How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini (It’s Easy As Pie!)

The Bose soundlink mini may be small, but it gives really high quality and powerful sound. It has a sleek look, it's wireless, it's compact, and it's designed to be easy to use.

Like most electronic devices, some technical difficulties are inevitable. Fortunately, this cheap bluetooth speaker under $100 was designed to be fairly easy to use. Before the steps on how to reset Bose Soundlink Mini, let’s first take a deeper look at some of the other features of this sleek device.



How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini

The bose soundlink mini uses aluminum, and it only comes in the silver color. It weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 7.1 inches in length and 2 inches in height, so it's very portable. At the top, you can see the controls: the power button, mute, volume control, and the Bluetooth pairing button.

On the right side of the speaker, you can find a 3.5 mm auxiliary audio input. With it, you can connect, via a wired connection, any audio source. However, a cable isn't included in the package.

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Bluetooth pairing

The bluetooth pairing button lights up a white light to indicate that a device is connected and in use. If the light is blue and blinking slowly, it means that it is still trying to pair with a device.

Battery And Charging

How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini

The device comes with a desktop charging dock, but you can also plug the AC adapter directly onto the device. That way, you don't have to take the cradle or dock with you when you travel.

Unfortunately, you cannot charge the speaker with your laptop via USB. You can only charge with the AC adapter. On the other hand, speakers that charge with an AC adapter tends to be more powerful.

To charge with the dock, you simply have to set the device on top of it. Connect the cords accordingly and plug the AC adapter into an outlet. Without the charging dock, simply plug the cable in the charging input on the right side. 

The battery status will show on top of the power button. It doesn't show the battery charge in percentage so you will just have to make a guess based on the green to yellow to red light. It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge the device and play time can last for about 7 hours.

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Battery status

  • Green indicates fully charged or high battery
  • Yellow means it is still charging (if plugged) or medium battery
  • Red means it needs charging or low battery.

Pairing Devices

How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini

Bluetooth Pairing

You can pair any Bluetooth-enabled device to the soundlink mini. Turn on the Bluetooth in both your source and the speakers to make them discoverable. On your phone, tablet, or computer, click scan to see a list of discoverable devices. Click on the “Bose Mini Soundlink” to match it to the speaker.

You might get a prompt that says enter a passcode or to accept the connection. On top of the Bluetooth sign, a slow pulse of blue LED will show. Once the connection is complete, the Bluetooth indicator light will turn to a solid and stable white.

Bluetooth Pairing

  • The Bose Soundlink Mini can remember up to six paired devices. When the memory is full and a new one is paired, the least used device is replaced by this new one.
  • To clear the memory of all devices, press the Bluetooth button and hold for about ten seconds until you hear a tone.
  • Whenever you want to connect a device that's already been paired, simply turn the speaker on and Bluetooth on. Do the same on your mobile device and it will pair up and the Bluetooth indicator will show a solid white light.

Using the auxiliary audio input

Whenever a wireless connection is not possible, you can connect the audio source with a 3.5 mm wired connection. However, a cable isn't part of the package, so you have to get it separately.


Of course, the sound quality is not the same as those of larger speakers. However, for what it is, tiny and compact, it sounds very rich. The base can go deep without it sounding too punchy.

The size makes it a great speaker to bring when you travel or go camping. As for battery life, we mentioned earlier that it could go for about 7 hours of play time at maximum volume. It takes about 3-4 hours to recharge.

Unable To Connect A Device?

Unable to connect

  • Make sure Bluetooth is on on your mobile device and your speaker so you can pair them. If after following the pairing steps, it's still not working, the speaker may already have enough devices paired to it. However, it should still connect and just replace the least used device.
  • To clear the list of paired devices, hold the Bluetooth button for about 10 seconds until you hear a sound of a tone. This makes the speaker discoverable. Then you can try pairing again.
  • Maybe the device is too far from the range. The speaker should be within 30 feet from the Bluetooth device.
  • Technical problems may happen so you may need to troubleshoot, reset, or even take it to technical support.
How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini
  • IOS video
  • ANDROID Video
  • Reset video

Connecting an iOS device:

Speaker Doesn't Turn On When Using Battery

The speaker will not turn on even when the battery is charged. This could be because of three things: damaged battery, poorly charged battery, or the speaker settings are affected.

  • using battery
  • To change the battery
  • adapter 
  • Whenever you don't use or charge your speaker within a 14 day period, it will go into protection mode. You have to correct this setting by plugging the speaker back into an AC outlet.
  • If the battery is bad, you will need to replace it.
  • For a bad charge, just plug it back into an AC outlet and make sure it is sufficiently charged.

Audio Problems

The Bluetooth indicator shows there is a connection, but the music isn't playing. If so, check the device Bluetooth connection once again.

How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini

Check The Device Bluetooth

  • Make sure you connect the right device. Turn off the Bluetooth of other devices you are not using.
  • Check the volume on your speakers and make sure it isn't on mute. If the speaker's volume is set, check your device's volume. Make sure it is also set to an audible level.
  • Check the distance between your device and the speaker and make sure it is within the range, which is 30 feet. Obstacles such as a wall and metal can affect the connection between the device and your speaker. That said, try moving them closer together and avoid such obstacles.

If you are still having audio problems, the problem might be in the unit. Take it to technical support for diagnosis.


Bose soundlink mini gives high-quality sound, considering how small it is. It is ideal for traveling, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities because it is very compact and easy to use. But it also makes a good speaker for indoor use, especially for smaller rooms.

How To Reset Bose Soundlink Mini. Troubleshooting is important in case you encounter any problems with your speaker. Learning how to reset is easy and only requires a few steps. If you still have trouble, then you may need to contact the technical support because it could be an internal problem.

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