How To Fix Apple Headphones: 4 Easy Ways For You

There are several ways how to fix Apple headphones. Sometimes, the trouble is just simple that professional help is not necessary anymore.

However, there are some precautions that you have to take when fixing your Apple headphones.

You have to remember that these products have warranties and insurances. If you try to break into them, then your warranty will get voided.


Things To Ponder

If you think that the problem is severe, then you should go to an Apple service center. You could also go to the official retailer where you bought your headphones.

They have professional and authorized repair services which you can acquire if your warranty is still active.

Sometimes, they will offer replacements once they see that the headphones are beyond help. If your warranty is still existing, then they will give you a free replacement.

If it is the opposite, they can still give you the replacement but with a certain fee or change.

These means are your viable and hassle-free ways of fixing your Apple headphones. You don't have to take the drastic measure if these options are still available.

However, if you are in a rush or if the warranty of your Apple headphones has expired already, then you can do a self-maintenance. Some of these are easy to do, while some may need some technical skills. Overall, these steps are doable.

Learning how to fix Apple headphones is quite essential these days. Sometimes, to going to service centers can be arduous and time-consuming. If you are in such predicament, then these following processes will certainly help you.

How To Fix Apple Headphones

How To Fix Apple Headphones


There are instances that your headphones won't work with your Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Most of the usual problems are the inability to hear sounds or malfunctioning microphones. On some cases, users find that the buttons of their not working.

There are ways to fix this. Check the next steps for a proper guide.

The first thing you have to do is to check for any debris in the port of the headphone. You should also test the port of your Apple devices.

If you can't see any problem with them, you should check the physical integrity of your headphone cable, remote, and earbuds. Specifically, you have to look for damages like breakage or wear.

Another place that you should look at is the mesh of the earbuds. You can remove all these debris by brushing with the use of a soft bristled brush. In this way, you can eradicate this physical deterrence without damaging the earbuds.

Moreover, you have to remember that the brush should be dry and clean. You don't want to compromise the circuits and wirings of your headphones!

Once you completed the above processes, plug your headphones into your Apple device. If your iPhone or iPad has a thick casing, you should remove them. Sometimes, these cases can hamper a firm connection between the device and the headphone.

If these processes still don't work, then you can try following the steps below:

When your Apple headphones don't produce any sound, or if the sound comes only on one side, then the wirings might have sustained damages.

But before you can conclude such, try adjusting first the volume controls of your iOS device. You can do this thru the Volume Slider in the Control Center.

If this doesn't work, then you might need a replacement. First, test another pair of headphones to see if it is working with your audio source. If it doesn't work, then the issue is on your Apple device and not with the headphone.

This kind of damage will need professional repair because Apple devices are hard to break in. You may need to go to their official service centers for repairs and replacements.

However, if the second pair of headphones is working, then you will need a replacement. There is a method to fix such kind of damage, which involves cutting the wire.

However, this procedure is quite risky for Apple headphones. Their wirings are different and doing such can void your warranty.

If you want to play on the safe side, then you should just contact the Apple Support Center. They can give you either a free or paid replacements, depending on the conditions of your headphones.

How To Fix Apple Headphones: Microphone Is Not Working

How To Fix Apple Headphones


Before you start complaining, make sure that your headphone has a built-in internal microphone.

Some people think that all Apple headphones have integrated headphones on them. However, such feature is just limited to high-end versions of Apple headphones.

If your pair of headphones has a microphone, check if there are debris that blocks the sound signals. Such of these are lint or even the plastic packaging of the headphones.

If these interferences are not present, then you might need a replacement. But before you purchase another one, you should try the second pair of headphone first.

When it works, then your audio source is the problem and not the headphone itself. But if not, then you need contact Apple support for replacements.

Buttons Of Apple Headphones Are Not Working

How To Fix Apple Headphones


One of the most sensitive parts of an Apple headphones is its buttons. They are easy to break and malfunction, due to the interference of external elements.

You can prevent this from happening by ensuring that there is debris in the gap between the bottom and top covers of the remote. If you can see some debris, then you can dislodge them by gently tapping the remote.

If this process doesn't work, then use a soft-bristled brush to scrape off these specks of debris. Moreover, make sure that the brush is clean and dry.

When all you tried all these processes and nothing happens, then it is time to contact the Apple Support Service.

When you don't have any insurance anymore, then you can have a third-party repair. Or if not, just buy a new pair of headphones.

How To Fix Apple Headphones: Cannot
Be Detected By The Device

This issue is pretty standard to Apple devices. The first thing you have to do is to get your iPhone, iPad, or iPod checked at an authorized Apple Service Center. Moreover, you can acquire same services by contacting the online Apple Support.

However, there are some preliminary inspections that you can do. First, try to plug your headphones into your Apple device.

If the sound is playing from the speaker of your device and not from the headphone, then there is an internal issue between these two components.

You should also need to bring your iOS device to a service center if you keep seeing a Headphone volume indicator even if your headphones are unplugged.


These are some valid ways on how to fix Apple headphones. Anyone can do them without any technical knowledge or skills.

In fact, these are just preliminary inspections you should do before deducing that your headphones have internal problems.

Fixing a headphone is plausible today. There are service centers that can do this, even those that are not authorized by Apple. However, letting them fix your problem can nullify the effectivity of your warranty.

This is the reason why you have to go to Apple Service Centers first before considering third-party services. You have to make use of your warranty. After all, you have paid for that, too!

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