How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar: The Best Prices

For guitar sellers and buyers, it is important that you know how much does it cost to ship a guitar. In the realm of online buying and selling, avoiding getting ripped by expenditures in logistics is necessary for profit.

Is shipping a guitar costly? Will it be a hassle on your part? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Guitar?

The price of shipping a guitar varies depends on the service providers you choose. Here is their breakdown:


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

The Federal Express is a popular transportation service company. They offer online shipment creation, pickup, and payment if you have an account on their site. If you don't have an online account, then you have no choice but to deliver your guitar to their physical center.

The content insurance of FedEx has a rate of $0.90/$100. However, if the guitar that you are going to ship is quite old (25 years old or more), the limit to the insurance can only be up to $1,000. Because of this policy, FedEx is ideal for shipping brand new guitars.

You will also love their ground delivery service, especially during warm weathers. All of their delivery trucks can reflect heat. Therefore, you can guarantee that your guitar won't sustain any damage along the way.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

The UPS or the United Parcel Service is another shipping service that you might want to opt. Their policies are all quite the same to FedEx, except for two. These are the insurance and receipts.

Unlike FedEx, UPS will insure your guitar, regardless of its age. However, there is an exemption to this. If the value of the guitar exceeds $1000 and the transaction is through online, then the UPS requires two copies of the receipt. Moreover, the pickup driver has to sign these receipts.

The first receipt is for the verification of the account holder. Meanwhile, the second receipt will be for the driver.

If you will do the transaction in the authorized distribution center, then the receipt from there is already enough. Either way, these are necessary requirements that you have to comply for your insurance claim. The comprehensiveness of their system makes the UPS the top choice of guitar sellers.

For example, if you will ship a $500 guitar to a 1,000-mile destination, the UPS will charge you around $100. Therefore, your estimated earnings would be $400. Of course, the price will go lower if the destination is quite near.

Postal Service

Many haven't thought of this but shipping a guitar via your local postal service is possible. However, the value of the guitar that you are going to ship must not be too expensive. Most of the postal service has a $5,000 declared-value limit for any shipping services.

Moreover, it is important to highlight that the insurance rate of postal services is 1.5 times higher than UPS and FedEx. Therefore, you should consider these service centers as your last resort, if ever private shipping companies are not available.

Considerations For Choosing A Guitar Shipper

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

There are several factors that you need to take before you choose a shipping company.

First is the cost. Typically, shipping a guitar would cost you around $100 to $150. Yes, the rate could go high as this, especially if you are sending a high-end guitar.

If you the guitar that you are going to ship is in a gig bag, then the cost would be around $75 to $90. But the cost still depends on the shipping distance.

Another consideration you need to take is convenience. You should know if the shipping trucks can do a door-to-door delivery. If not, your service provider should have a near distribution center within you.

If these qualifications are not present in your current shipping company of choice, then you should choose another one.

Of course, you should never ignore the package insurance. The guitar that you are going to ship might be of high value. Therefore, insurance and other value limitations are essential.

They will increase the cost of your shipping service. However, it is a good way to make sure that your package is safe if something goes wrong.

If you are shipping your item in some other countries, air shipment services are necessary. However, they are more expensive than shipping on grounds.

Specifically, the air shipping cost would be 4.5 times higher than the ground delivery. This price could still go up if you choose a rush delivery.

Important Advice Before Shipping Your Guitar

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

When shipping a guitar, always include the full insurance and the signature-required-on-delivery papers. You have to do this, regardless if your recipient ask them or not.

If your package does not have these documents, your recipient might scam you. For example, they might say that "we didn't receive the guitar."

When this happen, you have no other choice but to send them another unit of guitar for free. There is no point in arguing because those documents that we mentioned are not even present.

If your recipient is still trying to screw you even if the documents are present, then let the service provider handle the case. They have the full records of the transaction. In short, the shipping company will act as a witness on your part.

Therefore, the signature and insurance are all necessary on shipping a guitar. If you are a guitar retailer, these documents will save you from getting scammed by your buyers.


How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar

Learning how much does it cost to ship a guitar is important for retailers. In this way, they can scout for the best shipping companies to handle their items.

By getting the cost, they will also be able to adjust the prices of their guitars to maintain a clean margin of profit. If you are a retailer, you should include the shipping cost in your overall expenditures.

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