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The Best Headphones For Classical Music Of 2021

Headphones are common nowadays, headphones for classical music are not.

If you are into this genre, then you need to get the best headphones for classical music! Once you get a good pair, you can fully immerse yourself to an indulging taste of music.

Classical music is different from other genres. The vocal clarity and distinctiveness of instruments are among the factors that separate this style from the rest.

We listed five of the top rated headphones for such a purpose. But first, you must learn the basic criteria on how to choose headphones for classical music.

Best Headphones For Classical Music

1. Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones - Best Value Top-of-the-line Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

This is yet another Sennheiser brand product that made it on this list of top-of-the-line headphones for classical music. But we have to warn you about its price because like the Beyerdynamic DT-880,  Sennheiser HD 598 can also be very expensive among its kind. But if you would like to invest on the best quality headsets on the market, we suggest, you to go for this model.

Premium feel, premium sound, and overall premium experience - this is the kind of guarantee any consumer is looking for. We are saying this is what you should be looking for especially if you want an extremely versatile set of professional headphones.

We are very passionate about classical music, so we recommend using these because they recreate a super realistic sound. When you close your eyes, it’s like you really are in a concert hall listening to your favorite music right at the front seat.

We can safely say that the Sennheiser HD 598 meets all the above requirements of ideal classical music headphones simply because it has soundstage accuracy, neutrality, open-backed design, and comfort. We do have an issue with its price, but it’s so reasonable it’s a shame to actually complain.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Unique professional design
  • Robust build
  • Detachable cable
  • Compatible with various devices
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Open-back ergonomic design


  • Very expensive

2. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro - Outstanding Headphones with Audio Analytical System

We’ll go straight to the point. The Beyerdynamic DT-880 can be very expensive, but this is one of those brands that gives you high-quality listening experience and less replacement hassle. That’s basically why it lands on this list of outstanding classical music headsets in the market today.

Classical music lovers will definitely love the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones. They are an excellent pair of headphones that will get you the most out of your buck.

If you are going to examine its sound quality, you’ll realize it has a very intelligent, analytical system. That being said, it has clear sound frequencies that are not overwhelming to the ears - not even to the most sensitive of listeners.

This headphone model has a semi-open design. Therefore, it can play on both worlds. It can effectively reduce the environmental noise while producing a full audio spectrum.

The Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones can generate a highly detailed sub bass sound and crystal-clear high frequencies. You can expect that there are no distortions while all of these takes place.

Meanwhile, the mid frequencies provide support and an analytical balance to the overall output of the headphone. It doesn't dominate, but you can hear that it is right there.

Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones are hand-made in Germany by qualified audio engineers and technicians.

If we can complain about a single thing these headphones are is too expensive for a headset that’s bought only for the purpose of listening.

On the other hand, they are also great for other purposes, such as recording and monitoring. But we suggest the manufacturers to pay special attention to the soundstage and the volume as it may need extra amplifiers to recreate a more realistic sound.


  • Semi-open back design for versatility
  • Intelligent audio system
  • Balanced frequencies
  • Robust construction for rugged use
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Circumaural ear cups
  • Soft, padded headband
  • Also ideal for studio monitoring


  • Soundstage is limited
  • Expensive for its class
  • Needs enhancement with bass frequencies

3. Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones - Best Luxurious-looking Headphones

Nothing can beat the Sennheiser HD 650 for classical music headphones. The combination of sound details and audio quality makes them the best on the market today. However, they have an attractive price, too!

The overall physical design of the Sennheiser HD650 Headphones is aesthetically appealing. In fact, its design is patterned after the luxurious European cars. The quality of these headphones doesn't seem to end impressing.

HD 650 have an open-backed design, which is a great feature for classical music. The model a compelling sound quality, which is complemented by a wide soundstage.

The frequency response of the Sennheiser HD 650 ranges from 10 Hz to 39,500 Hz. It has neodymium magnets that amplify the overall sound quality delivered to your ears.

Lastly, these headphones come with an acoustic silk that enhances precision damping. The silk also decreases the distortion level to 0.05%!

But if we could emphasize one issue, we’d say it has less soundstage accuracy which could affect your listening experience.


  • Comfortable
  • Great and reasonable pricing
  • Does not need an amplifier
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Optimal soundstage experience


  • Soundstage is not as accurate as its predecessors
  • Slightly flavored with artificial bass

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones - Best Clear Audio Headphones

We consider the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x as the best headphones for classical music. Many audio reviewers and audio engineers are praising the overall sound quality of these headphones.

The construction of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x involves patented 45mm-large aperture drivers and aluminum wire voice coils. It also includes rare magnets that enhances the soundstage of this product.

Among all the classical headphones, the ATH-M50x has the best audio clarity. All sound details can be heard and distinctly noticed. This is due to the amplified frequency range of this pair of headphones.

Moreover, the ATH-M50x has a robust and accurate bass response. The bass is powerful but doesn't obstruct the overall sound quality.

You will love that the ATH-M50x uses a circumaural design. This type of scheme allows the cups for contouring on your ears for better noise isolation. The design also contributes to the overall comfort of the headphones, too!

We highlight one particular issue with this product. Although the ATH-M50x claims it has a robust and accurate bass response, it might be too offensive for those with very sensitive ears.


  • Excellent soundstage
  • Audio clarity is extremely superb
  • Perfect balance between frequencies
  • Great noise isolation feature
  • Highly comfortable


  • Limited use for professional applications
  • Frequency may be too offensive for sensitive ears

5. V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphone - Best Pure Audio Production Headphones

One of the headphones that can match the ATH-M50x is the V-MODA Crossfade. This pair of headphones is a by-product of precise engineering and collaboration of various audio specialists.

The V-MODA Crossfade LP Headphones have a metallic design which improves their overall sturdiness and lifespan. They also have 50mm Multimodal HD drivers that can generate precise sounds details. Some rings sever the bass mixing with the high and mid frequencies.

This pair of headphones is built with analog noise isolation. External distractions such as crowd noise are efficiently removed from the equation.

One of the selling points of the V-MODA Crossfade LP model is that it doesn't have any artificial processing. This means that these headphones can produce pure and clear sounds without using digital-to-analog conversion. The music you can hear here is as pure as it gets.

Moreover, these headphones don't have a sound leakage that could disturb you. This product was also tested at six frequencies to ensure audio consistency. But we have noticed some complaints and negative reviews about this headset not having a premium feel, and there are also durability issues.


  • Soundstage is wide and immersive
  • Mid frequency is highly vivid
  • Powerful but non-obtrusive bass
  • Highly comfortable exoskeleton design
  • Steel frame and interchangeable metal shields


  • The headphones doesn't have a premium feel, considering its price
  • Audio cables are not sturdy

6. Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones - Best Under-a-hundred-Bucks Headphones

This pair of open-back headphones is perfect for the isolated listening experience. We would say confidently that the Sennheiser brand is one of the best in the market when it comes to headsets.

At a price of under 100 bucks, you’ll experience a full HD sound  from your favorite opera and classical tracks. The best feature HD 558 has is its Internal Sound Reflector that makes the audio sound rich and complete.

The best benefit you’ll get from this headset are the highly comfortable ear cups that make you listen to your favorite classical tracks for extended periods of time without hurting your ears.

When you buy this product, just be sure you get a unit that’s thoroughly checked from the ear cups to the cables. There are already complaints of its cable not being very dependable and long-lasting.


  • Optimal neodymium ferrous magnet system
  • Gold plated plug
  • Comes with an adapter
  • With Internal Sound Reflector
  • Over-ear, open-back
  • Single-sided, tangle-free cable
  • High- quality ergonomic performance
  • Realistic sound reproduction
  • Soundstage accuracy
  • Highly comfortable


  • Slightly obtrusive bass frequency
  • Cable is not highly dependable

7. Bose QuietComfort Headphones - Powerful Audio Frequencies

You may also consider the Bose QuietComfort as a choice for headphones for classical music. These headphones are specially engineered to play complex and highly detailed sounds.

Every audio produced by these headphones is balanced and powerful. Despite these, you can expect that the headphones can generate clear sounds.

Furthermore, they have an efficient way of noise isolation;  effectively cutting down noise coming from air travels. As a result, this pair of headphones is good at providing peaceful listening experience.

The Bose QuietComfort headphones are lightweight. They are very comfortable on the ears, even during extended usage. The endings  have ear cushions so that your ears won't get sore.

The Bose QuietComfort produces precise details of every sound. The guitars and vocals are precise while the bass can go as deep as possible. Although the brand claims to have robust construction, we find a slight durability issue.


  • Highly comfortable headphones
  • Effective noise isolation
  • Audio clarity is top notch
  • Frequencies are balanced
  • Compatible with Apple devices


  • Plastic casing seems questionable
  • Durability is not that great

8. Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Headphones - Superb Versatile Professional Headphones

If you are on a tight budget but still longs for a high- quality headset, you can never go wrong with this Audio Technica ATH-M30x. It’s more of a professional studio recording monitoring pair of headphones but is also great for classical music recreational listening because of its sound isolation feature.

By looking at its physical build, you can tell that the manufacturer spent a great deal of time developing its quality construction. And the headset is collapsible, too, which makes it space-saving and portable. This prevents damage when you are traveling or when storing it.

One issue we found with this Audio Technica headset is that because it is built to last with such sturdy materials, the comfort is sacrificed. It can be very tight-fitting, so you won’t be able to enjoy long hours or unlimited classical music listening.


  • Versatile - specially designed for recording, mixing, and live monitoring
  • Collapsible, portable, easy to store
  • Powerful 40mm drivers
  • Enhanced mid-range detail
  • Balanced frequencies
  • Affordable.


  • Can be uncomfortable when used for long hours of listening
  • Not specifically designed for classical music listening
  • Limited soundstage and neutrality

9. Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones - Best HD Sound Experience

Another Sennheiser headphones that deserve to be on the list is the HD 202. For us, this is way better than the Sennheiser HD 558, especially when it comes to versatility. It is not only perfect for listening but also for professional audio technicians who use this for both recording and live monitoring.

One of the grandest features the Sennheiser HD 202 has is its very clear and balanced bass frequency response, which is non-obtrusive compared to the HD 558. We would recommend this specifically for aspiring musicians, especially those who are into classical music. This enables them to have a more realistic sound to practice on with their pianos or other instruments.

Another big feature this headset has are its detachable ear cups that makes it ever so convenient for any recording artist or audio professionals. The only complaint we have with this headset is that the detachable cups may loosen up after a couple of times of usage.


  • Frequency range of up to 18kHz
  • 32 Ohm Impedance
  • With Total Harmonic Distortion of up to <0.5%
  • 10 feet long Y style cable
  • Clear, accurate bass response
  • With wind-up belt clip to safely clip excess cable
  • Detachable ear cups for convenience
  • Comfortable


  • RemovDetachable cups may loosen after a few times of use.

Headphones For Classical Music Buying Guide

Best Headphones For Classical Music

For your information, here are some of the things you should be looking for in a headset. Neutrality, accurate soundstage, open-backed design, and comfort are the top features of an ideal headset fit for the classical genre.

By familiarizing with these terms, you’ll be in full control of your buying experience. That way, you’ll be confident about your purchase.


The first thing you have to look for in a classical headphone is its neutrality. You should know that classical music is different from other genres. Specifically, it is composed of hundreds to thousands of micro sounds.

This kind of composition makes classical music more invoking than other musical genres. This is where neutrality comes into play.

This concept means that your headphones will produce sounds that have flat frequency response. This is the same as listening to speakers in an enclosed room.

The headphone you must choose should have the capacity to alter the frequencies to produce a realistic experience. On the contrary, taking away the neutrality and room experience will lessen the musical quality.

Accurate Soundstage

Have you been into an orchestra? Then you should know why soundstage is essential for classical music.

Soundstage is the technical term that refers to the capacity of the headphone to produce the "spacious" listening experience you can get in a concert hall.

If your headphones have an accurate soundstage, then you will hear different sound details such as the violins, flutes, pianos, and so on.

You don’t have to visit any orchestra play to get the same satisfying feeling. A quality classical headphones can give this to you.

Open-Backed Design

There are three categories for over-ear headphones. They are the closed-backed, semi-open, and open-backed. Specifically, these three refer to the physical design of the cups of the headphones.

An open-backed headphone has an open cup, while a closed-back one has its cups sealed on the back. Closed-back designs are good for isolating noise. They work best for people who travel constantly.

However, such design is not suitable for classical music. They cannot recreate soundstage and orchestral harmony.

If you are spending most of your time in noisy environments, then go for a closed-back design. They might not produce the listening experience you want, but at least you can hear the music.

However, classical music best listens in solitude, right? Therefore, always prefer an open-backed design!


Comfort should not be overlooked, even for headphones. You might get all the qualities ideal headphones must have from the one you choose. However, if they are not comfortable to wear, they would still be useless.

Songs in the classical genre are always long. Therefore, you have to get comfortable headphones that can give you the listening convenience you need.

Some strong points you should consider when assessing the comfort level of the headset include:

  • Padded and comfy fit
  • Adjustable headband
  • Comfortable fit padded ear cups.

You’ll need these features; they will enable you to listen to your favorite classical sounds for extended hours.


These are the best headphones for classical music in the market today. Each of them is capable of delivering full range of sounds to liven up your listening experience.

Classical music is different from most musical genres today. It has an intricate composition, which makes it hard to grasp with ordinary headphones.

Therefore, you need specialized headphones for these occasions. The headphones we featured are your top choices to ensure that you can immerse yourself in a realistic orchestral sound.

Among them, the Sennheiser HD 598 is the best. Its audio quality simply outshines most of its competitors. It has patented system that completely isolate the drivers for a more distinct sound production. Moreover, it has an extensive soundstage, too!


Video via:

However, we recommend that you should try all of our featured headphones. One of them might suit your preferences!

Is this guide useful for you? Please help me share this guide to help other consumers buy the best headphones, too.

Best Wireless Microphone – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Portable and wireless electronics are the most sought after these days, especially for musicians or performers on the go.

Vocalists and events hosts prefer the best wireless microphone for events and gigs because they are easy to set up and hazard free, too? Why?

They won’t trip over wires and cables making their performance smooth. This guide features some of the best of the best wireless microphones in the market.

By now, you’re probably confused because there are hundreds of brands listed on your favorite online shopping site.

This guide aims to help you narrow down your choices. I have spent days and nights researching for my top wireless mic options to deliver them to you in case you’re in need of enlightenment.

But before we get to the gist, let me first introduce how a wireless microphone works. Then I will detail the things to consider and avoid when choosing a microphone. Some more useful information awaits you so be sure to read from top to bottom.

Best Microphone For Gaming, Streaming, and Podcasting

Are you in the hunt for the best microphone for gaming? Then you are just in the right place on the internet. In this article, we will be showing you the greatest options you have for this device! So what are you waiting for! Read on!

They say that a microphone will always be a microphone. People think that these audio components will always be the same.

After all, the general assumption for this device would be forever be anchored on its traditional uses. However, microphones evolved already.

Today, we use microphones for gaming, too. Of course, nobody can just enjoy an intense game without voice chats, right? Moreover, you cannot make those swift team coordination without in-game communication.

Typing on your keyboard would just be a hassle. Therefore, you should already consider getting a gaming microphone!

There are a lot of choices for this device. And we don't want you to consume your time searching. Instead, we just want you to sit back and relax.

We got all the dirty work covered for you! Here is our list of the top rated gaming microphones in the market today!

The Best Microphone For Gaming

Blue Yeti USB Mic

There are a lot of good things about Blue Microphones Yeti. The first loveable thing about this mic is that it is easy to setup. You don't need a nearby audio engineer to install this unit to your computer. It is as easy as plugging the device into the proper socket!

Moreover, the Blue Yeti is an inexpensive option. Unlike those high-end brands, this mic can give you an excellent service for an affordable price.

When it comes to adaptability, the Blue Yeti has a 10/10 rating. You can use it to any compatible devices that you want! Moreover, its sound quality is a monster! It can keep up with your needs throughout the day! It also got a "Gain" and "Mute" knobs, too!


  • Extremely adaptable microphone
  • Gives you excellent value for your money
  • Audio quality is truly fantastic
  • Doesn't have distracting features
  • The build is superb and attractive


  • Tends to pick up mouse clicks and keyboard tapping
  • It is not for studio-type recording
Blue Snowball Microphone

The Blue Snowball is a sleek and fashionable microphone. When you are so concerned about the aesthetics about the mic, then this one is a good choice. But it doesn't mean that the mic has a weak performance.

If that were the case, then we wouldn't include it on this list. Specifically, the Blue Snowball allows direct connection to your computer or laptop. As a result, it can do CD-quality recordings.

Moreover, the dual capsule design of this mic gives birth to cardioid and omnidirectional features. Therefore, it is a multipurpose device that you must never exclude in your options. It also got a specialized pad that prevents distortion during high volume levels.


  • Possess both cardioid and omnidirectional features
  • Excellent for recording purposes
  • Compatible with PC and Mac devices
  • Prevents unwanted distortion especially if you crank up the volume
  • It can control its volume output


  • The mic stand is made from plastic
  • Sound level is quite low compared to other cardioid microphones.
Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB

Audio-Technica is a favorite brand in the music industry. When it comes to headphones and audio accessories, this brand is among the luminaries.

When it comes to gaming microphones, Audio-Technica prides the ATR2500. Just like the CAD U37, this one is a condenser microphone. However, we can say it is slightly better than the former.

The Audio-Technica ATR2500 does not come with a stand, so you have to buy one separately. Therefore, it is an additional expense on your part. But don't worry. It is a reliable form of investment.

It has an excellent audio quality and does not register background noises. Moreover, it is quite compact. Therefore, it won't cause too much obstruction on your screen.


  • A semi-professional grade condenser microphone
  • Sturdy and compact body
  • No latency issues
  • Compatible with many gaming platforms
  • Comes with a built-in headphone jack


  • Pickups background noises
  • Cable connection is somehow loose
Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone

If you are looking for an USB mic, then the Samson Go Mic is the right one for you. The portability of this device made many gamers (including us) drool over it. You can just bring it anywhere you want.

If you are a laptop warrior, then this kind of microphone will be the best choice for you. Moreover, it is so compact that it can blend well with your mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

The Samson Go Mic can clip to your laptop or sit on the desk of your computer. Therefore, it is a very convenient option, even if it is a stick mic.

In fact, it is one of the best stick mics that we have ever tested. Moreover, it is not that expensive. So you can get it without any tearing your pocket!


  • Compatible with both PC and Mac computers
  • Compact design is customized (can be clipped or placed on desks)
  • Ideal for various applications (recording and podcasting)
  • Works well with voice recognition programs
  • Audio quality is clear


  • The ball hinge is quite loose
  • Tends to heat up quickly
Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

If you are looking for a professional grade gaming microphone, the Samson G-Track is the best choice. It has a super cardioid pickup pattern which serves as its impenetrable noise cancellation feature.

Moreover, among all the microphones here, this one is the largest. Specifically, it is a 19mm studio-grade condenser mic.

Aside from being a good gaming microphone, it is also compatible with many DAW (digital audio workstation) programs. It also comes with various control knobs for the input devices.

We certainly love that it gives off no sound delays or interferences. We deem that is an ideal mic for gaming because of its maximum control and audio clarity.


  • It doesn't require any computer drivers (you can just plug it)
  • Excellent output in most in-game voice chats
  • Active noise cancellation feature
  • Comes with a stereo jack input
  • It has multiple controls for unlimited voice adjustments


  • It operates differently on Windows computers
  • Mic volume output is not sufficient for soft voices
CAD Audio U37

Gaming microphones should possess final quality. Therefore, condenser mics are the ideal choice for many professionals. This type of mic can produce rich and warm sounds, even if you are in-game.

One good candidate for such device is the CAD U37. Specifically, it uses a cardioid pattern that prevents background noises from interfering.

If you are in a quiet room, you can use this microphone confidently without needing the service of hotkeys. However, things might get difficult if you are using Ventrilo or similar software.

Overall, it is an excellent microphone that comes with a built-in stand. It is non-obtrusive so that you can play comfortably.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • A decent condenser microphone
  • Does not pick up interference and feedback
  • Works with most setup (PC and Mac)
  • Comes with bass reduction to prevent room noises from coming


  • Not suitable for recording purposes
  • We noticed a minor latency issue for this device
Zalman Zm-Mic1

The cheapest microphone on this list is the Zalman Zm-Mic1. But its price doesn't equate to its performance. In fact, this is an amplifier that would give you utmost satisfaction in any occasions.

Specifically, using it is very convenient. Although it is an attachment receiver, it doesn't distract its user.

Surprisingly, the audio quality of Zalman Zm-Mic1 is pretty nice. The in-game voice output is very clear and audible. The wire has a sturdy built, too.

But since it is an attachment microphone, you can only use this one with a headphone. But if it doesn't bother you, then buying this is never a regrettable choice!


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • In-game audio quality is nice
  • Inexpensive choice for a microphone
  • An upgraded version for attachment mics
  • It has a robust built


  • The quality is still not as good as standing microphones
  • Headphones are necessary

Best Microphone For Gaming Buying Guide

Best Microphone For Gaming

Choosing a gaming microphone can be a tough task, especially if you are oblivious about this device. You might be able to pick a good mic but for the wrong application.

Or there is a great tendency that you will get a low-quality unit. Therefore, aside from your time, getting the bad mic will also eat your patience and money, too.

Fortunately, a good gaming microphone doesn't need to be expensive. In fact, the best choices don't exceed hundred dollars.

You just have to be intelligent and keen in shopping. Below are the key considerations that you have to keep in mind when shopping for gaming mics.

Recording Capacity

Microphones should excel in their audio quality. But we say that the latter is the biggest factor for gaming microphones. You must also observe the quality of their recording.

You have to test them on "cardioid" recording as much as possible. Specifically, this pattern is a setup in where the mic will only record the sound that's coming from its front.

If recording picks up background noises, then the microphone is no good for live streaming and gaming.


A gaming microphone should be able to accommodate multiple setups. After all, our gaming platforms and consoles are made differently. Therefore, they have different requirements for accessories like a microphone. In short, the mic should possess the "one size, fits all" feature.

Moreover, the microphone should be adaptive as well. We are talking about its ability to cater different setups without compromising the overall voice quality.

For example, you should not pick a mic that is only good when there is a shock mount. Instead, you should choose a mic that will satisfy your ears in any circumstance.

The Form of the Microphone

Of course, aesthetics is not the deal breaker for microphones. However, the structure or the design of the microphone might affect your gaming experience. You don't want to choose a microphone that is too big.

Otherwise, it will become an obstruction on your desk or the screen of your computer.

Meanwhile, if you are going to choose attachable mics, make sure that they will cause any distractions. Overall, the form factor will determine the space allocation you have for the microphone.

We all know that comfortable gaming has to do with space. The bigger the room you have, the more concentration you can pour in!


Gamers would love to spend for their setup. However, it doesn't mean that you would splurge your money instantly. We know that gaming taught you how to get the best value for a low price.

It is a survival skill that you will need in hunting gaming microphones. The jungle for this device is so dark and thick. Therefore, getting lost in the forest of options is easy.

Luckily, you don't have to choose those studio-ready microphones to get the best quality. Yes, they are good.

But at this point, we can say that they are too right for your needs. Just mind your requirements, and you can find a microphone that would suit your needs and budget.

Expensive microphones have a lot of features. That's the reason why they are expensive.

But are they the best choice? Definitely! However, nobody is compelling you to break the bank just to get that device. As we mentioned, some microphones can suit your budget!

Now that we covered the considerations in buying gaming microphones, we should now proceed to the best options for this device. We know that you are excited already! Therefore, we won't keep you waiting. Here are they!

Final Verdict

These are among the best gaming microphones that anyone can have today. Each of them has excellent features that can serve you well. Depending on your budget, you can pick either any of these mics.

Among them, we declare the Blue Yeti Microphone as the best microphone for gaming. From its audio quality down to its build, this receiver is truly fantastic.

Moreover, it is a great choice for gamers because it is not that expensive. Therefore, it is like getting more than what you have paid for!

Did you learn from this article? Do you have any gaming microphones in your mind that you think must be included in this list? Share it with us! Write down all your comments and questions in the box below!

Best Karaoke Machines for Your Home in 2021

Tired of going out and spending a lot every weekend to go to karaoke bars and sing your heart out? Why not buy the best karaoke machines for yourself and invite your friends to come over your house? That way, you, your friends, and family can belt out your favorite classical, modern, or rock tunes with your karaoke.

I am aware, though, that it can be difficult to find a karaoke machine that not only fits your budget but is also durable and includes all the necessary accessories such as the microphone. Drop your worries now because I will share all the essential information about karaoke machines that can help you with your purchase.

But first, what is a karaoke machine and how does it work?

10 Best Karaoke Machines in the Market

These are my top choices for the best karaoke machines available in the market. These are chosen after hours of research based on the best features presented above.

Do not be bothered by the order of each item in the list. This is just a guide to help you compare and contrast these karaoke machines and help you decide which one should be on top of your personal list.

1. Singtrix SGTX1 Karaoke System - The Celebrity Karaoke Machine

Singtrix SGTX1 Karaoke System

Halfway through this list lies the Singtrix SGTX1, which I call the Celebrity Karaoke Machine. This karaoke system is quality made and makes the worst singers sound tolerable.

This brand has been featured in international entertainment shows such as Ellen, Today Show, and SharkTank. It is offered as a party bundle with a stand, a stereo speaker, a microphone, and so much more. This karaoke system is also plug and play and comes with amazing voice effects technology.

I am complaining a bit about its price, though. There is quality made karaoke systems that come in bundles that are not quite as pricey as this. The microphone stand is quite questionable, too. But overall, Singtrix SGTX1 offers great value because it can work with thousands of YouTube Karaoke videos.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works with a wide variety of devices such as mp3 players, tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod, laptops, PCs, and other smartphones.
  • The microphone has built-in HIT control.
  • Amplified built-in speaker.
  • Works with thousands of Karaoke videos on YouTube.
  • With live vocal technology.
  • Famous brand, endorsed by Hollywood celebrities.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Great mic quality.


  • The system may be too complicated to set up.
  • Complaints about missing parts in the bundle from reviewers.
  • May be quite pricey for its class.

2. Singing Machine iSM1030BT - Best All-Around Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine iSM1030BT

If you are looking for powerful speakers, this all-around singing machine is definitely for you.

It has two twin tower speakers that produce quality sound. The practical reason why this is on top of my list is that everything you need in a karaoke system is already here - including a 7-inch LCD screen where the lyrics can be displayed. But if you have old fellows joining in, you can hook this up to your television, so the lyrics are projected on a larger screen.

As expected, it is compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices bearing iOS and Android operating systems. At less than 200 bucks, you can have this set along with a graphic disc to MP3, a ripping CD, and Graphics with voice record. It even has digital keys, balance and echo controls, as well as Auto Voice Control.

There may be some installation difficulties because of the uniqueness of the parts and elements included in this system. But other than that, I have no other complaints.


  • Unique body, professional finish.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Comes with a universal cradle for Android and iOS devices.
  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Bluetooth capable.
  • Digital keys, Balance, Echo controls, and Auto Voice Control.
  • USB port.
  • Capable of recording performances.
  • Affordable.
  • Comes with a good quality microphone.
  • Good quality graphics.


  • Installation and setting up may take time.
  • Complaints about the CD quality.

3. Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution - Best Professional Karaoke System

Magic Sing ET23KH HD Resolution

The Magic Sing is a popular professional choice and reasonably so. That is why it is on the list. It boasts its High Definition graphics and video background. It also comes with two wireless microphones with controls. Using the mic, you can choose from among 2,100 pre-set songs with High Fidelity sound quality.

You can also personalize the photos and videos in the background. Because of these unique features, the Magic Sing karaoke system is a bit pricey. But you’ll understand why because it is packed with so many karaoke system elements that are not present in other brands.

This is fit for most professional karaoke singers because it has great sound quality that is perfect for practicing songs. The worst voices can sound tolerable with this and the best of singers will sound even more amazing. I do have an issue with its echo feature as it can be quite overwhelming that the natural voice of the singer can be distorted.


  • High Definition background images and videos.
  • Thousands of built-in songs to choose from.
  • Dependable sound quality.
  • Durable, robust construction.
  • Provides entertainment value.
  • A popular choice of professional karaoke singers.
  • So easy to setup.
  • Perfect for practicing.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Very easy to control.


  • Quite pricey.
  • The microphone’s sound may need an extra boost to make it more voluminous.
  • Sometimes configuring the karaoke system can be confusing.
  • The echo can be quite overwhelming.

4. Akai KS800 Front Load CD&G - The Best Energy-Saving Karaoke System

Akai KS800 Front Load CD&G

If you are looking for energy-saving karaoke system, this is the one for you. Cradled in the fourth spot is the Akai KS800. A professional and sleek looking karaoke system that will make your home’s entertainment area look like a karaoke bar.

It can be hooked on television, or you can use your tablet since this system comes with a tablet stand to keep the device stable and secure. It also works with Apple and Android devices.

Aside from the tablet cradle, the karaoke system also comes with an AV cord, a microphone, a demo CD+G, and an AC adapter.

The best feature it offers is the Auto Voice Control which is also showcased in the Electrohome Karaoke machine. But Akai offers a more advanced Digital Key Control making it more expensive than Electrohome. But overall, it has good physical and technical specifications.

Along with its advanced functions, come the confusion and difficulty of installing and configuring the system. But I’m sure you’d take the challenge as this can ensure fun and entertainment while maintaining the usual cost of your monthly electric bill.


  • With Line-in function.
  • Energy-saving at 10 watts.
  • With 7-inch color display.
  • With front loading CD+G player.
  • Comes with echo and balanced controls.
  • Has USB port MP3 and MP3G.
  • With record function.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Works with iOS and Android Operating Systems.
  • Amazing microphone quality.
  • Comes with AC adapter.
  • Also works with batteries.


  • Slightly difficult to install.
  • Durability issues.
  • More expensive that its other popular competitors.

5. Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke System - Best Recording Karaoke System

Karaoke USA GF830 Karaoke System

GF830 is a more expensive model because of its sleek and professional look. It has an MP3G function that houses over 300 songs. This modern type of karaoke machine has an MP3 cradle to keep the MP3 player safe. The best thing about this karaoke is its ability to record quality audio.

You can save your records to an SD card and play it back so you can listen to your rendition of your favorite songs.

The GF830 karaoke system allows you to sing a duet with a friend or a family member with its dual microphone system.

It is iPhone compatible and works with any television. The only negative comment I have with this machine is that it can be quite pricey for its class.


  • Comes with a small screen at the front where lyrics are displayed.
  • Comes with an SD card slot and USB port.
  • With 7 inches TFT colored screen.
  • Has a record function.
  • Compatible with CD+G, regular CDs, and MP3 player.
  • Has a change key function for every song.
  • With long microphone cords that can be placed on a microphone stand.


  • Humming sound heard when the microphone is on standby.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Some of the graphics (images and videos) may not be child-friendly so parental supervision is required if kids are around.

6. Akai KS213 Portable - Best Price - Value Karaoke Machine

Akai KS213 Portable

Another Akai brand in this list - on a well-deserved spot is the KS213. This portable CD&G karaoke machine is very affordable but is packed with a lot of useful features. Hence, it provided great price-value balance which is very consumer-friendly. It is perfect for parties since it comes with colorful lights. It has a handy iPad holder and two microphone inputs, but it comes with only one mic.

The quality of the mic is not that dependable, but you’ll understand because of the price. What I am amazed about with this machine is that it already has Auto Voice Control, Balance Control, and Echo Control which are mostly present in karaoke systems belonging to a higher price range.

The KS800 is a bit more pricey in comparison but when it comes to value and quality, I don’t think this comes too far behind. I do not see much issues with this karaoke system to be honest. But I did notice that reviewers keep picking on the quality of its microphone.


  • Very affordable.
  • Works with both AC adapter and batteries.
  • Has Apple and Android cradle.
  • With color LED lighting.
  • Comes with amplified built-in speakers.
  • With RCA outputs.
  • Works with different tablets, smartphones, and MP3 players.
  • Great visual quality.
  • Amazing sound quality.


  • May produce a cracking sound when connected to a device such as an iPod.
  • Questionable mic quality.
  • Durability issues.

7. Electrohome Karaoke Machine - Power Speaker Karaoke System

Electrohome Karaoke Machine

Next on the list is the power speaker karaoke system - Electrohome. With a sleek design and professional build, this karaoke system is compatible with various smartphones, MP3 players, and tablets. Also works with iOS operating system so it can be connected with iPads, iPods, and the iPhone.

It has a powerful built-in speaker system for such a small-sized and compact karaoke system. When you have friends coming over who have almost intolerable voices when they sing, you can use the voice enhancing effects such as the Digital Echo Control and Auto Voice Control.

Electrohome Karaoke machine system is ultra light and portable so you can take it anywhere you go. It is surprisingly less expensive compared to its counterparts.

Just like the items previously reviewed in the list, Electrohome has its flaws. Durability and longevity of use may not be entirely guaranteed because of the price. The manufacturers could be using substandard materials building this machine.


  • Works with CDs, CD+Gs, and MP3s.
  • Can be connected to a TV, tablet, iPod, iPad, or smartphones.
  • Has two microphone inputs but comes with only one free microphone.
  • With voice enhancing effects.
  • Comes with Auto Voice Control (AVC) Singing Coach.
  • Affordable.


  • The quality of the device is questionable considering the price.
  • The microphone that comes with it is not of high quality - may stop working after a few times of use.
  • There are also issues with cable quality.
  • Graphics are not high quality.

8. Singing Machine SML385 - Best Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SML385

Being one of the most affordable karaoke machines on this list, the SML385 features a colorful disco light show while you sing your heart out. This is a CD+G type of karaoke machine that comes with a handheld microphone.

You can also connect it to audio devices such as tablets, iPads, and MP3 with its Bluetooth connection and auxiliary inputs. The Bluetooth connection makes it so easy to connect with smartphones, iPads, and other devices. It has dual microphone jacks so you can have a duet with your guest.

The brand claims to be child-friendly because of its small size and light weight. Also, the controls and functions are so easy to figure out from first use.

I just have a slight issue with the microphone because it has a tendency to create a humming sound when on stand-by. The manufacturer also has to take a look at the quality of the CD because of complaints that it would stop working after a few times of usage.


  • Built-in speaker.
  • Balanced control.
  • Echo control.
  • With two microphone jacks.
  • Two-digit LED display.
  • Has a disco light effect.
  • With Auto-Voice control.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Affordable.
  • Child-friendly controls.


  • Cables are not sturdy.
  • The microphone is not dependable.
  • Quality issues especially with the CD.

9. Disney's Frozen Karaoke Machine - Best Karaoke System for Kids

Disney's Frozen Karaoke Ma

Why this karaoke machine made it in this list is simply because it is what millions of Frozen fans will be so fascinated about. Not only will they get to sing the Frozen theme song “Let it Go,” they will also enjoy images of well-loved characters Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

This is also best for kids because its control buttons are so easy to push. They may skip songs or change settings. It comes with an adapter, but can also function with batteries. Your kids can practically take it anywhere - at children’s parties and family affairs.

Now, with these features mentioned, this karaoke machine may seem so perfect. But it does have its flaws considering its price. The construction of the machine is not too dependable and the mic is not high quality. But because its central theme is Frozen, it can certainly get away from these imperfections.


  • Child-friendly controls and features.
  • Very affordable.
  • CD+G compatible.
  • Works with batteries and AC adapter.
  • With cool LED light.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • With built-in radio and digital media input.
  • Comes with accessories such as a Frozen CD+G, a lyric booklet, microphone, AC adapter, AC cable, and a user manual.
  • Works with iPad, iPhone, tablets, and other mobile, handheld devices.


  • The body and make or construction may not be dependable considering the price.
  • The microphone is not durable.
  • There are complaints that the CD stopped working after a few times of use.
  • Problems configuring the machine with iPad and other mobile devices may be encountered.

10. Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke Player - Best Line-in Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke

This karaoke machine is incredibly light and portable. But that is not the main reason why it made its way into this list. This could be the best line-in karaoke you’ll ever have with a disco light effect and a two digit LED display. It has built-in speakers, too.

With dual microphone jacks, you can have a duet with this small electronic device. The SML-283P is ready to plug and play straight away from the box.

The best benefit of this product is that it is budget-friendly. I bought one as a gift for my nephew on his birthday and he immediately asked his dad to set it up for him. All the kids at the party had super fun singing their hearts out to their favorite modern tunes.

Two main issues: there may be a need for additional amplifiers to make the sound more voluminous. You may also need to buy sturdier cables to make this work better because the cables that come with it are of poor quality, I’m afraid.


  • Comes with all the essential accessories needed in a karaoke machine (AC adapter, demo disc with five bonus song downloads, and RCA cables).
  • Echo control, Auto-Voice Control, and Balance Control.
  • CD player and CD+G player.
  • With Built-in speaker.
  • Line-in karaoke machine.
  • With two wired microphone jacks (separate controls).
  • Affordable.
  • So easy to control so kids can control it on their own.
  • Good quality graphics.


  • Durability not guaranteed.
  • Quality issues with a microphone.
  • Poor quality cables/connectors.
  • The cable that comes with it is not dependable.

Best Karaoke Machines Buyers Guide

In this section, I will walk you through the essentials you should be looking for in a karaoke machine.

These features are the most important considerations before you buy one after you have determined which type you prefer. Keep these in mind when you go to a physical or online store, so you will know what questions to ask.

Size and Portability

For me, this is a number one consideration because I want to maximize my apartment space. I also like to sing anywhere so I prefer something that I can also take into my room or the living room when my friends come over.


It is important also to determine the strength of a karaoke machine. But you should be aware that the quality made karaoke machines are a bit more pricey.

Audio Quality

The higher the sound quality of the karaoke, the more tolerable the worst singers can be. So always check the sound quality of the audio. As much as possible, go for the ones that have voice projection, tone, pitch, and bass tones.

Video Graphics

There are background graphics projected on-screen that are inappropriate for young audiences. If you have kids at home, choose a karaoke machine with age-appropriate visuals.

Song Archive

Ask for the size of the song archive or database before deciding to buy a karaoke - regardless of which type you choose. You also have to determine whether or not you can add more songs to the selection.


For added enjoyment, see if the karaoke you have chosen has a rating feature which shows the score of the singer for a particular song performance before checking it out. Some models do not feature ratings and buyers may need to pay additionally for this feature.

About Karaoke Machine

A karaoke machine has been around since 1970’s. Since then, it has been upgraded several times to cater to the increasing demands of time and of course, the audience.

There are different types of karaoke machines. Let me walk you through these types, so you’ll have an idea which typically falls within budget.

Types of Karaoke Machine

While there are basic and inexpensive models of karaoke machines, there are also fully-equipped, modern, and complex ones. Determining which type of karaoke system you will help you set a realistic budget.

CD Karaoke Machines

The appearance of a CD karaoke machine is more like a CD player, and you can play music from it. Just like a CD player, you simply have to connect it to the television so you can see the lyrics on screen.

Microphone Karaoke Machines

Now, this is one of the modern types of karaoke machines available in the market now - and one of the most in-demand. The microphone karaoke has preset songs programmed directly to the receiver. Some are battery operated while others have built-in monitors.

Pocket Karaoke Machines

This small handheld karaoke device has an LCD screen through which you can choose pre-programmed songs from. Despite its small size, it can store thousands of AVI and MP3 files. It can be connected to the television to project the lyrics.

Fully-Equipped Karaoke Machines

This type of karaoke machine consists of all the necessary components required for an entertaining karaoke night. It can support CDs, MP3s, and it has a microphone and a speaker.


My top consideration for choosing the best karaoke machine is quality. The Singing Machine Singtrix SGTX1 is a karaoke system that can provide you with great entertainment value. It delivers both in physical and technical aspects because it has all the necessary features you will need in a karaoke machine.

If you are having doubts about this choice, you can always go back and re-read the guide to see if some of the items are much better based on your needs and preferences. But the bottom line is, you are already equipped with the right knowledge on what to look for in a karaoke system before purchasing one, so there will be no regrets, just pure fun, and entertainment. 

Do you find this guide useful? Please do not hesitate to post your comments in the comments section.

10 Best Microphone For YouTube 2021 – The Best Guide

How can you take your music from the four corners of your room to the different corners of the world? One of the best-known secrets is to create a high-quality music video of yourself singing covers or original songs.

If you haven’t known already, another best-known secret is the audio quality. This guide features the top ten microphone for YouTube. Read on top 10 Best Microphone For YouTube to help you decide which one to buy.

Audio and video quality should come together when creating a music video on YouTube. So invest in the right equipment if you are aiming to be as big as the likes of Justin Bieber or Lindsay Stirling.

Sure, it will not be easy to reach a 7 million mark of followers or subscribers or to get a billion views. But investing in the right audio equipment might take you closer to your dreams.

First, let me guide you through the do’s, and dont’s in choosing a mic for your YouTube cover videos.

Top 10 Best Microphone For YouTube Reviews

Here are my top choices of microphones for YouTube cover videos. Note that these are all personal preferences backed with research.

I have tried and tested each of the mics in my list, and so I ranked them according to their functionality - not affordability.

Some of the best microphones for youtube can be expensive but don’t you think a million views is worth investing?

Remember that you will eventually make a lot of money when you get millions of hits from viewers. Thus, a good mic for YouTube is a worthy investment.

This Blue Yeti Blackout edition USB microphone is multi-patterned. As explained earlier, this pattern combines the omnidirectional, unidirectional cardioid, and stereo patterns. This allows for sound versatility.

It is also portable because it is USB type. You can take it anywhere you go with just the right size and weight.

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone quality was clear and full in every test we gave its multiple patterns. Its omni-directional mode captured a room full of chatting people clearly and loudly, the cardioid and bi-directional patterns were pleasingly precise, and its stereo pattern is perfect for podcasting and videos. It's best microphone for youtube.


  • Produces versatile sound.
  • Has the following essential mic functions: gain control, zero latency headphone output, and gain control.
  • USB type so you can just plug into your laptop and record on-the-go.
  • Multi-pattern so you can switch to different mic functions instantly.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Does not come with a pop filter, case, and shock mount.
  • It claims to have multi-pattern functions but switching from cardioid to stereo may not have much difference.

This portable and easy to use USB microphone is worth the money. And it is not even as expensive as you might assume. At less than a hundred dollars, you get a professional sounding mic that suits your YouTube recording needs.

The best feature it has for me is that it has a built-in headphone jack to prevent audio delay. And it has a low-mass diaphragm for a transient response. I love the mid frequency of this microphone.


  • With user-friendly controls.
  • Easy plug and play USB mic.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Durable construction.
  • Affordable.


  • Some quality issues need attention.

You might think I am biased with Audio-Technica, but this list is purely objective. I went through all the online reviews for each item and experienced these mics myself.

This model is only slightly higher in price than the ATR2500, but I can guarantee that it is worth the extra cash.

I would affirm its claim for a price-performance ratio. For a very affordable price, you have your very own versatile condenser mic that you can use for live performances, studio recording, and of course, YouTube recording.


  • High SPL to control voluminous instruments such as drums and bass.
  • Impressive transient response, high-frequency response.
  • Cardioid polar pattern for noise reduction.
  • Superior sound isolation.


  • Some technical issues may need attention from the manufacturer.

This is a dynamic microphone, which has a flat frequency response that allows for the production of natural vocal sounds. Although most YouTubers use condenser mics, this particular dynamic mic can be very effective.

It does have a cardioid pattern, so it is very YouTuber-friendly. The brand also claims to have electromagnetic hum rejection feature to get rid of humming sounds when recording or performing live.


  • Boasts its rugged construction and durability.
  • Recommended for studio recording and live acoustic sessions.
  • With detachable wide screen to prevent explosive “Sh,” “P,” and “B” sounds.


  • Expensive.
  • May need a preamp for boosting the low signal levels, which is another expense.

Now, this may be too expensive for beginning YouTubers, but it is worth the investment. It can record vocals beautifully with its exceptional vocal isolation system. And it is perfect for recording solo instruments as well. I like to use this when I am recording but is also a highly recommended mic for YouTubers.

It has an amazing quality. I own one and still use it after a couple of months. I found no issues whatsoever, so far. But I have seen reviews that did not favor the brand. Every user has his preferences.

This may not be a good choice for full band recording with deafening bass and guitar distortions. I only recommend this for acoustic performances.


  • Great proximity effect for close-up recording.
  • Low noise, high dynamic range.
  • Robust construction and design.


  • Lacks versatility as it may only be perfect for acoustic and voice recording.
  • Very expensive.

This microphone produces detailed vocal sounds and has exceptional dynamic range. I have used this once and had a great time having a recorded acoustic session with a YouTuber friend of mine.

It has a robust design, made of steel housing, and is assembled in the USA. The best thing about this mic is that it has an internal Sorbothane shock mount.

It also has a versatile frequency that ranges from lows, mids, to highs and can sound amazingly good for any music.


  • Does not pick up as much external noise than some of its counterparts within the same price range.
  • High frequency for sound versatility.
  • Great dynamic range.
  • Great sound isolation function that lets the voice or the instrument cut through.


  • Expensive.

This cardioid condenser mic has a large diaphragm that allows for a wider range of sound frequencies. At less than a hundred bucks, you can own a professional mic to start creating good audio quality music videos via YouTube.

What I do not like about this brand is that the price is at close range with some expensive brands. This model, in my opinion, is high priced for its price and quality.

But you can still use it in your YouTube videos. You just have to be sure that it is correctly positioned and that there are no external noises that get through.


  • Comes with a shock mount, a protective case, and a foam windscreen.
  • Affordable.
  • High-grade sensitivity.
  • Noise reduction system.


  • The cables are not durable, so with repeated use, this might fall apart.
  • Produces self-noise after a few minutes of use.

The Behringer B-1 is another cardioid condenser mic that has a large diaphragm. It claims to be an ideal mic for studio and live applications.

I would say that it does produce good quality of sound, but it may need functional improvements especially regarding frequency and sound isolation.

But when placed and used in a fully soundproofed studio or room, it can create the desired isolation you need. It is highly sensitive so make sure you are in a closed space where no external sound can get through.


  • Amazing recording results for acoustic guitar.
  • Great control of the high, mid, and low frequencies.
  • Comes with a shock mount.
  • With pressure gradient transducer.
  • -10B input attenuation.


  • The gain of the mic is quite high so can produce feedback.
  • May produce hissing sound after a couple of hours.
  • A bit costly for its class.
  • Needs quality check for durability of parts.

I just love the design of this mic. It looks old, unique color, and adds personality. But this is not just for physical looks. More importantly, I think this has an excellent frequency response and overall sound quality.

The brand claims to have a Class A discrete amplifier circuit plus cardioid polar pattern. Such characteristics make it appropriate for YouTube cover videos. Moderately priced complete with accessories such as shock mount and pop filter.


  • Vintage design for added presence and personality on-stage or on video.
  • Cardioid pattern and capsule ensure sonic sound and quality electronic components.
  • With large diaphragm to capture rich, natural sound.
  • Perfect for voice, acoustic instruments, and full band recording.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • May need to fix some quality issues as suggested by some reviewers online.

With a Cardioid polar pattern, this mic produces amazing sound live. You can record your YouTube videos in real time while making sure the audio quality is not betraying you. You may need to adjust the gain and the volume, so it does not produce feedback.

This CAD model is one of the most affordable condenser mics in the market that ensures versatility because you can use it also in studio recording sessions. I love how the instruments sound using this mic.


  • Durable.
  • Appropriate sensitivity at -36dBv.
  • Within the frequency response rate required in recording YouTube videos (around 30Hz to 20kHz).
  •  Inexpensive.


  • The mic’s cord may not be as durable as the more standard brands.
  • May need quality assurance before delivery since many reviewers are complaining about the package arriving with defected mics.

Best Microphone For YouTube Buying Guide

Things To Avoid

Microphone For YouTube

Let me get to the dont’s first. I am no expert, but the information you read here are taken from reliable sources and my observations. There are a couple of things you should avoid in choosing a mic. Read carefully as these are important references to help you arrive at a decision you will never regret.

Avoid built-in camera microphone

Some YouTubers are using cameras with built-in microphones, but this is not recommended especially if you are doing cover songs.

Built-in microphones may only be suitable for interviews, reviews, or live vlogs. It does not have a studio quality in it that lets your voice shine through.

In simpler terms, built-in microphones are low quality, so they are a big no-no. It does not have the ideal sound isolation you will need to record your voice or your instruments.

Avoid omnidirectional microphones

Omnidirectional microphones are the ones mostly used in live performances. Sure, there are high-quality ones, but they are not ideal for studio recording. This type of microphone can capture sounds from all directions.

It can pick up external sounds at an equal gain. Meaning, the background noise will just be as loud or voluminous as your voice.

Things You Must Do

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Choose unidirectional mics

The unidirectional mic is perfect for recording purposes because it has high sensitivity and sound isolation.

You need to isolate your voice from external or background noises unless you want the sound of trucks passing by while recording your song cover.

The cardioid mic is a type of unidirectional mic that can record at only one direction. Meaning, it will not record all the other sounds coming from any other sides.

If you use this to record your cover or original songs on YouTube, you will get better audio quality.

Understand the specs of the brand/unit before buying

You have to check first if the mic works. You may need to know the basic mic terminologies so that you will know what specifications need checking.

Here are the mic terminologies you need to know:

Best Microphone For YouTube

Frequency Response

This refers to the response that the mic picks up at three ranges - low, middle, and high. For recording purposes, the recommended range is somewhere around 80 Hz to 15 kHz.


There are multi-pattern microphones that are switchable from omni directional to unidirectional. If a mic has this feature, it may be more expensive because of its versatility.

Polar Patterns.

Polar patterns refer to the mic’s field of sensitivity. In other words, it is the area where the mic will accept or reject incoming sounds. This specification is important especially when you are working in a rather noisy environment.

You need a mic that focuses on your voice or instruments - not on any other noise.

Sound Pressure Level Handling Capability

SPL is an important specification because it limits the volume that the mic can handle when encountered with loud sounds. For instance, if you will record drums, which has a loud sound, the SPL should be around 100-300 dBs.


This feature allows the mic to detect quiet sound. So if the sensitivity level is low, you are prompted to sing louder or to turn the mic volume on.

Proximity Effect

This controls the bass frequencies of the mic to make it more pronounced in the record.

It works well with the vocals as it creates desirable effects. It is also preferred by sound engineers to mix instruments. The stronger the proximity effect, the better the bass tones of the instruments are.


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

It may already seem obvious, but I like to reiterate that price is not the only thing to consider when buying the best microphone for youtube. You have to check the quality.

In addition, do not rely too much on reviews. Try a different microphone for YouTube as you progress in the YouTube world.

You can start with the standard and inexpensive ones. When you get a favorable response from the YouTube community, then by all means, try to upgrade to better and more dynamic audio equipment.

Did this guide help you? Leave your comments, corrections, and suggestions for improvement below or share this with your friends on your social media News Feed.


7 Best Karaoke Microphone On 2021

The best karaoke microphone can enhance the prowess of your voice. If you are willing to take your singing to the next level, then you should know the best options you have for these specialized mics. We got it covered in this article, so read on!

We love to sing. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we always got that inclination to vocalize our favorite tracks. Sometimes, we are completely aware that we are singing already. Because of it, many of us loves to go to karaoke bars.

But there is a good reason to take this little pleasure of ours in the comforts of our homes.

Microphones have been wireless for a quite a time already. There is a wired option (which is cheaper). But some people don't like them because they limit their movement.

Of course, the wireless options is an obvious contender because it is convenient to use. At the end of the day, it will all boil down to your preference.

Thanks to modern technology, karaoke microphones have been widely available on the market today. Their qualities are superb, and they are usable in many applications ,as well (e.g. speaking engagements).

Specifically, there are some models of this device that you should consider. If you are planning to buy wireless karaoke microphones, these units should be on the top of your list. Here are they:

How To Turn On Beats Wireless Headphones: The Best Guide

We know that it is pretty embarrassing to ask how to turn on Beats Wireless headphones. After all, most headphones today are following the same manners of operation. But does the Beats Wireless that similar to the rest of the crowd?

It is not surprising that you have a deep crush for this headphone. Despite the multitude of criticisms it received from the audiophile community, it is still undeniable that Beats Wireless are indeed sought by many.

Moreover, this device got significant upgrades recently. Therefore, the reasons for getting the Beats Wireless is steadily increasing as the days pass.

In this article, we will talk more about this opulent headphone. Specifically, we will tackle the basics of the Beats Wireless headphones. So, read the full article to find out more!

What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use: Everything You Need To Know

What microphone does PewDiePie use? It’s a very fundamental question that actually can help you in your video blogging dreams. After all, pewdiepie is one of the most successful video bloggers concerning net worth.

In today’s generation of technology, there have been many applications of microphones compared to previous generations. For example, in the 80s and 90s microphones were used in very conventional ways.

For example, it’s only common to use microphones for a studio recording of famous musicians, or if you’re into karaoke with your friends.

In the 21st century, however, there has been a surge of microphone uses thanks to the internet. Now, you have different platforms that require a good mic.

For example, there are many famous podcasts right now that are available on Itunes. There are social media platforms like Facebook that uses it too.

However, out of all these platforms mentioned, Youtube is probably the most famous out of them all. It’s a place where a lot of video bloggers get famous and make a living out of it. That’s why guys like PewDiePie makes use of the best equipment that suits their video blogging.

Who Is PewDiePie?

What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use


If you’re a parent, you might’ve heard PewDiePie from your kid already. Or if you’re a girlfriend, you’ve probably heard about PewDiePie’s games and equipment from your boyfriend. Either way, PewDiePie is one famous internet sensation from Youtube, mid to late 2000’s.

Felix Kjellberg or most commonly known as PewDiePie, is 27 year old from Sweden. He is mostly famous for reviewing different computer games and creating funny videos also categorized as vlogs (or video blogs for video blogging).

These witty videos usually tackle anything under the sun. May it be a spoof commentary on a controversial issue or reliving Hitler, PewDiePie’s got you.

However, more than just these game commentaries and vlogs, PewDiePie’s also got books. He has managed to publish two books: the PewDiePie Graphic Novel and the This Book Loves You.

Line to be added: Here you can read the most updated PewDiePie equipment list.

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What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use?

Now that you already know who PewDiePie is and what he does, you probably have searched him up already. With currently over 54 million subscribers on YouTube, we can safely say that PewDiePie is a successful internet sensation from Youtube even today.

A lot of you might be asking: How? Why? Aside from devoting a lot of time in reviewing games and creating funny, witty videos that discuss anything under the sun. PewDiePie also meticulously chooses the equipment he uses when creating and recording his videos.

Needless to say, his equipment are very expensive. From his gaming computer, headphones to his microphone and all. It is why his videos are of excellent quality. Both visually and audibly.

Ever want that perfect audio quality PewDiePie has in his videos? We will be listing down here some of the microphones PewDiePie has used for the past few years.

If you take the time to search him up on Youtube, you will see that PewDiePie is using a black receiver that comes with a stand. This microphone looks a lot different from the previous ones he has used. The microphone is the Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone.

Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone

The Rode NT1KIT Condenser Microphone is a 20Hz to a 20kHz microphone. The whole set comes with an SMR shock mount and dust cover. Not only is it very durable and scratch resistant, but it also gives out smooth high frequencies and a warm, round bass.

It cancels out external vibrations which make it perfect for recordings, even in noisy places.

As for the other microphones he has used, they are the: Blue Microphones Spark Condenser Mic and the Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone. PewDiePie particularly made mention of the Spark Condenser Mic with a pop filter in one of his videos, “Behind The Scenes of PewDiePie.”

Blue Microphones’ Spark Condenser Mic which features two modes and a noise elimination mechanism. What we have mentioned are the standard mode and the focus control/focus mode. However, PewDiePie also said that he finds the diaphragm a bit small for his liking.

As for the Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Mic, it comes in two finishes. One in nickel and one in matte black. Pewdiepie got it in nickel (though it looks silver-ish in some of his videos). The cardioid microphone comes with a large diaphragm and a very high maximum sound pressure level of 144 dB.

It can also give your vocals a slight boost above 6kHz. It gives you a very narrow frequency and a clear, defined bass range.

However, note that this does not include all of the microphones PewDiePie has used. He has also been using the built-in microphones that come with his headphones for some of his videos.


What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use

To sum it up, a successful video blogger like PewDiePie uses the best microphones for his business. After all, if your livelihood is your voice and talking in general, then you’ll need to project it as clear as possible.

There’s a lot of negative comments in platforms like Youtube where netizens complain because a video blogger is using a bad mic.

That’s why it’s good to have an idea when it comes to the microphones that are employed by YouTube celebrities. However, understand that microphones aren’t the only important thing if you’re planning to start a video blog on Youtube.

There are a ton of other equipment that you must further check. For example, you’ll need a good video editor and a high-tech laptop too. Of course, a camera is another thing that’s important.

Summing things up, video blogging is a tough job to do despite it looking simple to fulfill. Sure, you’ll be just talking and doing funny things. But like serving food, you’ll need to understand your customer’s wants, and that sounds easier said than done.

"What Microphone Does PewDiePie Use"? With all that said, good luck in your Vlog journey! Finding a great mic is just one of the many beginnings for you!

5 Best Mic For Rap Vocals 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Rapping is a form of art that’s expressed in music. It’s no different from what other genres like rock, pop, and jazz try to communicate. Similarly, any artist or amateur engaging in rap would need the right mic for recording a song at its best quality.

Microphones aren’t simply devices that amplify your voice. There are different variations of it with a lot of unique features and benefits. One of these advantages includes audio clarity, toning, and noise reduction.

Finding the best mic for rap vocals would give you a headstart in recording your favorite rap song.

Top 5 Best Mic For Rap Vocals

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The AKG Pro C214 comes with ultra-low noise features and great dynamic range. You can do recordings of high output sources up to 156 dB SPL. One of the significant characteristics from the AKG is it’s perfectly designed for rapping.

This is because of its technology that reduces unwanted noise during proximity use. The 20dB attenuator and bass-cut filter features are examples that reduce the close-up proximity effects.

The design of the AKG C214 makes it a durable microphone too. Furthermore, it increases the noise reduction and enhances the quality at the same time. The integrated capsule suspension is the main feature that increases sonic accuracy while reducing mechanical noise. The AKG Pro C214 is best mic for rap vocals.


  • Comes with widescreen, carrying case, and spider-type shock mount.
  • Uses a 1-inch dual capsule in a large diaphragm, cardioid body

Incredible 143 dB dynamic range for uncompressed transients.

  • Can be used in sound fields as high as 156 dB SPL

Perfect for up-close performances such as rapping and guitar solos

Made possible because of its attenuator and bass-cut filter.

  • Durable frame that features an all-metal die-cast material

Frame is scratch resistant and can last for several years.


  • The sound can be quite harsh sometimes when you’re playing at the high end.
  • Price might be too high

Ranges above $300.

  • The db buttons can be a bit complicated to use at first. It might be confusing to work with.

This could affect the clarity of the microphone if not set properly.

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The AT2020 is a great microphone for rapping. It’s in the lower price range compared to other microphones, so that gives you a great reason to consider it.

The AT2020 has good audio quality and sound clarity. You’ll further experience this if you use it with an audio interface to power things up.

It is also designed to have a low-mass diaphragm that is custom-engineered to extend the frequency response. The frequency response of the AT2020 is pretty wide. You’ll get a comprehensive response because the AT2020 handles frequencies that are perfect for rapping.

It’s a great microphone that has all the fundamentals you’ll need. Since it’s below $100, you’ll get a cheap mic with good features. However, regarding advanced technology and power, there might be better alternatives out there.


  • Excellent condenser for rap vocals because of its frequency response

Frequency response is at an ideal 20kHz.

  • Perfect for people who are on a budget.
  • Superior transient response comes from its custom-engineered diaphragm.
  • Cardioid body improves isolation of your sound source

It also reduces noise from the sides and the rear.


  • Works best with a phantom power supply

The AT2020 is an XLR powered microphone so you’ll need to purchase an XLR input to enjoy the benefits of its audio quality.

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The Rode NT1A is an advanced condenser microphone that you might love for all of its benefits. Like most, it’s a cardioid mic that delivers excellent clarity with a broad dynamic range. It’s one of the most famous mics that are recommended for rap vocals.

The large 1” capsule with a gold-plated diaphragm allows this microphone to have only a 5dB self-noise. Hence, it’s one of the quieter items out there in the market.

The Rode NT1A bundle gives you a little bit of everything. You get yourself a shock mount and a studio grade pop filter. Furthermore, a dust cover, 20-feet microphone cable, and DVD instructions on recording give this product an upper hand if you’re looking for convenience.


  • Self-noise is only down to 5dB.
  • You can avail up until a 10-year warranty by registering your microphone.
  • Cardioid polar pattern makes this product incredibly complex and unique

You can check the distribution of frequency responses in the microphone’s circuitry from the polar pattern diagram.

  • Includes a package that enhances the convenience when using this microphone.
  • Very friendly towards computers and devices.


  • There are questions about the durability of this product

Internal parts could malfunction over time.

  • Price range may be a bit too much for some

Although it’s a bundle with many add-ons, $200 might be too expensive given the other options available.

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The MXL 990 comes in a ¾” gold-sputtered design that gives it an attractive microphone to have. However, aesthetics isn’t the only thing that the MXL 990 has. The sleek diaphragm also allows this microphone to produce high-quality sound.

This makes the MXL 990 an excellent choice for analog and digital recording. Moreover, the capsule has a flat response at around 30Hz to 20kHz. This helps enhance the bass boost if you’re using it for close-up performances like rap recording.

This microphone can also help polish your recordings if you need definition. This is because of the subtle high-end sizzle that you get with the MXL 990.


  • Champagne finish gives it a luxurious and sleek design.
  • Features a 130dB maximum SPL sensitivity

15MV/pa, equivalent noise: 20dB.

  • Custom shock mount included with mic stand adapter and carrying case.
  • No frills cardioid design

Includes FET preamp

No roll-off switches.


  • Not exactly noise-resistant

Can generate a lot of self-noise or humming when it gets older.

  • Might be only good for easier tasks

Podcasting or YouTube videos would work well, but if you’re planning on more creative recordings such as rap the MLX 990 might be short on features that you should look for.

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The Behringer C-1 is a condenser microphone with a large diaphragm. This gives it a superior edge in audio quality. It has an ultra-low noise feature to go along with great sound. This is made possible thanks to its FET input that eliminates distortion from low frequencies.

This condenser is perfect as a studio tool as well. It has a sturdy die-cast body that makes it an ideal long-term microphone. Moreover, it’s portable if you’re planning on using a mic outside. It has a foam carrying case to protect it further.

Furthermore, the Behringer C-1 is designed to have a cardioid frame. This design enables it to pick up source signals while denying off-axis sounds. These sounds are one of the main culprits in distorting the audio.

Lastly, it comes with a shock mounted transducer that’s also pressure-gradient. These features further give the C-1 noise-free performance. It also allows it to be neutral in sound that would work well for rapping.


  • Technology of the C-1 reduces noise and distortion to almost 0%

Denies off-axis sounds

Shock-mounted and pressure-gradient transducer.

  • Flat frequency response and ultra-high sound.
  • Gold-plated XLR output

Gives this microphone high signals.

  • Transport case and swivel stand mount included.


  • Not ideal if you’re reliant on using a computer with a microphone

You’ll need to buy more equipment because it can’t connect to a computer by itself.

  • Not very clean-sounding when you use it at higher volumes.
  • Noise-free features can malfunction over time.

What Mic Should You Buy?

Best Mic For Rap Vocals

There are different kinds of microphones such as bass, USB, multi-Pattern, and ribbon, among others. To help you not get confused, you should note that microphones can be classified into two major categories. These are the dynamic and condenser microphones.

There’s a lot of technicalities behind these two categories, and we’re not discussing them in detail. But to help you get a clearer vision of what mic to buy, it’s best to know their distinct characteristics.

Foremost, if we’re talking about frequency response, condenser mics are better used for higher frequencies. Examples of these applications are digital pianos, cymbals, xylophones, and acoustic guitars.

On the other hand, dynamic mics work better when used with low frequencies such as drums and bass guitars. Of course, experts would say that this isn’t highly accurate. But because you’re only looking to record your rap performance, it’s still a good argument to know.

Also, check this video for a more in-depth discussion on the dynamic mic vs. the condenser mic.

Size of Diaphragms

The reason why condensers work better with high frequencies is they have a smaller diaphragm. Hence, a smaller body would require lesser energy.

Meanwhile, a larger diaphragm from the dynamic mic generates sufficient power. This allows the mic to power itself through high voltage from movement. A smaller body can’t do this, which is why condensers need a phantom power to amplify.

Having this can be beneficial for your performance. Phantom power with your mic can enhance it more. You can achieve higher gain and record more sweet sounds.


For durability, it’s quite easy to figure that a bigger frame means stronger resistance to pressure. And this is the case for the dynamic mic. There’s a better chance of dropping this mic and staying intact and functional. Meanwhile, a condenser can break instantly if you drop it from a considerable height.

This is why dynamic mics are more frequently used in live performances on-stage. Although condenser mics are famous for studios and home recordings, you should take note that dynamic mics can work just as well too. It’s just a matter of what you’ll use it for.

After making a run down through these areas, we’ll be sticking with condenser mics. The reason for this is because of that phantom power feature. It gives you better sound quality while being better at noise reduction.

Best Mic For Rap Vocals Buying Guide


There are many areas to consider when purchasing a mic. Since we’re going with the condenser mics here, we’ll tackle its key components and functions.


One of your priorities when buying a condenser is if it’s good at reducing noise. Typically, there’s background or feedback when you use low-quality mics. Even worse, there’s hissing and humming present if you’ve struck a bad deal.

Make sure to check if your condenser will have an ultra-low noise feature. This can be measured by how low its decibel is.


Just a while ago we talked about the fragility of a condenser. Having an extra layer of protection will go a long way if you’re planning to buy one. You'd want a carrying case with foam to cover it. This is for storage purposes, especially if your studio or room will have plenty of people coming along.

The diaphragm of the microphone is also essential. Make sure it’s made with high-grade material, preferably made from the die-cast material. Take note that a sturdier and better core of your mic will also equate to better performance and reduction of self-noise.

Maintenance and cleaning play a fundamental role in your microphone’s durability too. Here’s a tutorial on how to clean a condenser mic.


Finally, we have the range. This means the reach of your mic when it comes to audio signals. This is measured in Hertz.

Rapping doesn’t commonly require a microphone that demands a range that works well with extreme frequencies. However, it’s still better to have a microphone that has a wide and dynamic range.

Versatility is always a good feature to have. Remember, rapping isn’t the only thing that you might use it for in the future!

The Verdict

The best condenser microphone is always the product that’s durable, high in audio sound, very clear and noise-free. If you’re purchasing a microphone because of you want to record your rap, then these features must be met.

That’s especially the case for sound quality. This is because rap is a fast style that will require clarity and noise reduction. Furthermore, choosing a condenser by a large performance close-up will be the best for you.

With that said, the AKG Pro C214 is best mic for rap vocals. There’s a lot of advanced features that this product has. Moreover, the main reason why it’s probably the best option out there is its proximity performance.

That along with its wide dynamic range, durability, and ultra-low noise feature makes it the best microphone for rap vocals. However, if you’re tight on the budget, the AT2020 is a good alternative to choose. Just remember that you won’t be getting the same benefits and convenience.

The Best Ways On How To Play Sound Through Mic

Learning how to play sound through mic is essential for computer users. There are various applications out there that require you to play music or sound without putting the mic in the speakers.

Of course, playing sound through the microphone can be done in different methods. There is no standard way of doing it unless you are just using a single application and program. Take a look at these various ways of playing sound through the mic.

How To Play Sound Through Mic (Windows Computers)

When you are using programs like Skype, broadcasting through your microphone is necessary. If you are going to have meetings and live video calls, a clear audio via the microphone is essential.

If you want to share the playback audio during a call in Skype, you need to configure the sound setting of your computer. In this way, you will be able to speak openly in your mic without disrupting the audio quality of your speakers.

Most of the Windows computer nowadays have sound card support. In this way, computers which are running under the Windows OS can share multiple audios through configuring some software.

To do this process, you just need to activate the "Stereo Mix" as your recording device. You can find this in the sound setting of your computer.

Sadly, this method is not applicable to Mac computers. Moreover, the software solution is not also available in other operating systems that don't support the "Stereo Mix" setting. If you are in the same situation, then you can opt to buy an auxiliary cable and just configure the hardware instead.

How To Find The Stereo Mix In Windows

How To Play Sound Through Mic

If you are using Windows 8.1 version, then you should find out first if your system supports the "Stereo Mix" configuration. Start by pressing the Windows button and type the "Sound" keyword. Once you hit enter, a pop-up window will appear. From the search results, click the "Settings" button.

Next, click the "Sound" option. You should see a "Recording" tab. Click that option so that you can locate the Stereo Mix. In the default settings, the Stereo Mix setting is disabled. You can activate it by right-clicking any recording devices.

Another option tab should appear here. Browse through it and search for the "Show Disconnected Devices" and "Show Disabled Devices." The "Stereo Mix" should be present in the list of the available devices. Click it so that you can activate this configuration.

What If The Stereo Mix In Windows Is Missing

You can never play sound in mic in Skype and any Windows application without the "Stereo Mix" setting. If you were not able to find the "Stereo Mix" setting, then we highly recommend that you should update your audio driver.

First, press the Windows button and type "Device Manager" (without the quotation marks). You don’t need to locate the search bar. Typing characters at the start menu automatically places those characters in the search bar.

Next, choose the "Device Manager" from the search results. After this, expand the "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" option. Then you should be able to see the sound devices in your system. Click on the one that you are using. Another window option should appear.

In there, click the "Driver" tab. After that, select the "Update Driver" so that your system will search for any available updates. If your system can't find any updates, then it simply means one thing.

Your current sound card does not support the "Stereo Mix" setting. If this is the case, then you should install another compatible sound card.

Auxiliary Cable

How To Play Sound Through Mic

Once the software-based solutions are not able to solve your problem, then it’s time for you to purchase an auxiliary cable. This type of method is compatible with Mac computers, too. Therefore, the hardware solution is the most viable option for those that don't have the "Stereo Mix" setting.

Get the cable and attach one of its ends to the jack of any sound sources. Devices like smartphones, tablets, and iPods are all compatible with this option. Meanwhile, the other end of the cable should be attached to the microphone input jack of your computer.

Next, you have to switch to the recording device. You can do this by going to the Control Panel option and click the "Sound" configuration. In there, switch the default device from "Microphone" to "Line-In." After this, you should be able to play sound through the mic.

There is also an option which they call the VB-Audio Virtual Cable. This is a free software which allows you to pair any output and input audio devices.

Once you have this program, you can play sound such as MP3 to the virtual output device. The next thing you need to do is to configure the virtual input device to "Microphone."

However, this option is not guaranteed to work on all occasions. Depending on the specs of your computer or the nature of the sound card, the VB-Audio Virtual Cable might not work. But still, there is no denying that some computer programmers and audio technicians are using this method.

If any of these options fail, then you should just purchase your virtual audio driver. Microsoft is offering some sample codes for this. However, they do not work with older versions of Windows. You should know that Microsoft already ended supporting Windows XP and later versions.

How To Record Audio From Mic Without Stereo Mix

Audacity's WASAPI Loopback

If you don't have a "Stereo Mix" on your computer, then you can also opt for the Audacity software. This audio program has a unique feature that lets you play and record sound through your mic without the help of Stereo Mix. In fact, Audacity offers much better functionality than the default "Stereo Mix."

This tool is compatible mainly with Windows Vista computers. However, it can also work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Some people who don't have the "Stereo Mix" option available in their computers resort to Audacity.

First, you have to select the "Windows WASAPI" audio host. Next, you have to choose the appropriate loopback that you want (e.g. Speakers, Headphones, or Microphone). Start recording and save the file once you are done.

How To Record Sound Through Mic In Mac Computers

How To Play Sound Through Mic

Apple devices have complete different setup compared to Windows computers. Therefore, playing sound through your microphone on a Mac computer requires different methods.

The first option is to use the Garageband. You have to install it on your computer. However, if you don't have this software, then you can opt for another method.

The alternative option you can do is to use Quicktime. First, you have to open Quicktime. Go to "File" and then press "New Audio Recording." After this, click the small triangle on the top right platform. A new pop-up window will appear once you click it.

There are two options to choose from: the Built-in Input (Line-in) and the Built-in Input (Internal Microphone). Choose which one will you use. You can also glide the volume of the recording button so that you can get the preferred loudness that you want.

Meanwhile, here is how to record sound through mic using GarageBand:

The first thing you need to do is to create a new project under the GarageBand. Next, select the input source. You can either choose your microphone or your speakers.

Moreover, you should not forget to turn the on the "Monitor." Optionally, you can remove any of the sound effects in the "Edit" tab.

Fixing Sound Drivers

Most of the sound problems you can encounter in Windows computers are due to the sound drivers. You cannot play sound through mic if your drivers are not compatible with the "Stereo Mix" option. Therefore, it is necessary that you know how to fix this kind of problem.

Before we go on, you should understand what audio drivers are.

All computer hardware and their respective operating systems do not use the same language. For a device to communicate, it needs an arbitrator or a mediator. In this case, it would be the drivers.

There are different drivers for Windows computers. Meanwhile, Mac computers may have limited drivers. They follow the default manufacturing components.

Therefore, it would be difficult for you to tweak Mac computers. Breaking into the system could result in misconfiguration and system malfunction.

If you are using a Windows computer, changing drivers is quite easy. Specifically, a sound driver is a software that lets your operating system (Windows) to coordinate with your sound card.

However, these drivers are not foolproof. From time to time, they encounter problems that affect the overall audio performance of your computer.

There are many reasons why sound and audio drivers receiver errors. Here are some of them:

  • Corrupt sound drivers
  • Missing sound drivers
  • Incompatible sound drivers
  • Outdated sound drivers

When any of these happen, your Windows computer won't be able to communicate with your sound card. There are a lot of repercussions for this. One of them is the inability of the microphone to play sound or music.

You will also encounter errors like "Bad DirectSound driver. Error code 8878078" and "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)." Once you can see any of these messages, then your audio driver has some problems.

There are ways to fix this problem. One of this is to reinstall the audio driver. All of the Windows computers are using a utility called the "Device Manager." This option allows you to install and uninstall various device drivers.

Most of the errors of sound and audio drivers happen because of wrong installation and corrupted audio driver files. Therefore, you have no choice but to uninstall your existing driver and reinstall it.

Here is how you can do this:

  • First, click the Windows button in your taskbar. After that, type the "Device Manager" keyword. Hit enter.
  • Next, double click the "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" menu.
  • Once you are there, search for the specific sound driver that is having trouble. Double click it so that the "Driver" tab will appear. In there, you can see an "Uninstall" option. Click it fully take down the driver and all of its files away from your computer.
  • After that, you need to reboot your computer. This is to ensure that the current settings are all saved. Turn on your computer again. This time, you have to install the "Driver Disc" for the audio driver. You should follow the installment instructions so that you won't encounter any trouble again.

Driver Management Tool

How To Play Sound Through Mic

The driver management tool is the best option you have so that you can solve all your audio drivers permanently. Specifically, you have to allow this tool to make a quick scan on your computer. In this way, it can detect the possible sources of the problem and how to fix it.

An effective driver management tool can do fast scans to your system. It can also highlight all the drivers installed in your computer and the available updates for them.

Some people are using driver management tools because they can save money and time. Moreover, they can prevent you from installing incompatible device drivers. These type of drivers are potential threats to your computer. They can cause system malfunction and other pesky troubles.

One of the good aspects of driver management tool is that they are easy to use. You don't need to be a computer programmer before you can use them. The functions are all straightforward. Therefore, you can fix any of your audio drivers’ problems with this tool.

There are different driver management tools you can download online today. You should know that driver management tools are not default programs of Windows computers. You might need to get a paid version to utilize the benefit of these tools fully.


Learning how to play sound through mic is essential. You can use them in different applications such as video calls, audio recording, and in-game conversations.

The steps we mentioned are all of the possible ways to do this trick. Some of them might not work because of compatibility reasons. However, we can guarantee that one or two of them will serve you right!

If the method outlined in this tutorial helped you in a way, please let us know through the comment section below.