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The Best Mic For Rap Vocals 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Rapping is a form of art that’s expressed in music. It’s no different from what other genres like rock, pop, and jazz try to communicate. Similarly, any artist or amateur engaging in rap would need the right mic for recording a song at its best quality.

Microphones aren’t simply devices that amplify your voice. There are different variations of it with a lot of unique features and benefits. One of these advantages includes audio clarity, toning, and noise reduction.

Finding the best mic for rap vocals would give you a headstart in recording your favorite rap song.

Top 5 Best Metal Pedal 2019 – That Every Guitarist Must Have

Are you looking for the best metal pedal? Then you are in the right place! In this article, we will be featuring some of the top-rated pedals that can add power and performance to your playing style. But first, do you know which effects pedal is right for the metal genre?

At this point, any guitarist would recommend distortion pedals if you are into metal and its other variants. Whether it is thrash metal, heavy metal, or death metal, a distortion pedal will always be the optimal choice.

A quality guitar can bring the sound and scream that you want for your leads or rhythms. However, without a good distortion pedal, it would just be dull and weak. It will never possess the power and intensity that a metal song should have.

If you are quite enthusiastic about this genre, then investing for a good metal pedal is necessary. As long as you got the right distortion pedal, the screams and shreds of your electric guitar will always stand out. And for that, here are our top picks for the best pedals for metal.

How To Spot The Best Digital Piano: Yamaha DGX 660 Review

Digital pianos were designed to meet the different needs of various musicians. If you’re looking for portability and functionality, then a digital piano might be the best for you. This is due to the convenient size and weight that its frame has.

Furthermore, owning a digital piano can be a relief for the wallet too. It costs cheaper than an authentic grand piano. Also, it also performs similarly to a grand piano. Therefore, your sound quality isn’t sacrificed for convenience.

However, not all digital pianos have great features. Some may leave you dissatisfied because of its sound. Moreover, other products may not be suitable for your tastes regarding the options it gives you.

As we the Yamaha DGX 660 review, you’ll get to see the different functions that a leading brand like Yamaha offers on the table. Of course, the DGX 600 has its flaws, so that will also give you ideas on what to avoid or not.

Basically, as we review one product, you’ll have a great model to compare to other products that might interest you. We’ve also listed three alternative pianos to help you in your search.

The Best Metal Guitar That Nobody Can Resist

Do you think about the best metal guitar? If you are, then you probably know right now that choosing a good electric guitar for this genre is not a walk in the park. Contrary to popular belief, the metal genre is pretty intricate.

You cannot play songs or pieces that are under this category just because you have a strong amp and distortion pedal.

Although these accessories are essential, the main arsenal for the metal genre will always be your guitar. Of course, this statement is also true to other types of musical genre as well. Choosing the right guitar will always make the cut.

In this article, we will show you some of the best metal guitars that are available on the market today. We will also give you a detailed buying guide on how to choose an ideal electric guitar for metal. So what are we waiting for? Read on!

How To Spot The Best Digital Piano: Yamaha P45 Review

Digital pianos are great alternatives for acoustic pianos. If you don’t have the time, money, and space to own an acoustic piano, then it’s worth it to have a digital piano. However, you should be aware of piano’s features before buying one. This is because digital pianos are quite complex products.

A great digital piano will provide you excellent sound quality similar to an authentic one. It should also give some added bonuses through features and other modes. These should all aid and enhance your learning experience.

Looking at the Yamaha P45 review will give us an excellent idea of what to expect for a digital piano. Yamaha is one of the leading brands, and it will surely be packed with lots of features that could peak your interest. Furthermore, you can use these functions to compare other products as well.

How To Find The Best Guitar Pedal For You

Guitar pedals come with different effects. Some of the most common guitar pedals are the reverb pedal, wah pedal, and overdrive.

Though these may have varying effects on your music, it can’t be denied that all of them are very useful. When used in the most efficient order, you can utilize all these effects. Of course, without sounding too overboard.

However, the whole process of finding the best guitar pedal for you is not as complicated. You do not have to be an expert in this field to know what you want from your guitar pedal. Is it the effects? The price? The brand?


Top 5 Best Distortion Pedal For Rock N’ Roll Lovers

A guitar player is quite greedy when it comes to those sweet tones. Of course, the more you learn this instrument, the more you will realize that there are a lot of fields to explore. Among these epiphanies is that you need the best distortion pedal.

It is true that getting the desired tone is not just about the pedal. Instead, it should involve the total harmony of your guitar, strings, amps, and other accessories you are using. Once these amenities are around, there is a good chance that you can discover new sounds day by day!

However, the cheapest way to revolutionize the tone of your guitar is getting a variety of pedals.

Moreover, it is also the easiest route to transform the overall quality of your sound. A minimum amount of fifty bucks could already give you a plethora of choices. Spend a little more, and you can have access to exquisite guitar pedals on the market.

For the meantime, you might want to check out the best distortion pedals that are available today. After all, this should be among the first pedal variants that you have to invest. Here are they:

How To Spot The Best Guitar For Small Hands

Most people who try learning the guitar start with the standard one. Even people with smaller hands. This is what makes learning the guitar difficult.

Women and younger children who try learning the guitar are faced with this simple yet crucial dilemma. Not being able to grip the fret properly or reach certain strings might sound simple but, they do affect your learning a lot.

It is important that you find the right guitar size for you. Not only will you be able to touch the fret and the strings correctly, but you also won't have any trouble carrying it. Or even tucking it under your arm during performances.

Finding the right guitar size for you will also make your experience more fun and enjoyable! With that said, we will be giving you tips on what to look for when finding the best guitar for small hands.

Best Digital Piano 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It is common knowledge to everyone that the grand piano or a classical piano takes up so much space at home. This is why most musicians who do not have much room for a classical piano just opt for a digital one.

Finding the best digital piano should not only be cheaper, but it should also sound similar to an acoustic piano. Furthermore, maintenance and storage is a must too.

The Best Stereo Receiver Of The Year. A Must For Music Lovers!

Music is definitely one of the best ways to create a stress-free environment.

Imagine yourself at home on a Sunday morning relaxing and sipping coffee. You know the only thing that would complete the good vibe is good music. Do you have the best stereo receiver to play one?

Now, imagine a Friday night when you feel too tired to go out in a bar with your friends. A satisfying night cap would mean popping in a movie and perhaps drinking some wine. Could your old stereo receiver play the intense musical score of the film?

Nothing beats coming home to a nice, warm lair when you feel beat up from work. However, furnishing a home that has the perfect “feel” takes a lot of planning and consideration.

This includes choosing the best appliances to go with the design. So, if you’re a music and movie lover, I’m sure you’d want to invest in a good home entertainment system.

The thing is, choosing the best stereo receiver for your home theater may require some technical research on electronics. You don’t have to be an expert. However, it would help if you know how to check out the device’s specs yourself.