How To Succeed In Your Music Lessons?

A music teacher is surely a major reason for the success of a student. No doubt about that! But, pick any music learning theory and you will find the role of the student is relatively more prominent.

The credentials of a teacher give you a kick start but to continue the student has to be well prepared for the next step. Here is a list of 6 steps compiled for the benefit of the students in the most specific situations to avoid frustration and accelerate the learning process.


The Basic Of Regular Practice

Now, this is a fact with every process you follow. In case of following music schools in New York, they promote regular practice no matter what are the timings of your classes are.

You don't need a teacher to tell you the importance of following a timetable every day. Learning music is very similar to learning every other thing professionally. The direct results are reflected from your daily hard work and nothing else.

Short Term Goals Fulfilling The Long Term Ones

What would you do regularly? Is there any plan for you to follow? This is where the teacher comes into the picture. But from the perspective of a student, there is a long term goal, which is fulfilled by a few short-term ones. Your lessons depend upon the short term goals achievable in a specific time period.

Try to figure out what to do within the next week or within the next hour or even within the next couple of minutes. Also, be realistic with your goals in terms of achievability, real, matching the skill level, and time specific. Remember you won't turn into a professional overnight.

Ascertain The Appropriate Time

Now, with your short term goals set ignoring the long term goals for once, you can a certain the appropriate time you need to fulfill that specific objective. While ascertaining the time, just go through the effort required and put a label on it with the assistance of the teacher.

The exercise can be differentiated in terms of difficulty level. Assign the right time when practicing alone and when getting the assistance of a teacher.

Memorize Lessons But Smartly

Mere memorizing of the chords of the guitar will never help. When you exercise the same drill again and again, its never gonna last. It becomes cumbersome and might not even help in the long term.

Repeating the same piece has nothing to do with practicing and learning, it just adds to the daily burden of cramming. You might be left demotivated when even with rigorous practice you cannot even perfect a single tune.

Don’t Be Hasty

As the time assigned on the lessons, it might be common to rush through all your lessons as the primary goal is to be achieved within time. It is recommended to practice slowly, in fact very slowly, to notice every body movement through the brain.

Remember, its the brain which produces music and the not the musical instrument. Just try to focus on the task at hand with you complete attention rather than falling for the distraction sources around.

What About The Environment Surrounding You?

The vibe that a student undergoes while practicing is many a time underestimated. Many music schools in New York focus on the small bits and pieces that sum up the environment. The student can avoid many distractions if the environment is appropriate for learning and it might even speed up the learning process significantly.

It doesn't have to be very quiet but something that promotes learning. Try to be in minimal noise and keep some sources like TV, smartphones, laptops away. Experience the raw form of learning ensuring a quality teacher there to direct.

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