How To Reset Beats Studio And Other Useful Tips

The first ever Beats Studio headphones was released in 2008, followed by a "reimagined" version in 2013, and now a wireless one.

The wireless version connects via Bluetooth. It's much like the older versions, but with the wireless capability and some other minor improvements.

How to reset beats studio, let’s first get to know the latest version: Beats Studio Wireless. We’ll talk about the appearance, the performance, connection, sound quality and more.



How To Reset Beats Studio

Beats Studio headphones, from the oldest versions to the wireless one, are mostly made of plastic.

The Studio Wireless comes in 6 colors: white, red, blue, titanium, and black (glossy or matte). The glossy ones get more fingerprints on them, which is why the package includes a small cleaning cloth.

Though it is made mostly of plastic, the finishing helps make it look more high-end and cooler. There are no visible screws, which usually end up unscrewing on their own.

However, when you fold it to fit into a nice carrying case, you can see Torx screws on the side of the headband.

Aside from the carrying case, you will get three cords.

The first cord is for wired listening that you can connect to any device that has a 3.5 mm jack.

The second one is also for wired listening, but it has a microphone for cell phone calls. It also has a button that can control volume and playing, pausing, or skipping to a track.

The third one is a USB charging cable that you can connect to the wall adapter or to your computer.

If you like the color red, then you’re in luck because all cords only come in red for all models and colors.

Getting cords in another color will cost more, but it’s not necessary, especially since these are wireless headphones. You will most likely end up not using the cords aside from the USB cable for charging.


On the right earcup, you can find the power button and the input for the charging cable. There are battery indicator LEDs that will light up when you charge it below the power button.

On the left earcup are the other controls. The beats logo acts as the play/pause, but you can also use the button to answer and end phone calls.

The volume buttons are above and below the Beats logo up to increase and down to decrease. If you want wired listening, you can also find the 3.5 mm input on the left side.

When you tap the Beats logo once, it pauses or plays music.

Two quick taps and it skips to the next track, while three quick taps bring you back a track.

To answer a call, press the "b" button once.

If you are on an active call, but you want to take it from your phone instead of the headphones, double press the "b" button.

To reject a call, press and hold the “b” button for two seconds.

Battery And Charging

On the right earcup, you can also find the input for micro-USB for charging. With the Beats Studio Wireless, you can get 12 hours of wireless play time, and 20 hours with wiring.

There is an auto on or off feature that turns the headphones off when the wired connection is unplugged. That way, you don’t waste energy. You can also see how much juice you have left with the battery fuel gauge or LED indicators on the right earcup.

Durability, Comfort And Noise Canceling

How To Reset Beats Studio

The headband has a soft cushioning that doesn’t put so much pressure on the head. The earcups are also quite soft and comfortable, with soft cushioning as well.

It is lighter than the original Studio, but it is stronger and more durable. The soft earcups have a nice and snug fit and contribute to canceling noise.

You can fill your daily commute with more music and less noise from the outside world with the dual-made Adaptive Noise Canceling.

Bluetooth Basics

You can connect your headphones wirelessly via bluetooth. To do so, turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone and turn on your headphones.

On the headphones, the power button will slowly blink a blue light when it is “searching” for other devices. The pulsing will stop and remain a steady white light when it successfully connects with another device.

On your phone, tablet or computer, click on "BeatsStudio Wireless" for pairing.

Make sure that the headphones aren't connected to the audio cable.

The Bluetooth LED light should blink four times before it becomes steady, to confirm a connection.

To disconnect, press down the "b" button. To pair it again with the last connected device, press and release the "b" button.


The beats studio wireless is fairly easy. However, like all electronic devices, you can encounter some technical difficulties with it. Here are some tips for when you encounter problems:

If the headphones are not picking up sound wirelessly

Check the connection. Did you pair it properly? Does the indicator show that you are connected?

How far are the headphones from the other device? There could be interferences that distort the sound or disconnect the paired devices.

The speaker and your phone, or any other music device, should be within 30 feet from each other.

Turn off other Bluetooth devices that are not in use to avoid interference.

Keep the speaker and your music player away from microwaves, routers, and other electronic devices. These things could affect the connection or cause fuzzy or unclear audio.

Check the volume on both the speaker and the other device. Make sure they are both at audible levels.

Try different audio sources to check if the problem is the headphones or the audio source.

If the built-in or wired microphone isn’t picking up sound

Make sure there isn’t anything blocking the built-in microphone. For the wired microphone, check if it is plugged in correctly and make sure nothing is blocking it as well.

If after checking, you are still having some problems, you may need to replace the wired microphone, or it could be an internal problem. That said, you might need to take it to technical support for diagnosis and repair.

How To Reset Beats Studio

How To Reset Beats Studio

If you have charging problems or sound problems with your Studio's (standard or wireless), then you may need to reset it. Follow the steps below on how to reset Beats Studio:

Hold the power button for ten seconds, then release. The fuel gauge LEDs should blink all white, followed by one flashing red light.

When the light stops flashing, the reset process is complete. Then your headphones will automatically turn on after.

If you are still having issues with your headphones even after resetting it, try using another power source.

Check your cables if they are functioning properly. It could be affecting the charging process.

If you are still having trouble, consider going to technical support for more help.

Cleaning Your Beats Studio Wireless

Regularly cleaning your headphone is essential to keep them looking and working well. Here are some ways you can clean and care for them:

Use the free dry cleaning cloth to wipe away fingertips, dust, and oil.

To disconnect wiring, pull the plug at the end of the cable rather than pulling the cable itself.

Use the protective case to store your headphones, especially when you're taking them around. Don't put them directly in your bag where other items can poke and press against them.

Avoid storing the headphones in extreme conditions; not too hot or too cold. You should also avoid exposing your Beats to liquids and dirt.

Safe Listening

It can be tempting to shut the world off and just listen to music. Though that’s totally okay, just make sure you are safe as well. These safe listening tips applies to all sorts of headphones or earphones:

Don’t get the volume too high, especially when you're in a situation that requires full attention. Examples of such situations are when you're crossing the street, driving a car, riding a bike, handling machines, etc.

When you listen to music, start with low volume and gradually turn it up. Sudden loud sounds can hurt your ears. You should also avoid playing it too loud. Noise over 85 decibels can cause gradual hearing loss.


Beats by Dre are popular in the music industry because they offer great style and good sound quality.

The Beats Studio and Studio Wireless are similar in most aspects, but the wireless version has a few features that are unique. Beats Studio Wireless connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.

How To Reset Beats Studio. With any electronic device, you will most likely encounter some technical difficulties. Fortunately, the Beats Studio Wireless and standard are easy to work with. It’s easy to troubleshoot, to reset, and to maintain.

If you are still experiencing some problems even after troubleshooting and resetting, then you should take it to technical support.

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