the best strain would be those that shape the mental state to its best limit. This way, the pianist will be able to play his or her hearts out to the piano while feeling superb and confident..

There might be a time that the musician would want to go for another taste or another feel while still having that spirit to play gracefully. Countless shops and options are available for people who want to try different strains. As long as the shop you are buying from and their products are legit and certified to avoid hassles that might pose a threat to your health.


Cannabis is not necessary for musicians but it is worth considering. In fact, there are many successful pianists out there that highly recommend using cannabis to maximize the creativity it brings. Musicians could never go wrong with cannabis compared to the horrible effects of other drugs which are illegal as well. As a booster for playing the piano that brings effects that will benefit the user, the band and the fans then go for the perfectly organic strains that are suitable for you.

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