Industry Resources For Indie Artists – That You May Not Have Considered

Indie artists are faced with more competition today than ever. There are so many individuals who are working to make it big in the music industry. In spite of the difficulties, there are many artists out there still willing to work hard and not give up on their ultimate goal of being discovered or just staying afloat and true to their dreams during these times.

What most artists may not know about is the plethora of resources that are available on the internet, in some cases, even for free. It can be overwhelming to try to continue to perform music for an audience, or maybe start your own label if that’s your true goal. As a new independent artist trying to make it, finding great resources is important and can really help guide you in the right direction. Here are some amazing resources that you may have not considered, but should.


Courses available online for independent artists are a fantastic place to start. You can find many easy courses that will help you get a jump start. A great resource that can help you is Skillshare, where you can browse thousands of different online classes within the music realm. This can help you narrow down exactly what you need more help knowing before you dive into your next project.

For instance, if you want to learn more about camera angles to help with shooting a concert to stream, you could find a specific course that caters to just that, or how to navigate programs, equipment, and much more. Skillshare also has tons of courses that you can take for free also, so it’s the best kind of resource for those on tight budgets. 

The importance of learning as an independent artist and taking music classes is that you can always stand to learn something more and build upon your skills or craft. Musicians don’t just become musicians and then stop growing. Courses provide the assistance to help keep you focused and adapting to changes as the years pass, too, so it’s a good idea to always be striving to learn more and create new goals to achieve.


Some of us learn things much easier by seeing it first-hand, so we can get a feel for it and be able to follow along in a hands-on fashion. This is where videos come in handy as a resource. Many independent artists sometimes just have to see something to truly understand it. They can help with showing you how to market your music or promote your up and coming online concert.

There are many outlets to find video tutorials such as ones for free on YouTube, or you can find even more specific websites that contain videos that provide guidance and tips. A good idea here would be to identify an independent artist or even a famous musician you’d like to mirror within your own business, whether it’s creating new ways to stream your music, finding where to promote your concerts, or maybe just how to start getting noticed in the online world.

Locate that person’s website and see what kind of resources they have. Chances are there are some that you may have to pay for (but they may be worth it), and there may be other resources they give away online for free.  


Because we are amidst a pandemic, independent artists NEED to utilize their social media now more than ever. It is by far the easiest and best way to reach people. You should always be marketing your work and reaching out to your audience. There are many options for how to go about utilizing these platforms to best promote yourself. 

Some great advice to help you get started with it - just pick one social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use that to start building a following. Create posts a few days a week to engage and interact with your target market. You can post fun pictures, throwbacks, even videos of performances, or even promote any upcoming gigs or projects.


Marmoset, a company focused on music licensing is the perfect choice if you want to contribute your own original music for commercial use. Films, tv shows, and video ads always need scores and tracks, and you can be the musician that they utilize so they don’t have to pay royalties using well-known songs that have already been created. Marmoset is the perfect middle-man solution to connect artists with viable publishing opportunities - you can stay true to your style and create your original tracks, but a music licensing agency can help you get your music heard.


Podcasts have become all the rage for millennials. However, they are a really great resource for any independent artist, because there are so many options to navigate. There are a lot of great music-centered podcasts out there that can give you so many helpful tools you may have not thought of previously. Some recommended podcasts for musicians include Punch Up The Jam, Sound Opinions, and Song Exploder, but there are plenty more and you can cater to your preferred music genre as well. The best thing about podcasts is that it’s free to listen to and you can listen while you work!


Working under the GRAMMYs/Recording Academy, MusiCares is a resource for many independent artists to access now during these trying times, providing “a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.” MusiCares has expanded its services to help members of the industry make up for some of the lost income as a result of canceled tours/performances. There are numerous other resources in this realm including the Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund and Musician’s Foundation, so they are worth looking into if you’re finding yourself in a time of need.

If you can, one last resource you can utilize is finding a music streaming service such as SoundCloud, where you can share recordings and live performances to help communicate with your audience. Staying in touch is difficult right now so independent artists need to make sure to utilize every effort to find these resources, keep their name active, and pave the way for success in the music industry.

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