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How To Play “Hello” On Piano: The Best And Easiest Online Tutorial

Adele's new single "Hello" is smashing all the hit charts around the world. In fact, there are a lot of people who are so eager how to play "Hello" on piano. This song is very emotional and melodic. Therefore, playing it on piano gives this piece the emphasis it needs.

"Hello" is the first song Adele made after she returned from a 4-year hiatus. Nobody expected that this single could break records like a wrecking ball. Amazingly, the official video of "Hello" on Youtube garnered millions of views already in its first hours!

How To Spot The Best Digital Piano: Yamaha P45 Review

Digital pianos are great alternatives for acoustic pianos. If you don’t have the time, money, and space to own an acoustic piano, then it’s worth it to have a digital piano. However, you should be aware of piano’s features before buying one. This is because digital pianos are quite complex products.

A great digital piano will provide you excellent sound quality similar to an authentic one. It should also give some added bonuses through features and other modes. These should all aid and enhance your learning experience.

Looking at the Yamaha P45 review will give us an excellent idea of what to expect for a digital piano. Yamaha is one of the leading brands, and it will surely be packed with lots of features that could peak your interest. Furthermore, you can use these functions to compare other products as well.

The Best Way On How To Play Piano With Both Hands

Learning how to play piano with both hands is essential for an aspiring pianist. Mastering this technique is important to play all the notes on any given piece.

If you are practicing this instrument, you cannot progress if you don't know how to use your both hands. Just like playing guitar, you should know learn how to properly place your hands on the notes and play them harmoniously.

In this article, we will teach you how to play the piano with both of your hands. This tutorial is especially useful for beginners who are struggling with this aspect. Even intermediate pianists can make use of this tutorial as a form of review and practice. Read on!

What Are Piano Keys Made Of: The Surprising Answer

If you are in conservatories or music schools, the question "what are piano keys made of" is among the things you will probably encounter.

Some of you might think that this is a little inquiry. However, this is a matter still worth discussing. In this article, we will give answers to this understated topic. Read on.

How Much To Tune A Piano: Get The Best Prices!

Do you know how much to tune a piano? If not, then this article will help you get through the ins-and-outs of piano tuning! Read on to learn more!

If you are planning to purchase a used or a brand-new piano, it is a must that you prepare for a tuning service. Most of the pianos you buy in the market have not yet been tuned. At this point, you should know how much to tune a piano.

Even for those that have pianos already, tuning services is still necessary. Caring for your piano is not just about being reasonable. In the long run, it would prove to be economical. After all, this instrument is not cheap.

For example, standard grand pianos today already cost $2,000 to $3,000. Some high-end brands and limited edition models cost more. These prices are not something you can afford from time to time.

Best Digital Piano 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is common knowledge to everyone that the grand piano or a classical piano takes up so much space at home. This is why most musicians who do not have much room for a classical piano just opt for a digital one.

Finding the best digital piano should not only be cheaper, but it should also sound similar to an acoustic piano. Furthermore, maintenance and storage is a must too.

How Much Does A Grand Piano Weigh: The Best Practical Guide

How much does a grand piano weigh? If you are planning to move your grand piano, then you should know the answer to this question.

In fact, many moving professionals suggest that you should be aware of the weight of this musical instrument first before you move it.

In this way, you won't waste any effort on handling the grand piano. You will estimate the workforce that you need to lift this thing around.

Moreover, knowing this information is also essential so that you can protect the instrument from having scratches and cracks.

Once you do not carry it too well, there is a good chance that accidents can happen. Of course, this could cause damages to you and your other properties, as well.

The Casio CGP 700 Review: Its Best Features, Performance, And More!

The market is studded with various digital pianos nowadays. The choices are so many that the pleasurable thing called "shopping" became an astringent and stressful task.

But let us give you one good option if you are desperate. Let us introduce to you this Casio CGP 700 review. Specifically, this one is just a newcomer in the industry. But it offers a lot of features that you must not miss.

Of course, Casio is not an amateur in the piano industry. In fact, they have produced various models already, with the Privia series being the most noteworthy.

Moreover, there is also the CDP series and PX series as well, which boasts superb performance and features. With all of these successful launches, it is undeniable already that Casio is no longer dwelling in the shadow of their past.

The Casio CGP 700 is an excellent choice for anyone, regardless if you are an amateur or an advanced practitioner.

But before we fully examine this keyboard, let us discuss some of the most important things that you should look for a digital piano. In this way, you will be able to determine if the keyboard you got is worth your money or not!