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The Best Cheap Guitar Pedals On The Market Today!

Every guitarist nowadays is looking for the best cheap guitar pedals. Since the birth of this accessory, almost all electric guitar players became so obsessed with them. For those who are longing for quality tones, then a pedal is a must.

However, new pedals may come costly. Of course, high-end brands would give you the price that might tear your pocket. Luckily, the price doesn't always determine the usability and satisfactory rate of guitar pedals. Moreover, some guitar pedals under $100 could already give optimal sounds you need.

Cheap guitar pedals are perfect for amateur guitarists. Also, these pedals will enable you to explore and experiment with various tones and harmonies. In this article, we made a list of the top-rated pedals on the market today. Of course, you can expect that these units are not your standard options. They are, in fact, among the most popular brands in the music industry.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The best bluetooth wireless speaker are what you need if you are looking to pump up your listening experience. Whether you are working, studying, or relaxing, a speaker with an excellent sound output is a great companion!

However, choosing a portable speaker for bass is quite difficult. There are dozens of brands of this product on the market today.

If you don't know the key considerations in selecting a good speaker, then you might get a bad unit.

This article will teach you the basic guidelines in picking a portable speaker. Later, we will also reveal the top speakers for bass that you should get this 2021! Let's get started!

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Product Name



Our Rating











If you are looking for the best speaker for bass, then you should check the Sony SRSX5. This one has a lot of features that make it an excellent audio component.

This stereo has a power of 20 watts. Moreover, it has a dual passive radiator that emits 50 Hz to 20 kHz. Because of this, the subwoofer of Sony SRSX5 can produce deep and rich sounds.

Another useful feature of the Sony SRSX5 is its ability to connect with other wireless devices. It has Bluetooth and NFC components to ensure that it can cater a variety of sound sources.

It can also produce an audible and a deep bass sound because of the placement of the subwoofer in the back.


  • Elegant and sleek design
  • Powerful and clear bass output
  • Audio clarity is excellent
  • Can pair with Bluetooth and NFC components
  • Ergonomic and compact


  • Simplicity does not appeal to some customers
  • Not waterproof

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar has a beastly name. Fortunately, the quality of its performance can match its brand!

Specifically, this portable speaker has five drivers that are integrated on its subwoofers. It can fill small to medium sized rooms with rich and full sound. Moreover, it also has an amplifier to boost the overall volume quality.

Meanwhile, you can use the Creative Sound Blaster Roar as a speakerphone. It can even record voice calls! This device also highlights its excellent connectivity to any wireless devices.

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar is highly durable. This speaker is made from high-grade metal which makes it extremely rigid.


  • Has two amps which balance different frequencies
  • Comes with five drivers for full sound performance
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Battery life reaches up to 8 hours
  • Durable construction


  • Some extra features are quite useless such as alarm and siren
  • You need to setup the EQ so that you can hear the particular thump of the bass

The AOMAIS Sports II is a speaker that can handle heavy duty applications. Aside from its excellent bass output, this device is also known for its absolute waterproof design. Specifically, it has an IPX7 rating, which means you can submerge it in water for 1 minute.

Meanwhile, the AOMAIS Sports II has a 20-watt playing function. It produces high-quality digital sound, thanks to its multi-driver system. Meanwhile, this device can generate balanced and crystal-clear bass.

This speaker can reduce noise and distortions for better audio output. You will also love its hand free function. This is due to its Bluetooth capability, which is compatible with most audio devices.


  • Waterproof feature has IPX7 rating
  • Decent overall audio output
  • Excellent bass without distortions and noise
  • Rigid and durable design
  • Has hands-free function


  • Design is not ergonomic (buttons are quite confusing)
  • Bulky and heavy

The brand Jabra is one of the rising stars in the audio industry. They are producing quality wireless headphones, speakers, and more! Specifically, their SOLEMATE speaker is their prized opus when it comes to best bluetooth wireless speaker.

This speaker has two tweeters, one subwoofer, and one passive bass radiator. With these components, the Jabra SOLEMATE is capable of generating strong and rich bass sounds. Its overall audio output is pretty decent, too!

Meanwhile, its construction in not shabby either. In fact, it is one of the most rugged portable speakers on the market today. It is compatible with Bluetooth and NFC devices, too.

It has a carry strap so that you can bring it anywhere. The Jabra SOLEMATE also has a speakerphone function. That's very ergonomic indeed.


  • Durable construction
  • Sound and bass outputs are excellent
  • Simple setup and connections
  • Water-resistant


  • High volumes create sound distortion
  • Microphone quality is not great

The DOSS Touch is a great choice for bass speakers. It is easy to use because of its capacitive touch control. Just by soft touches, you can already play and manage your tracks.

This device produces high-definition stereo sound. It can play your music with excellent bass quality.

Moreover, this device is compatible with any Bluetooth devices. Once you pair a device with it, it will automatically detect the latter for future uses!

The DOSS Touch enjoys a full-body stereo. It has two drivers and a highly enhanced bass. You can use this speaker for up to 12 hours, which is perfect for any outdoor activities.


  • Sleek and quality design
  • Durable and compact construction
  • Bass quality is pretty decent
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 devices
  • Long battery life


  • Volume output is limited
  • Not waterproof
  • System voice is quite difficult to understand

Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Buying Guide

Best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker


Speakers come with different price and features. Those that have more features are more costly. However, having excessive features may be useless at some point.

You should choose a portable speaker has all the features that you want. In this way, you can save a lot!


The best speakers on the market today are all Bluetooth compatible. This feature is more of a necessity than a luxury. You should know that a speaker that can stream music without cords and wires is highly ergonomic.

Those wires are susceptible to breakage. They also limit your mobility, as well. Therefore, you should prefer speakers that have Bluetooth capabilities.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is hard to determine. Some people have specific audio preferences. However, there are simple ways to assess if a speaker produces good sounds.

First, make sure that it has multiple drivers. It should have two to three frequencies for better sound distinction. Second, it should come with subwoofers to assure that it can blow loud and clear bass sounds!

Lastly, you should make sure that it produces no hissing noises and distortions. If you want assurances, then you should go with high-fidelity speakers.


A speaker should be lightweight and durable. Even for in-house speaker systems, portability and rigidity are still important. After all, these devices house sensitive audio components. A brittle construction could lead to a wasted investment!



These are the best bluetooth wireless speaker on the market today. Each of them can produce clear and deep bass, with minimal distortions and hissing. Consider one of these portable speakers so that you can get the audio quality you deserve!

Among these, we declare the Sony SRSX5 as the best speaker for bass. From its audio quality down to it construction, the Sony SRSX5 is simply outstanding. You will never regret purchasing this one!

However, we still recommend that you should check out all of these speakers. In this way, you can test which one can pass your standards and preferences. Moreover, use our buying guide in assessing the qualities of these speakers.


How To Find The Best Digital Piano For You: Yamaha P115 Review

When I first started learning the piano, I started with a simple digital piano. The digital piano only came with 66 keys, a sustain pedal, and a learning guide.

But even when it didn’t have the best technological features whatsoever, I still managed to play decently for a beginner. I learned that you don’t always have to get the most expensive or the one with the most advanced features.

Today, we will analyze the different features and functions of the Yamaha P115 review. This will help guide you in finding your digital piano.

7 Of The Best Volume Pedals On 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best volume pedal is somehow a tricky process At first, you might think that the process is straightforward. After all, these effects pedal don't produce their unique sound.

Instead, then just serve as a means of volume modulation. Of course, the mechanism is pretty simple, too.

However, once you get down to business, you will realize that these products possess of their own. In fact, there are a lot of components that you have to understand when dealing with these pedals.

Such of these are the impedance, signal chain, potentiometer, buffers and so on. If you are just an amateur, encountering these jargons are truly intimidating.

Even professionals can still get lost when searching for the best units of volume pedals. If you want to be on the safe side of things, then we encourage you to read this article.

In here, we will be featuring some of the best options you can have for this particular pedal. Moreover, we will also give you a comprehensive buying guide, too!

Trust us! You won't regret anything here. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

The Best Volume Pedals

7 Of The Best Volume Pedals

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The Boss FV-500H is the trailblazer of the size industry. It has an excellent rapport with the community and never sucked during any applications. There are two versions of this product: the FV-500H and the FV-500L.

They are relatively the same, but the former is for High Impedance, and the latter is for Low Impedance.

To decide which one you are going to buy, you should understand the essential uses of impedance. For example, if you are using instruments that are using high impedance signals, such as your electric guitar, then you should buy the FV-500H.

If you are using keyboards and preamps, then go with the 500L.

Even for its nature, the FV-500H can still work with signals that have low impedance. Therefore, this is a product that worth buying because it is like hitting two birds with one stone! It doesn't color your sound while you are augmenting the volume and it can last pretty long, too!


  • Can work with high and low impedance signals.
  • Ideal for bass and electric guitars.
  • Excellent for recordings and live applications.
  • Robust hardware and construction.
  • Not susceptible to tone loss.


  • Body is too bulky.
  • The potentiometer is sensitive to dirt and crackles.

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Although it is not the volume pedal that sits on the peak of the industry, it is still undeniable that the Ernie Ball VP Jr. has the qualities of being a great stompbox.

Obviously, it is a cousin of the Ernie Ball MVP. But it still has different arsenals on its sleeve.

One of the best selling points of this product is its simplicity. You don't have to burn your head just to learn how this volume pedal work.

Its control is pretty intuitive. Even the mods are easy to learn, too! It is a pedal that offers excellent performance at a decent price!

Also, the Ernie Ball VP Jr. is the compact and sleek version oof the MVP. It is the real meaning behind its name. However, it doesn't mean that this one has a poor performance.

In fact, it is among those tested-and-proven volume pedals that many professionals want to acquire for their collections!


  • Compact and innovative designs.
  • Comes in seven variations (mods not included).
  • Highly functional and straightforward interface.
  • There are no discernable sound leaks.
  • Suitable for passive instruments.


  • It suffers from minimal tone loss.
  • Some of the parts (cloth strings and metals) are exposed on the outside.

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The closest contender of the Boss FV-500H is the Ernie Ball MVP. The MVP means Most Valuable Pedal, by the way.

Because it claims such title, the Ernie Ball MVP seems to have something to show off. And we tested, it is indeed an excellent unit of a volume pedal.

Specifically, the Ernie Ball MVP is a type of buffered volume pedal. It comes with a tuner output and controls for gain boost and volume. Meanwhile, its enclosure is like the body of the tank. It can withstand any punishment you will give!

Because this volume pedal is buffered, it can accommodate passive and active signals. Of course, it also means that you can put this pedal in any location of your signal chain.

Whether it is on end or in the middle, the MVP will still work like magic! This product is among those worthy investments in your life!


  • Can cater active and passive signals.
  • Extremely durable construction.
  • Minimal footprint.
  • Can work with other instruments, too.
  • Sound is pure and authentic; not artificial coloring.


  • The gain is not as good as the FV-500H.
  • Battery seems to drain even if you are not using the pedal.

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If you are looking for another affordable volume pedal, the Fender FVP-1 is a good choice. Although the brand Fender is not usually akin to pedals, their units are still commendable.

After all, they a premium guitar-maker company. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with loving their pedals, too!

The setup of the Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal is pretty basic. It appears as similar to those standard volume pedals you can see on sales garage. However, such simplicity is perfect for those who doesn't want to complicate their lives.

This particular volume pedal is sensitive to the finest changes in volume. It doesn't color the sound, nor induce any alterations on the signal.

It will just simply refine your signal, just the way you want it to be. Overall, it is a solid pedal that deserves a spot on your pedalboard!


  • Intuitive and straightforward interface.
  • Does not add colors to your sounds.
  • The sound remains clear even in high volumes.
  • Good choice for amateurs and beginners.
  • No audible interferences.


  • It feels a little bit flimsy.
  • The lower volume somehow needs additional range.

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Another good volume pedal that you should try is the Dunlop DVP4. It can perform well on any applications. It has fantastic construction and interface, too, which makes it a favorite of many guitar players out there.

Specifically, it is the top competitor of the Ernie Ball VP Jr., considering they share almost similar specs.

This product comes with three outputs (Tuner, Expression, and Audio). Therefore, this product provides its users with some freedom of modification. It also uses and audio taper.

This technology enables a slow increase in volume at the start of the rotation then peaks during the later part.

Meanwhile, the overall aesthetics of device is top-notch, too. It has a beautiful appearance that instantly blends with your instrument.

We are also amazed of the interface of the Dunlop DVP4 Volume X.It is rock solid but is highly responsive to any of your adjustments.


  • It is a "pedalboard-friendly" volume pedal.
  • The mechanism of this device is pretty responsive.
  • It has a minimal footprint.
  • One of the few versatile volume pedal.
  • Hardware is extremely durable.


  • It doesn't stay heel down by itself.
  • Volume control is not uniform.

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If design and appearance are the cut, then the Morley PLA Steve Vai Little Alligator is the hottest volume pedal out there. Its appeal is seemingly irresistible. But beyond its looks, the performance of this volume device is simply overwhelming.

Simplicity is the name of the game of the Little Alligator. But unlike the Fender volume pedal, the Little Alligator comes with a small volume knob for fine increments. Moreover, the pedal offers a smooth operation, which is to be expected, since it is a Morley product.

When testing, we didn't hear any sonic interferences. Also, there are no tone loss or "tone suck" that can be heard when you use this particular volume pedal.

With its price range, we can say that the Little Alligator does not come lacking. It is a decent pedal that any beginners would want!


  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
  • Simple but functional design.
  • Hardware and body are sturdy.
  • No sonic interference.
  • No tone sucking.


  • The sweep of this volume pedal is not linear.
  • It produce clipping at lower volumes.

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The battle for the best volume pedal is always dominated by the brands of Dunlop, Ernie Ball, and Morley. However, they are not the only players who seem to stand out in the scene.

An interesting dark horse, the Signstek Guitar Stereo Sound, is a volume pedal is definitely worth your attention.

The Signstek Guitar Stereo Sound is a performing volume pedal. But despite its excellent features, it has a very low price.

Some people say that this pedal is too good to be true. But since it is already out on the market, there is no more choice but to try it!

The glides for this pedal is pretty smooth. It provides a nice feeling to the feel. Although there are some mechanical grinds that you can hear, that is not exactly a deal breaker that can make you turn off.

That is because the construction of this device is pretty solid. Moreover, we didn't ever hear any tone loss during our test for this product!


  • No sound coloring.
  • Ideal for stereo devices like your keyboard.
  • Responsive volume pedal.
  • Provides a good feel to your feet.
  • No perceivable tone loss.


  • Not as responsive as other volume pedals.
  • Some parts are made from plastic.

Best Volume Pedal Buying Guide

What is a Volume Pedal

Before we begin, we should clarify that volume pedals are not limited to guitars alone. There are volume pedals you can use for other electronic instruments such as your synthesizer and keyboard.

However, in this article, we will just limit the product selection to volume pedals for bass and standard guitars.

By operational standards, a volume pedal is a variant of "dynamics" stompboxes. Guitarists use this device to modify the volume of their instruments through the increase and decrease of the audio signal's aptitude. By concept, it is not that complicated process.

However, once you dissect this product, you will discover that there are a lot of things that operates it. The presence of multiple factors becomes a detriment to what brand of volume pedal you are going to choose.

Moreover, volume pedals have the same appearance as wah pedals. Many beginners always mistook one for the other.

What Does a Volume Pedal Do

Of course, you might be convincing yourself already that you don't need a volume pedal. You think that if your instrument has a volume knob or if you have an amplifier, getting this pedal is not reasonable anymore.

Well, both of those arguments are completely wrong.

Volume pedals offer a different kind of control to the sound of your instrument. Once you partner a volume pedal with the proper positioning and play style, you can get different effects.

For example, a volume pedal can alter the gain of your guitar without changing the location of your hand.

Meanwhile, you can also consider a volume pedal as a tool for creating ambient and swelling textures. Specifically, such effects can work well with delays and reverbs. An experienced guitar player would even fade their notes as if like their instrument is a violin.

Among these purposes, the most practical use of a volume pedal is balancing the volume of your guitar. If you are playing with other instruments (such as in a band), you will need this capability to generate musical harmony.

If the volume pedal you have has a "minimum volume" setting, then you can use it when you are playing regular rhythms. Of course, you have to crank the pedal if you are in dire need to boost the volume of your instrument (i.e. solos and distortions).

All in all, you will just realize how useful a volume pedal once you try it. It could be the game changer that you are looking for.

Considerations in Buying the Best Volume Pedal

Best Volume Pedal

Transparency and Sound

You can consider that a volume pedal is great if it is transparent. Specifically, the device should not induce their character to the sound of your instrument. If you want such kind of pedal, you must choose wahs and overdrives, not volume pedals.

Their purpose is different. You should never hear any form of sound coloring at all!

Tone Loss

If you are going to buy a volume pedal, make sure that it doesn't suffer from "tone loss." Many pedals are suffering from such kind of detriment.

By nature, the signal is already weak. Once the latter travels to the pedal, it becomes weaker because of the tuner.

Of course, many players won't notice this. One reason is that the tolerance of our ears for such kind of imperfections varies. However, you should still be aware of this concept.

Passive and Active Volume Pedal

A volume pedal that is passive does not use power coming from an adapter or battery. It is a simple setup that gives you an irreplaceable form convenience, wherever you look at it. But still, passive volume pedals still tend to be finicky and sensitive.

Specifically, you have to pay attention to the location of your signal chain as well as the instrument that you are using. Most of the passive pedals have tuner controls. As we mentioned earlier, this particular part is the culprit for tone loss.

Meanwhile, an active volume pedal requires power to operate. But as compensation, it will free you from any worries of tone loss.

Quality of the Build

You cannot just buy a volume pedal that is flimsy and susceptible to damage. It has to be sturdy as the stage out there is always rough. You should always check the construction of the device. Is it responsive? Is it easy to modify?

The pedal should answer these questions positively. Otherwise, you should just veer to another brand.

Final Verdict

Despite the common notion, volume pedals are a must have for all guitarists around the world. These devices introduce a new way to modify your volume without losing the quality at the peak.

Although they don't give any effect, volume pedals still provide additional power and resonance to your instrument.

For now, we declare the Boss FV-500H as the best volume pedal. This particular device is a complete package. From the performance down to the controls, everything is simply outstanding for FV-500H.

It is a device that is meant to work with your electric guitar and bass. Once you got this, your plays will never be dull again.

Of course, we still recommend that you try the rest of the volume pedals we featured. We guarantee that all of them are worth the shot. Also, testing each of them will let you realize which pedal will work best for your setup!


How To Find The Best Delay Pedal For You: MXR Carbon Copy Review

Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy review. When you first play the guitar, it’s very easy to think that that’s all there is to it. However, if you want to up your game, you will discover lots of different accessories you can add to it.

These accessories either improve just the sound of your guitar or your guitar experience itself.

There are guitar tuners, amps, capos and pedals among others. All of which are not only very convenient but most of the time, essential. This is most especially true for guitarists who perform.

As for the pedals, there are lots of pedals out there which you can try. These pedals serve different effects and features, but they can be used all together on a pedal board or pedal chain.

One of the most commonly used pedals is the delay pedal. They are often used together with several other pedals to create a more sustained sound. Today, we will be doing a Dunlop MXR Carbon Copy review.

We also included basic information about delay pedals to help you find the best one for you.

Top 10 Best Chorus Pedals On 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

People who are in dire need to color the tone of their guitar must have the best chorus pedals. If you are aiming to mimic the glorious shine of the "Come As You Are" of Nirvana or emulate the beautiful tones of psychedelic rock, then these pedals are a must have.

Chorus pedals will let you explore the undiscovered sonic charters of your instrument. In addition, as long as you own a quality unit, you can produce ecstatic rich tone anytime you want. Moreover, it can also provide noticeable interference and thickness in your instrument.

Because of these features, chorus pedals became a favorite accessory of rock ballad bands in the 80s. But don't get us wrong. These pedals are still widely used today, especially by professionals in the scene.

A guitar geek would not miss the chance to grab an excellent model of chorus pedal. Furthermore, with all the perks that it can provide, buying this pedal will never become a wrong investment!

In this article, we listed down ten of the best chorus pedals out there. Out of the dozens of chorus pedals out there, only the units on the following list were able to make the cut. See all of them for yourself.

10 Of The Best Chorus Pedals

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One of the best analog pedals on the market today is the MXR M234. It can efficiently compete against the highly acclaimed TC Electronic Chorus. Most of the MXR products are labeled as clean and straightforward.

However, the M234 is a bit different. This is due to the authentic analog design and sophisticated controls that this product has.

We all know the expensiveness of an analog pedal. With the release of the MXR M234, getting an analog chorus pedal is not a dream anymore. Moreover, this particular unit is easy to find the market.

When it comes to performance, the MXR M234 is truly mesmerizing. It can generate a mixture of subtle sounds, with hints of warmness and smoothness.

Despite such lavish, the sounds from this chorus pedal have no artificial flavoring. It is an excellent choice if you are recording or doing some live gigs!


  • Sound production is limitless, thanks to its Mix knob and various filters.
  • Highly tweakable setup (rate, chorus components, and levels of wetness and dryness).
  • Can make full sounds due to its treble and bass controls.
  • Works well when complemented by an overdrive or distortion pedal.
  • Robust and ergonomic construction.


  • LED indicators are too bright.
  • The footswitch has an awkward location.

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When it comes to function and downright application, the Sea Machine V2 of the EarthQuaker is an excellent option. It can provide you with an umpteen selection of controls.

Moreover, it will also let you choose between analog and digital circuitry as well! Now, it is not something you can see every day!

At first, this particular chorus pedal looks like it is not meant to be mastered by everyone. But once you use it, you will realize that this effects pedal is easier to master compared to its counterparts.

Aside from that, the Sea Machine V2 also has the innovative sound augmentation technology. Such feature will allow you to produce bone-chilling chorus effects up to more aggressive sounds!


  • Small footprint.
  • Can complement to any setup on your pedalboard.
  • Highly extensive set of controls.
  • Comes with unique sound modification technology.
  • Ideal choice for experimenting guitarists.


  • Pricey option.
  • Does not have a power supply.

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We mentioned earlier that one of the pedals that the legendary Kurt Cobain used is on this list. Well, it is pretty evident that the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is the guy!

This particular pedal board is a true-bypass and using analog circuitry. Such features alone would not make you wonder anymore why Cobain preferred this chorus pedal.

This chorus pedal can emulate professional tones such as of John Fogerty and J Mascis. Moreover, it is a good choice if you are usually doing live gigs and performances.

Despite such kinds of applications, the setup of the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is pretty basic. In short, it is a natural choice that allows anyone to use it easily.

Of course, the quality of this chorus pedal is unquestionable already. It has a vast tone range. It comes it more subtle effects compared to its counterparts. You will certainly love the variety of sounds that the Small Clone can generate.

Overall, the Electro-Harmonix Small Clone is something that your pedal board needs.


  • Excellent tonal variety.
  • True bypass and analog design.
  • Comes with AC adapter and 9-volt battery.
  • Interface is pretty simple to understand.
  • Capable of producing classic chorus sounds.


  • The hardware is not as robust as we expect it to be.
  • This pedal tends to produce unwanted noises.

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Aside from the Boss CE-5, you recommend that you should check out the Boss CH-1 Stereo Super Chorus. This particular guitar pedal represents the identity that the brand Boss always pride: consistency.

Moreover, it has a straightforward design that gives off the feeling of simplicity and power.

You will certainly get hooked to the organic sounding that this pedal can produce. Moreover, the subtle chorus effects that it creates are ideal for various applications.

Of course, nobody can just overlook the sound clarity and distinction that this pedal possesses.

One of the selling points of the Boss CH-1 is its compatibility with other effects pedals. Furthermore, it can work well regardless if you are using a distorted channel or a clean one!


  • Works great with acoustic and bass guitars.
  • Decent tonal range and versatility.
  • Comes with adequate controls for a myriad of applications.
  • Straightforward and intuitive design.
  • Excellent choice for those who are doing studio recordings.


  • Does not come with any power supply.
  • Generates noise when you pump up the volume.

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Another MXR product that is worth your attention is the MXR M134 Stereo Chorus. It can provide you quality chorus effects that your ears are craving for. Aside from its tonal variety, this particular chorus pedal has a lot of steam to offer.

The MXR M134 Stereo Chorus has various controls which are pretty standard for top-tier chorus pedals. However, this one also possesses a two-band EQ control. It is a feature that you cannot find anywhere quickly!

Because of this feature, you can modify the chorus' tone so that it can complement to the effect and the raw signal.

Meanwhile, the design of the MXR Stereo Chorus is quite larger compared to other MXR product. You can say that it will eat a lot of space on your pedalboard.

However, since the quality of this pedal is great, we know that you would take such compromise.


  • Highly tweakable chorus pedal.
  • It can produce warm and organic sound.
  • Possesses an EQ band control knob.
  • Sturdy hardware.
  • Tonal versatility is almost limitless.


  • Consumes too much space in your pedalboard.
  • 18-volt adapter provides minor nuisance.

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The Boss is among the most reputable brands in the guitar pedal industry. From overdrive to compressors, this brand has all of them. But it is not just about the name.

In fact, Boss won't be on this list if their chorus pedal fell short to our standards.

One of the brand's opuses is the Boss CE-5 Stereo. This product has been in continuous production for decades already. And until now, it doesn't have any plans to stop.

Many guitarists patronize this product for its quality design and performance. Even Jerry Cantrell and Steve Vai themselves were spotted using this pedal.

Particularly, the chorus effects of the Boss CE-5 Stereo is subtle. Meanwhile, it comes with four effects knobs (high/low cut, rate, effect level, and depth). Of course, you will also love its iconic Boss stompbox design.

The foot switch of this chorus pedal doesn't stick up compared to its rivals. It is very loveable indeed!


  • Heavy-duty design (can withstand daily usage).
  • Tonal range is vast.
  • Value-quality product.
  • Comes with stereo outputs if you want to use dual amps.
  • Intuitive interface.


  • Does not have AC adapter or AV battery.
  • Tends to decrease the gain between your amp and guitar by a slight degree.

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When it comes to simplicity and effectiveness, the Dunlop M148 MXR Micro Chorus is an excellent choice. The footprint of this product is not that big. But you guarantee that it can give you overwhelming performance!

This slim chorus pedal only offers one control knob. Therefore, you can say that it is not the most versatile option out there. However, for beginners who are just exploring the benefits of effects, this would be a great investment already.

Of course, we have to mention that this one is using analog circuitry. It can produce warm and organic sound for a price that won't rip your pocket. Meanwhile, the design of the M148 MXR Micro Chorus is an old school.

However, its rigidity is something you have to celebrate.


  • Very simple design and interface.
  • Highly rigid construction.
  • Doesn't too much space on your pedalboard.
  • Authentic analog circuitry.
  • Ideal for beginners.


  • Not as tweakable as other chorus pedals.
  • Tonal range is quite limited.

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One of the most recommended chorus pedals today is the Danelectro D-5 Fab. Nobody can just argue with that. With its simple setup, nobody would ever guess that it can produce warm and natural sounds.

Moreover, it has decent tonal variety, too. And the best of all, this pedal is a lot cheaper compared to it competitors.

The overall interface of the Danelectro D-5 Fab is not something that you can look forward to. Among all the pedals here, this one has the most unusual style. If you include style in your qualifications, then this product might not be ideal for you.

The Danelectro D-5 Fab is using a digital circuitry. It is specifically a mono chorus pedal that can produce decent sound. Its tone range is quite limited, but it is already good if you are just looking for a practice partner for your guitar.

In short, it is a good backup pedal that you can buy anytime of the day.


  • Straightforward and intuitive design.
  • Tonal variety is good.
  • Despite being a digital pedal, it still produces beautiful sound textures.
  • Can be pushed to make some intricate sounds as well.
  • Best for beginners and amateur guitarists.


  • Body is made from plastic.
  • Design is not for everybody's taste.
  • Not suitable for studio and live applications.

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Most of the time, you wouldn't dare associate Fender with effects pedals. We are all well aware that this particular brand is a luminary of the guitar world. However, we don't want to discard their chorus pedal on this list.

After all, the latter has unique qualities that can certainly improve the overall tone quality of your guitar.

The Fender Chorus Pedal is among the most neutral choices that you can have. It can create warm sound without compromising the range of tone that it can accommodate. Meanwhile, its sound production is authentic and organic.

It is unlike those common stompboxes that are full of flavoring, which is utterly despicable.

Most of the glorious wonders that this pedal offers can be heard when you pair it with an acoustic guitar. A clean channel will also do. Despite such application, you can still use the Fender Chorus Pedal in providing heavy riffs to your guitar.

Of course, you can expect that sound clarity will always be there.

Noticeably, only the Fender Chorus Pedal offers these features in its price range. Therefore, it is versatility and value seems to topple all of its competitors.


  • Authentic analog pedal (low-noise).
  • High-quality hardware; the exteriors are made from metal.
  • Powered by either an AC adapter or 9-volt battery.
  • Minimal footprint; doesn't consume too much space.
  • Versatile applications due to the availability of various controls.


  • Tone range is not as good as other premium pedals.
  • Not a good choice for amateurs and practicing guitarists.

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TC Electronic Corona is the bomb of chorus pedals. We can say that it comes equally with the MXR M234. Just think of the qualities that this pedal could possess for reaching the acne.

Many pros recommend the use of TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus in live gigs and recording sessions. It can also be an ideal partner for your distortion pedals, considering its versatility.

Moreover, its subtle effect is something you cannot find on any other pedals. With this feature, you can provide a bit of shimmer to your sound without actually disrupting the original tone.

Most of the controls of the Corona Mini can unleash whole new sounds to your instrument. In short, it can create any chorus that comes into your mind. However, we have to tell you that this pedal is using digital circuitry.

If you are a big fan of analog pedals, then this unit is not the one for you.

For beginners, such kind of nuance is hardly noticeable. Unless your ears are already trained to distinguish the sound between two, you won't spot which is which.

Despite this, the quality of Corona Mini is truly one-of-a-kind. You won't regret if you buy this one!


  • Comes with four chorus knobs (speed, depth, tone, and FX level).
  • Ideal for professional usage.
  • Ergonomic interface and highly intuitive setup.
  • Sound range is vast and accommodating.
  • Comes with TonePrint feature with lets you download custom chorus on the internet.


  • Not using an analog design.
  • Quickly drains battery.

The Best Chorus Pedals

Best Chorus Pedals Buying Guide

What is the Function of a Chorus Pedal

An amateur guitarist should know the essential functions of a chorus pedal before buying one. Otherwise, the full potential of this device would never be unleashed.

Also, as its name suggest, a chorus pedal aims to emulate the sounds produced by string sections and choirs.

Specifically, it lets your guitar blend with the tone of a myriad of instruments. Bluntly, that is not how a chorus pedal works. However, you can say that such mechanism is the main idea for this effects pedal.

Fortunately, you don't need to become an audio engineer to understand how a chorus pedal works. Moreover, a chorus pedal separates the signal of your guitar into two. The first one is the actual signal (clean and unflavored).

Meanwhile, the other one is colored with pitch augmentations and delay.

When all of these tones blend, it gives birth to whole new sounds. Of course, the distinctness of such sounds is intricate. However, you can guarantee that they have you can use them in almost any applications.

For example, you can use the effects given by the chorus pedal in beefing the tone of your instrument. Moreover, you can use it as a means to alter the overall guitar's voice.

The most familiar scene of a chorus pedal is found in the "Come As You Are" of Nirvana. In the song, you can immediately notice the shine of the riff on the opening part.

As a matter of fact, the very chorus pedal used by Kurt Cobain in the song is among of our recommended products. You can find out the identity of the chorus pedal later.

Considerations in Buying a Chorus Pedal

Unlike other effects pedal, you can never fake out a chorus. Moreover, you can never settle for cheap brands if you are aspiring excellent results.

A chorus pedal should possess commendable components and design for it to perform its intricate function. On the flipside, a cheap and substandard guitar pedal will sound dull and bland.

Overall, a quality chorus pedal should have an innate range that can accommodate various sounds and effects. Regardless how subtle or intense the tone you want to produce, your chorus pedal should be able to handle it.

Of course, you have to consider this aspect if you love to experiment.

Meanwhile, you should never ignore the harmony of your rig and chorus pedal. Specifically, the voicing of the pedal should be in sync with the rig.

If the pedal is giving too much emphasis in low-mid and bass frequencies, the latter could disrupt your entire arrangement. Also, the same thing will happen if your pedal shines too much.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to assess your usual type of setup. After that, you can look up to our recommended chorus pedals and see which ones can cater your needs.

If you this contemplation, you will be able to save a lot of money. Thus, always remember that you are looking for the best value here, not the price.

Analog and Digital Circuitry

When the topic is about effects pedal, the debate between analog versus digital circuits rises automatically. As a general notion, analog pedals will give better sounds compared to its counterpart, regardless of the application.

Although many pros hold such statement as a divine truth, there are still some who opt for digital pedals.

Analog pedals became famous because they are the pioneering models. Seasoned guitarists can immediately identify an analog from a digital just by hearing the sounds they produce. Analog circuits can generate warm sounds while the digital ones are bright.

Of course, some new models of digital effects pedals can emulate the warmth of analog circuits. As a result, the choice between the two will boil down to your preference and experience.

We recommend that you should try different models and see which one has a better reaction to your rig.

For now, here are some of the best options you have for chorus pedals.

Final Verdict

A best chorus pedal is a must-have if you want to give character to the sonic vibes of your instrument.

This musical accessory can induce subtle to wild effects to your mix. As a result, you can create a whole new universe of sound, regardless of the genre that you are in.

Among the stomp boxes that we featured, we deem that the MXR M234 Analog Chorus is the best chorus pedal. From functionality down to performance, this particular product is killing the charts. It is ideal for practices but at the same time, it also usable for professional applications as well.

However, we still recommend that you should try the rest of the best chorus pedals we recommended. You must check which one can accommodate your greed for sound!

Best Wireless Microphone – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Vocalists and events hosts prefer the best wireless microphone for events and gigs because they are easy to set up and hazard free, too? Why?

They won’t trip over wires and cables making their performance smooth. This guide features some of the best of the best wireless microphones in the market.

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One example that could justify the brand's excellence is the Yamaha YPG 235. It is a 76-key piano that can both serve beginner and amateur players.

The YPG or the Yamaha Portable Grand is a series that includes digital pianos that can replicate the tonal characteristics of the authentic grand or acoustic.

We already have featured piano models that are part of the YPG legacy, such as the 235 digital piano.

Now, the YPG 235 takes the spotlight. Of course, with its quality, it is a not surprising feat anymore. Learn more about this keyboard on this Yamaha YPG 235 review!

Yamaha YPT 240 Review: An Impressive Entry-Level Digital Piano

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Specifically, the YPT 240 is not a high-end digital keyboard. Instead, it has an entry-level price and application, which works well for beginners.

However, it is still undeniable that the features of this piano are awe-inspiring beyond its price. Get to know the full performance of this piano by reading this Yamaha YPT 240 review!

But before we get to the specifics, let us make a quick detour. It would be useless to get a digital piano if you don't know its basics.

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