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Casio LK 165 Review: An Innovative Beginner’s Piano

A wide array of digital pianos is already swarming the market today. The numbers could make the choosing process easy or difficult, depending on how much you understand this instrument. But if you are a novice in this field, then the predicament could be hard for you. That’s why we have to introduce this Casio […]

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Why The Casio Privia PX350 Is The Best Choice For You

Good sound quality, durability, and affordability should come together when buying an instrument. Does the Casio Privia PX-350 have these characteristics? How is it different from the other Privia models? Is it even worth the money to buy one? These questions will be answered in this guide to help you decide whether to push through […]

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Casio Privia PX150

One thing I have learned from piano playing: Progress does not only depend on skill and determination; you also need to consider the unit of digital piano you are using. In this guide, I will tell you why Casio Privia PX150 is the best choice for me. What are the things you need to consider […]

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Casio CTK 2400 Review: One Of The Best Beginners Piano

A beginner would certainly stumble when it comes to choosing their first piano. After all, there is a need for anyone to pick among the hundreds of piano models out there. Now, if you don’t know which one of these would fit your skill level, you are probably going to have a bad time. Fortunately, we […]

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Guide To The Best Piano Brands Of 2017

Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian maker of musical instruments, created the piano in the year 1700. Since then, it has become one of the most sought after instruments in making music. Today, different piano makers from all over the world offer exceptional piano features and characteristics. If you think of a piano brand, some of the […]

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The Casio CDP 130 Review: One Of The Best Digital Pianos

The recent years is like a rocky boat for Casio. They have their respective ups and downs, which is pretty common for a music brand. Fortunately, they release the Casio CDP 130. Aside from the CDP 100 and CDP 120, the CDP 130 is another commendable opus that you should not ignore. To fully know about […]

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