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How Much Does A Grand Piano Weigh: The Best Practical Guide

How much does a grand piano weigh? If you are planning to move your grand piano, then you should know the answer to this question. In fact, many moving professionals suggest that you should be aware of the weight of this musical instrument first before you move it. In this way, you won’t waste any effort on […]

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How Do I Become A Piano Teacher?

With no or little competition and not much hurdle to entry, the career of a piano teacher is worth considering. As time passes, more people are inclined to learn or want their children to learn piano. Hence, a piano teacher can be called the demand of the present. So, piano teaching is an extensively rewarding […]

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How To Tune Your Own Piano

Pianists go to great lengths to maintain their piano. Pianos have been around for decades and have been played by many great musicians are a prized possession. That is why piano techs charge $200/hr to service these instruments. Certain types of jobs like restringing can cost upwards of $10,000.  In short, piano maintenance is expensive. Therefore, […]

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How To Find The Best Digital Piano For You: Yamaha P115 Review

When I first started learning the piano, I started with a simple digital piano. The digital piano only came with 66 keys, a sustain pedal, and a learning guide.But even when it didn’t have the best technological features whatsoever, I still managed to play decently for a beginner. I learned that you don’t always have […]

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Yamaha YPG 235 Review: It Is A Good Digital Piano?

Yamaha has always been a top producer of high-quality digital pianos and other musical instruments. Most of their products are brimming with performance and functionality. One example that could justify the brand’s excellence is the Yamaha YPG 235. It is a 76-key piano that can both serve beginner and amateur players. The YPG or the Yamaha Portable […]

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Yamaha YPT 240 Review: An Impressive Entry-Level Digital Piano

When it comes to portable keyboards, Yamaha is a top notch manufacturer. They have a lot to offer to any pianist, regardless of their skill level. Among their products, of the finest is the Yamaha YPT 240. Specifically, the YPT 240 is not a high-end digital keyboard. Instead, it has an entry-level price and application, which […]

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Yamaha YDP223 Review: One Of The Finest 88-Key Digital Pianos

The Yamaha YDP223 is an 88-key digital piano that works with intermediate and advanced pianists. It has a sounding and performance that can closely emulate those of a concert grand. Moreover, it has an appealing design that can please your eyes as well. On our part, we do consider the Yamaha YDP223 as an excellent digital piano. […]

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