How Can I have a Great Remote WorkPlace At Home

With COVID-19, many companies have transformed their operational infrastructure to totally digital. This made shifts very important for the employees and employers to reduce the spread of coronavirus. During this period, it became critically important to streamline the operations in such a way that remote work does not result in any loss of business revenue. At the same time, it is crucial for employees to make a comfortable setup of remote work at home. Companies from all across the world are hiring remote developers that are giving endless opportunities to software engineers.

Maintain Discipline

One of the very important things for employees during remote work is to maintain discipline. The companies have clients from large enterprises and they demand quality work that could only be made possible once the whole team is working in a highly collaborative manner. Some bigger companies send payments to foreign contractors for services. It is also called IT outsourcing from offshore companies.

The trend of offshore outsourcing is sky-rising amid the COVID-19 outbreak and therefore employees should be very concerned when it comes to maintaining the quality of the development services.

Keep Workplace Comfortable

You spend 8 hours a day at your workplace at home. Make sure that your setup is comfortable enough that you don’t miss the office workspace. For this, what you can do is keep everything with you that you need. Buy affordable office equipment such as a chair, table, headphones, and high-speed internet that serves as a complete package for you to work in a comfortable environment.

Set Healthy Boundaries

One of the main problems of working from home is that you find distractions. The reason is that you mix up the work-life with your personal life. To avoid such challenges of working from home, it is impatient for you to set healthy boundaries for yourself. Make sure that you always keep the team members happy and satisfied with your work. Remote workers usually have to work longer and they put in extra hours that most often put them under extra stress. The following are some types to set healthy boundaries for yourself that can keep you away from burning out.

Limit the hours of your availability to do office work.

Make a separate space to work instead of sitting in your room or living room.

Always encourage self-care.

Always keep your personal life away from the office.

Be always kind to the team members and distribute work evenly during work from home.

Take regular breaks to keep yourself fresh.

Make a schedule of tasks and follow them strictly to avoid any glitches or inconsistencies.

Take Breaks

Working remotely does not mean that you stick to your PC and don’t move around for a second. It is true that remote work gives you more stress. Still, take regular short breaks that freshen up your mind. While starting a new task, walk around your room, take a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe watch your favorite video clips.


Make sure that you communicate with your fellow members not less than twice a day. You can make your schedule in such a way that the meeting minutes and discussion could be done effectively. Make use of technology and some high-end communication tools that are prevailing in remote environments. Slack, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. are some platforms that are considered seamless for communication.

Employers are also facing some challenges during remote work and some tips should also be taken into consideration to avoid misconceptions and make sure that your employees are happy. HR managers are hiring remote software developers as the need for software engineers is increasing. Companies are hiring employees remotely and they are efficiently dealing with remote hiring challenges.

In a nutshell, remote work introduces certain challenges, at the same time, it is giving golden opportunities to the ones looking for remote jobs. It is also an opportunity for remote employees to make their own work environment that meets their ultimate learning and work needs.

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