How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones: The Best Guide

We know that it is pretty embarrassing to ask how to turn on Beats Wireless headphones. After all, most headphones today are following the same manners of operation. But does the Beats Wireless that similar to the rest of the crowd?

It is not surprising that you have a deep crush for this headphone. Despite the multitude of criticisms it received from the audiophile community, it is still undeniable that Beats Wireless are indeed sought by many.

Moreover, this device got significant upgrades recently. Therefore, the reasons for getting the Beats Wireless is steadily increasing as the days pass.

In this article, we will talk more about this opulent headphone. Specifically, we will tackle the basics of the Beats Wireless headphones. So, read the full article to find out more!


How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones

How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones

The Beats Wireless Headphone is a pretty decent buy. If you purchased this device already, then don't ever think that it a wasteful investment. There are a lot of reviews out there who told that this audio component could produce award-winning sounds.

Of course, we can deem some of them as pure advertising. But there are still a lot of ordinary people that testified the quality of this device.

If you have Beats Wireless already, then you should be eager to put it to work. Fortunately, you don't have to become an audio engineer for you to master this device. In fact, we consider this pair of headphone as a good choice for those who loves the ergonomic design.

So, this is how a pair of Beats Wireless headphones work:


  • To switch on the headphone, just hold the power button located on its right earcup. Specifically, press it for around 3 seconds. Meanwhile, you should do the same if you want to turn off the headphone.
  • This device has a LED indicator that tells you if it is running already. When it the LED is glowing, it means that the headphone is already operational.
  • Moreover, you can also press the power button to check the status of the Fuel Gauge.

That covers all about the "turning on" and "turning off" processes of Beats Wireless. There is nothing complicated about these. So, you should not delve into this aspect too much. Now, let us move on.

The "B" Button

How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones

The Beats Wireless has a "B" button located on its left ear cup. It can perform several functions, too. Because of its existence, using this headphone is just a walk in the park.

  • You can use the said button to start or end a call. You can also use it play or pause a song. All of these functions can be done by just pressing the button.
  • Push the button twice (and quickly) if you want to skip a particular track.
  • It can also do reverse skipping by tapping it three times quickly.


Controlling the sound of the Beats Wireless is pretty easy, too. Just locate the volume buttons on the left ear cup of the headphone.

Specifically, the buttons have separate placement. The "volume up" button is above the "B" button. The opposite goes with the amount down button.

Wired Operation

Of course, Beat Wireless also supports wired operation. You can connect this headphone to any compatible device. When you are using the wire option, make sure that you know how to use its remote/ mic cable.

Powering the Beats Wireless Headphone

How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones

Don't you know that charging the Beats Wireless Headphones for a mere two hours would give you 12 hours of continuous music?

Moreover, a 5-minute charge would deliver you three hours of relentless playback! Just think how awesome the power saving capability of this device!

If you fully charge this headphone, it can almost run for two days, non-stop!

Fortunately, such performance is not a product of a miracle. Instead, it is the science and dedication of Apple that gave birth to such capabilities.

Charging the Beat Wireless Headphone is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Use the charging cable of the device and plug it into its charging port. Specifically, the port is in the right ear cup.
  • The other end of the plug is a standard-model USB. Therefore, you can easily connect it to any power source. It could be your computer, power bank, or your Pill. If you got an adaptor, your charging options would be limitless.
  • When charging, we advise that you put the headphone on the rest. Do not use it until you unplug the cord to the charging port. Otherwise, such might destroy the hardware of this device.

Pairing Functions

Most of the operations of Beats Wireless can be accomplished by just tapping buttons. But of course, it would not be possible if you haven't paired the headphone to any compatible device.

As of now, it is clear that authentic Beats headphones only work with Apple devices.

However, if you will use the corded version of this headphone, it might even work with Android devices, too. Well, it is up for you to explore such capabilities. For the meantime, you should learn how to pair Beats Wireless headphones to audio sources.

Follow the methods below:

  • First, make sure that the headphone has sufficient power supply.
  • Next, press and hold down its power button for up to 4 to 5 seconds. Doing this will enable the "Discovery Mode" of the headphone. You know that it is already in the zone when the LED light starts flashing.
  • ​Go the Bluetooth setting of your audio device (iPod, iPad, or iPhone). Just wait a couple of seconds before the name of the headphone will appear. Press it so that you can make a secure connection.

Apparently, Beats Wireless possesses smart memory feature. It allows the latter to reconnect with the last paired device that you used automatically. Such feature is pretty handy since you do not have to do the same process all over again.

Is Beats Wireless Worth Your Cash

How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones

As of now, you might have already heard clashing rumors about this particular brand. After all, the Apple Company has an identity of being too expensive.

When it comes to the first generations of Beats Headphones, we can say that there is nothing so special about them. It is just the brand. Many professional audio engineers told that you could get the quality of old Beats headphones by just buying a $50 to $80 headphone.

But when manufacturers released the Wireless series, the game changed. It became a suitable choice to audiophiles who wants style and performance at the same time! Of course, it is still expensive. But this time, it is all worth your money!


Learning how to turn on beats wireless headphones and all of its other functions is pretty essential. If you want to maximize the potential of this device entirely, you must know it down to the core.

As you know already, this pair of headphones is way too expensive. Therefore, you should get the most out of it!

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