Play the Moment: 7 Best Beginner-Friendly Musical Instruments

Learning the art of playing musical instruments to bring out angelic sounds is truly rewarding in many ways. Mastering music promotes discipline, solidifies motor-skill coordination, and improves brain function among people. This budding hobby may also help a beginner like you to express emotions more creatively. So how should you decide?

Knowing where to start might be a challenge. With an overwhelming list of musical instruments to have ever existed, finding a beginner-friendly one can be a daunting task. Here is a list of seven musical instruments you can play and discover on your own. Find your perfect match and start your musical journey as seamlessly as possible.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are known for being a fundamental instrument for budding musicians like you. It is relatively cheaper and more accessible than the other instruments. If you are from Australia, you can find bass guitars in every Australian music store near you. And if you are also a fan of pop and rock stars, your idols might have influenced your liking towards bass guitars.

A bass guitar’s only difference with acoustic guitars is the number of strings. It starts with four strings instead of six strings, making it much easier to learn when compared to its counterpart. Bass guitars produce bass sounds and rhythms ideal, giving starting musicians a not-so intimidating learning experience.


It is usual for beginners to overlook harmonica as a simple musical accessory played in the background. But you’ll be surprised as to how professionals take playing this instrument very seriously. Why? Because a pocket-sized harmonica is widely used among music genres such as American folk music, classical music, blues, country, jazz, and many more.

To play the harmonica, you need to adjust your lips and tongue and blow air into the correct position. By changing your mouth and embouchure alternatively, you may even play at different pitches. With diligent practice, you’ll eventually get the hang of it in no time.


Being a small and dainty object, a ukulele is one of the most beginner-friendly instruments to try out. Its small size makes the instrument more accessible for starting musicians like you. A Ukulele is like a small, plucky guitar, with four nylon strings. These strings make it much easier to play and maneuver when compared to nickel or steel strings.

For just a short period, you can already play several chords. You can even familiarize some of your favorite songs and play them with a Ukulele! And for the best part: the instrument plays out a refreshing sound. Without disturbing your entire neighborhood, you can play the Ukulele in peace.


Drums have got to be the most exciting musical instrument that a beginner can learn to play. Other instruments derive their tempos from the drums, which are considered as the core rhythmic instruments. But it might be tempting for you to learn the bad habits, instead of the good ones, early on your journey with the drums.

Studying and reflecting on your technique is essential. You may start with consistent beats and drum rolls before proceeding to the basic rudiments. After learning all the necessary skills, you can finally learn some complex drumming patterns and create a personal routine on your own.


The recorder has been deemed the most accessible woodwind instrument for a beginner to learn. With only a fingering chart to assist you, you can learn and play the recorder perfectly on your own. This device can teach you appropriate breath control technique and fingering positions necessary to play any mouthpieces, like the flute or clarinet.


You might be one of the people who have been asked to attend piano lessons in their childhood. You may even remember being forced to play a piece in front of your family during holidays, and that might be an experience you would very much gladly forget. But it’s not too late to recover your love and passion for piano.

The piano is considered one of the key instruments that are the foundation of music. You can perform almost if not all the musical elements on a keyboard, from melodious harmonies and tunes to rhythmic and dynamic beats. Learning how to play the piano might be complex, but nothing’s too hard for the thing you are interested in.


Violin’s contribution has been influential in the development of musical composition for several centuries. The instrument comes in a wide variety of sizes that cater to the learner’s age, skills, and needs.

For a beginner like you who has grown an interest in violins, it is best to start with a non-electric violin. With practice and lessons, you’ll eventually see improvement and changes in your skill as a violin artist.


When picking what musical instrument to learn, you need to know what inspires your inner artist the most. If one of the instruments mentioned above has sparked joy in you, it is high time for you to visit a music store, purchase the instrument you like, and apply for music lessons to hone your ability and passion.

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