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Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best bluetooth wireless speaker are what you need if you are looking to pump up your listening experience. Whether you are working, studying, or relaxing, a speaker with an excellent sound output is a great companion!

However, choosing a portable speaker for bass is quite difficult. There are dozens of brands of this product on the market today.

If you don't know the key considerations in selecting a good speaker, then you might get a bad unit.

This article will teach you the basic guidelines in picking a portable speaker. Later, we will also reveal the top speakers for bass that you should get this 2019! Let's get started!

How To Bi-Amp Speakers The Right Way? An Expert Guide

There are a lot of modifications for speakers nowadays. If you are a dedicated audio geek, getting the most out of your audio component is something you always desire. That's why as of now, it is essential for you to know how to bi-amp speakers.

Improving the sound quality can be done by buying expensive sets of speakers. But would you do that? We are not questioning about your spending capacity.

However, will you just immediately replace your current speakers just because you find them lacking? Would you not try other options if they are plausible?

Fortunately, there are several methods for enhancing the performance of your speakers. Specifically, they are bi-amping and bi-wiring. In this article, we will discuss these two. Read on!

15 Of The Best Songs To Test Speakers Or Headphones

If you want to test the capacity of your new stereo speakers, you need to play some tracks on them. Of course, the ones that you will run through should not be any crappy audio files. Instead, it should be the best songs to test speakers or Headphones.

Once you decided to get a new speaker system, there are several considerations that you have to take. Such of these would be the driver units, signal-to-noise ratio, and response bandwidth. You will also encounter some more specific terms like the "magnet" and the "nominal power output."

All of these factors are important. But we are not expecting that you can get a mastery of them in a short time. Not if you are just new to this type of audio component.

As a consumer, you just want to satisfy your cravings. Since we are talking about speakers, then it is evident that you want the latter to soothe your ears.

Spreading Good Vibes: How To Make Speakers Louder

​Imagine yourself planning a big house party for your birthday. You will need to plan ahead for food and alcohol, and some fun activities, perhaps.

Are you wondering how you can pump up your sound system so you and your guests can party all night? Do you have any idea how to set up your gadgets’ speakers and boost its volume?

If not, there is no need for you to worry. This guide will teach you how to make speakers louder.

Music always serves as the life of the party. Aside from setting the mood, it allows the guests to feel more excited about the celebration.

If you are the host, this is what you would want to happen. It takes some extra effort to set good music, though, especially if you only have plain speakers.

The solution may come from fixing your home theater system’s setup. Maybe you can purchase a new one. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can always just play on your music player or gadget’s settings.

5 Best Door Speakers Of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Car door speakers are there to entertain you while driving. This technology has been with us since the 1930s. Therefore, you can expect that the best door speakers of 2021 can perform way better than their predecessors!

Having a good door speaker will elevate your riding experience. Aside from listening to music, it also allows you to talk on your phone by the use of Bluetooth connectivity.

They are now ergonomically designed for cars. They can make you stay awake even while driving for long hours. As a result, risks of accidents are reduced.

Choosing car speakers can somehow be confusing. There are a lot of brands and prices to consider. That's why you should check the following buying guide. In this way, you can get the best door speaker that would suit your needs and preferences!

Best Car Speakers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Is your car boring? Are your road travels dull and silent? Then you should have car speakers installed in your vehicle! For that, the best car speakers of 2021 are your first options!

Modern car speakers are an essential addition to every vehicle nowadays. They provide quality entertainment while you are hitting the road. Aside from that, you can prevent drowsiness in the road if you are listening to high-adrenaline sounds and music! As a result, you are always safe from accidents.

Choosing the best car speakers is not easy. That's why we made a short but comprehensive buying guide so that you can get the right car speakers for you. Stop dawdling! Read on!

Top 5 Best Car Speakers Of 2021

Another speaker set that could potentially satisfy you is the Pioneer TS-G1620F 600 Watts. Specifically, this particular product are made from a different selection of high-quality materials.

As a result, its diaphragm exhibits superb durability and lightness at the same time. Of course, this is an important aspect, because it enables the speaker to produce crystal-clear sounds.

Meanwhile, the Pioneer TS-G1620F 600 Watts has a matrix cone made from multiple layers of mica. Such material enable the cone to have preserve internal loss and toughness.

There is also another layer that covers the cone which makes it water resistant. With these features, you can guarantee that these set of speakers can delve into any conditions.

This speaker also exhibits impressive fidelity from any musical sources. In short, the Pioneer TS-G1620F 600 Watts can perfectly replicate the original sound from your audio.

We can ascertain that there are no flavoring that takes place within the sound transmission. You will also love its ability to produce various frequencies that easily brings life to your music!


  • Great power handling 600 watts per pair/ RMS: 80 watts per pair
  • It has a Rubber-coated cloth for added protection
  • Have a high heat tolerance
  • Compatible with high-end cars
  • Easy to install (doesn't need extra plugs)
  • 3-way speaker with a multilayer mica matrix cone


  • Interface is not user-friendly

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is the best car speaker of 2020. This set of car speakers has several capabilities that make it a great addition to your vehicle.

It can provide quality audio to enhance your riding experience. Therefore, choosing this audio system is a worthy investment indeed!

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is a stylish set of car speaker. It can complement the internal appearance of your vehicle without any problems. It is made from a sophisticated combination of materials to ensure its capability.

One of the best features of Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is its crossover scheme. With this innovation, the speaker generates unique frequencies to each of the drivers.

Therefore, you can expect that the drivers can produce harmonious and decent sounds. There is no distortion that you can hear, thanks to this technology.

Moreover, the materials it used, such as the vacuum polypropylene cone, rubber surround, and silk dome Piezo tweeter, enable the car speaker to produce smooth and clear audio quality.

These car speakers come with sturdy grilles. You can install these components on the front and back portion of the speakers to provide safety.

Specifically, these grilles prevent any elements from harming the physical and overall performance of the speakers. As a result, the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 can last for several years without losing quality!

Also, you should know that the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is lightweight. It has a specific construction that includes all the drivers on a single box. This ergonomic design improves the usability and user-friendliness of these speakers. Moreover, it is not costly, too!


  • Great power handling (up to 40 watts RMS)
  • It has a steel basket for added protection
  • Have a high heat tolerance
  • Compatible with high-end cars
  • Easy to install (doesn't need extra plugs)


  • Bass quality is just average

If you are looking for full range speakers, then you should opt for the Pioneer TS-G1644R. This unit is included in the best car speakers in 2019 because of its popularity among car enthusiasts.

Specifically, this product has amazing features that let it generate clear and audible sounds. Moreover, it is capable of producing wide audio range without experiencing any physical constraints.

The innovative design of the Pioneer TS-G1644R makes it stand out from the competition. It has been engineered so that the right combination of materials can be achieved. Because of its physical construction, the TS-G1644R can amplify the range of its frequencies.

These car speakers produce minimal distortion compared to its competitors. Specifically, the woofers cones are made in IMPP composite. This type of material enables the Pioneer TS-G1644R to be highly-sensitive, which in turn, prevents distortion.

Meanwhile, you will certainly love the bass output of these speakers. They are profound and thorough, which can satisfy your meticulous hearing!

The entire system includes a variety of super tweeters, tweeter, and subwoofers. All of these components work together to generate low and high frequencies. As a result, the drivers can produce extreme and deep bass.

The Pioneer TS-G1644R has a tough and lightweight design. It can be easily installed in any position. Even if your vehicle has a harsh internal condition, these speakers won't get damaged!


  • Maximum power handling capability can reach 250 watts
  • Have a 15 balanced dome tweeter for audio clarity and loudness
  • Have sturdy grilles for protection
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to install and compatible with most vehicles


  • Power handling is not as great as other car speakers
  • It does not have crossovers that are necessary for signal boosting
  • Not capable of playing high-definition sounds

Another model of car speaker that you should consider is the JVC CS-J620. JVC is a popular audio company that is operating in the US. They have been producing quality sound components for a variety of markets.

For car speakers, the CS-J620 300W is the prized opus. Specifically, these speakers can deliver quality audio with less distortion. It is also designed to perform for many years!

The JVC CS-J620 is highly sensitive. The mid and high frequencies of these speakers are truly off the charts!

Meanwhile, it got a little impedance that allows it to become compatible with various types of amplifiers. With this, you can boost the audio signals for better delivery of high-pitch sounds!

Installing the JVC CS-J620 to any vehicles is easy. You can install it on your car in any positions that you want. It is a great replacement for the default speakers that your vehicle has!

On the other hand, the composite grilles of these speakers provide it a protective setup. You can guarantee that the drivers and other components will always be safe and sound!

You will also love the quality of materials used on this product. These speakers have a hybrid rubber and cloth surround so that no heat or UV rays can compromise its performance.

The one-inch poly-ether dome tweeter contributes to the clarity and variety of sound that these speakers produce. Meanwhile, it has a Mica woofer cone that amplifies its bass output.


  • Wireless two-way coaxial car speakers that can produce great high, mid, and low frequencies
  • Have a 90 dB sensitivity
  • Frequency range is between 30Hz to 21,000Hz
  • Peak power handling capability can reach 600 watts
  • Have a low impedance (5 ohms) to prevent distortions


  • These speakers are notorious for creating vibrations
  • Not capable of producing high-volume music
  • Requires multiple cuttings for the mounts to be installed

One of the most innovate car speakers we have encountered is the Boss CH6530 Chaos Series. In fact, we consider this to be at the same level as the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 when it comes to performance.

From the brand name itself, you can guarantee that these speakers have excellent audio quality and features.

The Boss CH6530 Chaos Series is a full-range speaker. It can provide an optimal sound output through the combination of crossovers, tweeters, and woofers. These speakers are perfect for any vehicles and even luxury cars!

Meanwhile, the power handling capacity of these speakers is pretty decent. Specifically, it can deal up to 150 watts RMS and 300 watts of power.

Therefore, you can expect that it can play loud music without any distortions and damage! These speakers have a sturdy design, too. They can serve you for a long time without losing too much of their quality!

The cone of Boss CH6530 Chaos Series is made from polyurethane. It is a flexible material that can minimize vibrations.

On the other hand, the voice coil of these speakers is made from aluminum. It can withstand extreme heat and other physical deterrents. With these features, investing on the Boss CH6530 is truly worth it!

Because of its superb design, you don't need too many amplifiers and power just to boost the signals. Therefore, you can avoid spending money on purchasing additional accessories for these speakers!


  • These speakers have Mylar tweeters to improve sound variety
  • Frequency response ranges from 100 Hz to 18 Hz
  • Ideal combination of woofer and Piezo dome tweeter
  • Have an impedance of 4 ohms
  • 50mm mounting depth


  • Bass output is not as strong as other car speakers
  • Does not play high-volume sounds
  • Audio clarity is not as good as other car speakers

Car Speaker Buying Guide

Best Car Speakers


You need to know first the size of speakers that you need. Of course, the speaker should fit in your vehicle. Having a too large or too small speaker system will always lead to a bad installation.

Of course, you will also need to consider the mounting depth of a speaker. Always remember that the mounting depth should exceed to the door space of your car. Or else, they would perforate on the other side.


When it comes to speaker systems, the sound is a subjective term. It can mean a lot of things. This is the reason why it is an important consideration in choosing a car speaker.

What are you looking for? Do you want a speaker that can produce natural sounds? Do you want an enhanced one, with bass and high frequencies? These are some of the questions that you have to answer first before buying a car speaker.

Also, you will need to decide if you will go for a full-range speaker or a component type. A full-range speaker comes with a tweeter, woofer, and midrange drivers.

On the other hand, component speakers have these drivers separated. Therefore, they allow you to install the tweeters in an optimal position. They can deliver clean and efficient sound production due to the presence of external crossovers.

Power Output

Your car speakers won't operate without power. You have to connect them via speaker lead. The power can be generated by an external amplifier or a head unit. Head units or stereos have limited power.

Specifically, it is around 5-10 RMS per speaker. On the other hand, Aftermarket head units can double this power rating. Because of that, it allows your sound system to be versatile.


Sensitivity rating is one of the most crucial aspects for car stereos. This rating will indicate the efficiency of a speaker in converting power into sound.

If a model has a high sensitivity rating, it means that has a quality sound output. Moreover, that said speaker can generate sound at loud volumes, depending on the power input.


The best car speakers of 2021 can indeed deliver the audio output that every car owners deserve.

Each of these speakers has particular features that make them perform better than the rest of the competition. Installing any of these systems in your vehicle can improve your riding experience.

Among these, we declare the Pioneer TS-A1675R car speakers. The output of these car speakers is excellent. It can create a variety of sounds at a distinct and harmonious level.

It produces no distortion and has great frequency range. It has a super power handling capacity, too. Moreover, it has a sturdy and durable construction. You can install this system in your car without experiencing any problems.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to car speakers. These products vary in price, model, and performance. However, before you pick a unit in the market, make sure you try our recommended car speakers.

We tested each of them to ensure their quality. Out of the dozens of models we tried, these five car speakers are indeed the best!

How To Connect Speakers To TV Successfully. A Complete Guide

​​​The built-in speakers of television are simply not enough to give you a great TV or movie experience. Most of the time, the dialogues are unclear, and the dramatic sounds are not convincing enough.

For this reason, you should use external speakers or sound system. This article aims to teach you how to connect speakers to TV using different methods.

First, you should decide what kind of speakers you will use. You can have simple computer speakers, a home theater or stereo system, or a soundbar. After choosing your speakers, find out what kind of connection it uses.

Read this guide to help you how to connect them to the TV.

How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini (It’s Easy As Pie!)

The Bose soundlink mini may be small, but it gives really high quality and powerful sound. It has a sleek look, it's wireless, it's compact, and it's designed to be easy to use.

Like most electronic devices, some technical difficulties are inevitable. Fortunately, this cheap bluetooth speaker under $100 was designed to be fairly easy to use. Before the steps on how to reset Bose Soundlink Mini, let’s first take a deeper look at some of the other features of this sleek device.

How To Break In A Subwoofer And Other Useful Tips

If you are an audio enthusiast, one of the interesting things you will hear around is the question “how to break in a subwoofer?”

This issue is not surprising as it has popped up a lot of times in audio forums as well. But can you benefit from breaking in a subwoofer or this is just a fad being propagated by manufacturers?

Not everyone is in agreement about breaking in a subwoofer. Even car audio enthusiasts are divided on the idea of trying to warm up a car subwoofer before using it to its full potential.

Some say it is useless while those who are in favor have said that it has real effects. Supporters of breaking-in a sub say that if you do the process properly, you will get more out of your subunit.

Before you dive in and decide if you should break in or not your subwoofer, let us examine and learn more about subwoofers.

5 Of The Best In Ceiling Speakers In The Market Today

You would need the best in ceiling speakers if you got home theaters and entertainment systems in your home.

If you want to get the maximum "surround sound" experience without compromising the floor space of your living areas, then these kinds of speakers should work for you.

In-ceiling speakers can be installed without any professional help. Moreover, they also come with various grill covers, which you can paint to match your overall interiors.

There are different in ceiling speakers on the market today. Therefore, the choosing process can be pretty overwhelming. This article will teach you the basic guidelines in selecting in ceiling speakers for your home.

Later, we will show some of the best in ceiling systems in the market today. Read on!

Top 5 Best In Ceiling Speakers

The Polk Audio RC80i 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Speakers is the best in ceiling speaker that we can recommend today. It has a reasonable price. However, its overall audio performance is still excellent.

This speaker system has a frequency response that ranges from 35 Hz to 20,000 kHz. Therefore, you can expect that it can generate clear and full sounds. The Polk Audio RC80i also comes in two sizes (6 inches and 8 inches).

The cone of these speakers are made from polymer composite. It has a swivel-mounted tweeter that can rotate 15-degrees in either direction. These combinations allow the Polk Audio RC80i to produce high-quality frequencies.

We tested the Polk Audio RC80i in a medium-sized room. Upon our testing, we didn't hear any distortion even we set the sound at high volumes. Moreover, it also got a design which allows wide dispersion of sounds. Because of this feature, this in ceiling speaker can be perfect for big rooms as well.


  • Have rubber surround on the speaker for protection
  • Easy to install (without professional help)
  • Grill is paintable (default color is white)
  • Compatible with damp places because it is moisture resistance
  • Clear and loud audio


  • Bass quality is not that great
  • It uses spring-loaded clips for the wire

The Micca M-8C 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker is a 2-way in ceiling speaker which can produce quality sounds. It has a high excursion poly woofer and a soft dome tweeter. These components allow this speaker system to be highly versatile when it comes to configuration.

Moreover, the Micca M-8C can also guarantee that it can cater different audio preferences. It is capable of generating soothing background music and high-intensity home theater sound.

This speaker is designed with a variety of audio components to ensure its quality. It also underwent heavy testings to ensure its optimal performance.

Installing these speakers is not a problem either. Specifically, it got integrated mounting tabs which allow convenience in installation.

It also comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors to match the quality of your interiors. As long as you got these speakers, you can guarantee that sound details and clarity are always present!


  • Silk dome tweeter is pivoting
  • Woofer can produce clear and full sound
  • Crossover design provides highly sensitive sounds
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in variety of sizes and colors


  • The grill design is not that great
  • Low and mid frequencies are not as good as other speakers

You should also consider the Pyle PDIC80 Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers on your list. This in-ceiling speaker system can produce clear and full audio, thanks to its exceptional components.

The Pyle PDIC80 is a dual speaker system. It got a high-temperature voice coil, which is necessary for preventing damages.

Meanwhile, its 1-inch dome tweeter is directable. The titanium-based tweeter produces high-frequency sounds without traces of distortions or hissing.

Moreover, you can expect the strength of these speakers, thanks to its high power handling rating. Specifically, it has a 300-watts maximum rated peak power. Therefore, playing loud sounds is not a problem for Pyle PDIC80.

The Pyle PDIC80 also got mounts that can quickly flush on ceilings. It has a perfect design for customized installations and designs.


  • Sleek and straightforward design
  • High power handling rating
  • Produce no distortions or hissing
  • Have protective features
  • Durable construction


  • It doesn't come with a woofer
  • Bass output is not great

One of the most flexible best in ceiling speakers in the market today is the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5 In-Ceiling Speaker. It can direct sounds wherever you are, thanks to its rotating tweeters. Specifically, this 3-way speaker can produce harmonious and crystal clear sound. You can guarantee that this product is worth your money.

The woofer of the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH is also tilted. Therefore, you can direct it in whatever position you desired.

Meanwhile, the swiveling tweeter has a crossover design. Because of this, it can provide an efficient sound dispersion. With these components, this in ceiling speaker can produce clear high frequencies that reach up to 28 Hz.

Even its low and mid frequencies are still audible and clear. They won't distort even you set your volumes into maximum.

The Yamaha NS-IW280CWH is easy to install, too. It has a default white grill, which you can paint to match your color of your interiors.


  • Clear and audible sounds
  • Fewer distortions and hissing sound
  • Highly versatile design
  • Sound dispersion is superb
  • Easy to install on any ceilings


  • These speakers are quite large
  • Bass output is not stable as it seem to be
  • Low range frequency is not okay, especially in low volumes

One of the best features of the Pyle PDIC60 In-Ceiling Speakers best in ceiling speakers is its high-temperature voice call. Moreover, it also got a directable titanium tweeter for efficient sound dispersion.

Although it is true that the mobility of these speakers is not as good as other brands, the sound it produces is still loud and full. In fact, the Pyle PDIC60 has a maximum power handling of 250 watts. Therefore, it is one of the loudest speakers on this list.

The Pyle PDIC60 is also your option if you are tight on budget. But don't fret. Its economical price doesn't mean that it has compromised its performance. This in ceiling speaker is inexpensive, yet they can still match those high-end brands.

You will definitely love the clearness of its frequencies. Moreover, it has a solid bass output, which is relatively rare for many in ceiling speakers.

We should remind you that the Pyle PDIC60 produces deafening sounds. Putting it into maximum might disturb your neighbors!


  • Reasonable price
  • Can produce extremely loud sounds
  • Powerful and rich bass sounds
  • Mid and high frequencies are clear
  • Easy to install


  • The plastic housing is susceptible to cracks
  • Overall construction is not that durable

Best In Ceiling Speakers Buying Guide

There are two primary considerations that you need to take when you are planning to install in-ceiling speakers in your home.

The first one is its volume. You should know how many of these speakers that you would want to install in your house. To solve this issue, you need to know the size of your room. A big room will require five to six in-ceiling speakers.

The second consideration is the placement of these speakers. You need to know what kind of arrangements your speakers are capable of. This is important so that they can deliver an optimal coverage to your entire room.



The in ceiling speaker should have rotatable tweeters. Instead of relying upon a single direction, the tweeters should be adjustable so that it can deliver high-frequency sounds where you want it to be.

Single Stereo Input

Ideally, you should choose an in-ceiling speaker that has only one single stereo input. In this way, both of the right and left channels of your sound can be played in a single area. This design is perfect for small rooms and spaces.

Power Handling

Choose an in-ceiling speaker that can play loud sounds without consuming too much power. A speaker that has high power handling rating means that it can produce loud output. Therefore, a speaker that possess such feature is best for big rooms.


This term refers to the efficiency of the speaker in using power to create sounds. A speaker with high sensitivity (dB) can produce loud volume without stressing the amplifier. We recommend that you should use highly sensitive speakers for home theater applications.


You will need an in-ceiling speaker that can resist the elements. It should have protective feature against the heat and cold. Moreover, its construction should be sturdy enough to instant pressure and certain impacts.


These are the best in ceiling speakers on the market today. Each of them can perfectly complement with your home theaters or sound systems. They are a great addition to ensure that you can maximize your listening experience.

Moreover, these in ceiling speakers have excellent construction. They have distinctive designs that disperse the sound equally throughout the room. Therefore, they are perfect for surround sound purposes.

Among these, we declare Polk Audio RC80i 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Speakers as the best in ceiling speaker. It has a smart and ergonomic design which allows you to install it conveniently. The tweeters and woofers of this speaker are directable, too. You can install them wherever you want, without worrying about the sound quality!

However, we still recommend that you should try all of these speakers we featured. You will never know which one will suit your preference if you don't check all of them!

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