How To Make Headphones Louder On Computers And Smartphones

Knowing the art of how to make headphones louder is advantageous. It is a lifehack that only a few people know. Once you can do this, you can get the most out of your headphones.

Most of the low-end brands of headphones have minimal volume output. Even those that are in the middle-range price can't guarantee an immersive sound.

If you want headphones that can blast your ears, then you need to spend more. Of course, not all of us want to take this option.

Each headphone varies in their loudness output. If you consider this factor, you can say that not all headphones can give the output that you are expecting.

Moreover, this fundamental concept will tell you that there is no way you can increase the default volume level of the headphone.

If that is the case, then how you can make your headphones louder? The answer is simple.

Instead of focusing to the headphones, you should shift your attention to the audio source. Yes, that's right. You need to tweak your sound component to amplify the loudness of the headphones.

There are a lot of audio components that you can connect your headphones. The most popular of these are your PC or your smartphone. Each of these devices has ways to improve the loudness output of your headphones. Read on to find out!


How To Make Headphones Louder On Your PC

Make Headphones Louder On Your PC

The first thing you have to do is to ensure that your headphone is properly plugged in your PC. If necessary, you have to switch your headphones on. Moreover, you need to adjust the volume control on your headphones if they have one.

Go to the "Control Panel" menu of your computer. You can go here by clicking the "Start" icon. It should appear on the pop-up. The Control Panel holds various settings to the different components of your computer.

For sounds, it should be the "Sounds and Audio Devices" setting. Click it in the dialog box.

You should be able to see a "Volume" tab after clicking the said setting. To increase the volume of your headphones, drag up the "Device Volume" slider. Moreover, you have to guarantee that the "Mute" checkbox is empty.

If necessary, you need to go to the "Advanced" option. In here, you can see the "Play Control" dialog box. This option can further improve the loudness of the volume. There are set of sliders in this menu. Drag them up to amplify the sound volume.

Once again, make sure you disable the "Mute" check boxes. Your headphones should be loud already.

Another option you can do is to go to the "Audio" tab. In there, look for the proper headphone output. Specifically, you can do this on the "Sound Playback" menu. The name that would appear there should be the default name of your device.

Press the "Volume" so that a dialog box would pop out. You need to drag the necessary control sliders to increase the loudness output. Also, make sure that your device is not muted.

Next, go to the "Voice" tab and just follow the same process we mentioned. Specifically, do this on the "Voice Playback" menu. Once you are done, click OK. Don't forget to save the changes you made, too.

Lastly, you need to test the loudness by playing an audio file in any media player you have. Most of the players, like VLC, have their set of volume sliders for sound augmentation. Use this built-in feature to further increase the loudness of the headphones.

How To Make Headphones Louder On Your Smartphone

Make Headphones Louder On Your Smartphone

There are several tricks to amplify the volume of your headphones in smartphones. The first thing you can do is to download a new music app that features a myriad of audio control. For example, Spotify has a Playback setting which you can play with the equalizers.

Moreover, you should try apps like Equalizer+ and Poweramp. These apps have bass boosts, audio tweaks and more.

Another step you should do is to increase the speaker volume of your smartphone. If your device is rooted, then there are a plethora of apps that allows you to exceed the maximum volume of your smartphone.

However, this process is only applicable to Android devices. Rooting an iOS phone is quite far from plausible.

Do not forget to check the default audio settings of your smartphone. Your handset might have featureS that improve your listening experience.

For example, the MIUI smartphone from Xiaomi is using a volume enhancer for the headphones. Just toggle with the controls so that you can pick the kind of headphones you are using. Usually, the option ranges from normal to in-ear headphones.

On the other hand, the Xperia II of Sony has ClearAudio settings. This menu allows you to enhance the vocal clarity of the sound.

Moreover, it comes with equalizer, too. Therefore, you should always check your device for these kinds of features.

Make Headphones Louder On Your Iphone

Make Headphones Louder On Your Iphone

For iPhones, you can play with their hardware controls. Both of the iOS devices and Apple headphones have their separate volume control.

Therefore, you have freedom to adjust the volume setting depending on your preferences.

The audio controls of iPhones are on its top-left edge. Meanwhile, you can locate the controls for the Apple headphones on their cables.

Of course, do not forget to augment the volume slider of your iPhone. Just drag the slider on its maximum output to get the desired loudness that you want.


These are just some of the fundamental processes of how to make headphones louder. They are simple to do and requires no professional assistance.

However, if you think that your headphones are not producing the right audio quality that you are expecting, then you need to get them checked.

Most of the times, headphones are susceptible to damages. A faulty wiring can cause sound distortion. Furthermore, wireless earphones have different issues as well.

You need to check the health of your headphone to ensure if it is working properly.

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