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100 Of The Best Fingerstyle Guitar Songs Of All Time

If you are a practicing guitarist, you ought to know the best fingerstyle guitar songs. Otherwise, the dexterity of your fingers won't improve.

Fingerstyle is a playing technique in where you "harmonize" your thumb with the fingers to pluck the guitar's strings. Therefore, it is the plucking style that you are familiar with.

The general form of fingerpicking is the usage of first, second, and third fingers. Specifically, they should hit the E string, as well as the G and B.

Meanwhile, your thumb should be able to pluck the low D, E, and A strings. As you familiarize fingerpicking, you are also enhancing the capabilities of your guitar.

You will be able to play complex note arrangements. Moreover, your ears will get mesmerized by the warm sound that plucking provides.

Later, you will realize that can be able to pluck non-adjoining strings, which is impossible if you continue to rely on picks.

These are some of the reasons why fingerpicking is a must-learn guitar technique. Of course, this task would be difficult if you do not have some guide.

Fingerpicking is easy once you start learning songs that have heavy plucking compositions. There are a lot of pieces from a different genre that you can emulate.

However, in this article, we will be listing some of the best fingerstyle guitar songs to practice. Here are they!

How To Ship A Guitar: The Best Foolproof Method

How to ship a guitar? If you are planning to become a legitimate online seller of guitar, you should know the answer to this question.

Fortunately, the process is not as complicated as it seems. Well, it would prove to be an ordeal in the start. But once you can get used to it, it would be just a repetitive bliss.

However, it doesn't mean that you can take this process easy. In fact, you have to be meticulous even if you are familiar with the steps. After all, you need to satisfy your customers at all cost.

In this article, we will show the step-by-step process on how to ship a guitar. Make sure that you will master them properly. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Best Metal Pedals to buy in 2021

Are you looking for the best metal pedal? Then you are in the right place! In this article, we will be featuring some of the top-rated pedals that can add power and performance to your playing style. But first, do you know which effects pedal is right for the metal genre?

At this point, any guitarist would recommend distortion pedals if you are into metal and its other variants. Whether it is thrash metal, heavy metal, or death metal, a distortion pedal will always be the optimal choice.

A quality guitar can bring the sound and scream that you want for your leads or rhythms. However, without a good distortion pedal, it would just be dull and weak. It will never possess the power and intensity that a metal song should have.

If you are quite enthusiastic about this genre, then investing for a good metal pedal is necessary. As long as you got the right distortion pedal, the screams and shreds of your electric guitar will always stand out. And for that, here are our top picks for the best pedals for metal.

Top 5 Best Metal Pedals for Guitar

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If you are looking for a pedal that has an iconic legacy that can par with Boss DS-1, then you should choose the Pro Co RA2. From around the world, it is undeniable that this one has a lot of fans.

They say that this is one of the few pedals that you can love or hate. However, there still a lot of manufacturers that try to copy its design and performance.

Pro Co RAT2 is a distortion pedal that boasts a full and authentic analog path. Therefore, it can produce nostalgic metal sounds without having too much flavoring. Aside from metal, this effects pedal can also serve in other trending genres (e.g. blues, jazz, rock, punk).

The Pro Co RAT2 has a filter control that lets your instrument to stand out in the mix. The said control would also allow you to toggle between various frequencies.

Meanwhile, you can guarantee that the Volume and Distortion controls of this pedal work in perfect harmony to keep the tone impactful and consistent!


  • Enclosure is seeming indestructible.
  • True bypass circuitry.
  • Pure and authentic analog signal.
  • Simple but coordinated controls.
  • Versatile effects pedal.


  • Can produce distinct sound that may sound a little off to some.
  • It has a lot of trebles that might annoy you.

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One of the oldest and highly revered distortion pedals is the Boss DS-1. This list won't be complete without this particular product from Boss. We all know that Boss already produced a lot of distortion pedals, such as the DS-2.

However, nobody can just simply remove the DS-1 from the limelight. It can change the sound of your guitar in a straightforward manner. You don't have to do a lot of tweakings to make it run!

Despite its simplicity, the Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal has a lot of custom mods. It is also durable and can last years of usage. Even if you use it every night, this pedal won't surrender.

Moreover, the best deal that this distortion pedal is its price. An excellent quality pedal at a cost that won't sunder your pocket. Could you still ask for me?


  • Excellent quality for an entry price pedal.
  • Sturdily built and highly durable.
  • Doesn't have huge footprint.
  • Ideal for amateurs and novices.
  • Highly ergonomic setup.


  • Tone control is quite limited.
  • You may also need to partner it with other pedals to make it fully shine.

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Pump your leads to the next level and keep your rhythms drenched with the MXR M78 Custom Badass. This pedal is also a classic, just like the Boss DS1. It has a true bypass circuitry that any seasoned guitarist would recommend!

Regardless of the size of your setup, this pedal can still give you the full amp sound and tube-like distortion you are craving for. As long as you got the MXR M78, you can easily emulate various metal sounds and effects.

The simplicity of the MXR M78 is one if its useful features. The three-knob setup lets you get the powerful tone that you want your guitar to scream. Moreover, it also got a "Crunch" button for enabling its two diode modes. Meanwhile, you will love that it has LED clipping that enhances the distortion's harmony.


  • Circuitry is true bypass.
  • Metal construction (highly rigid).
  • Can generate full amp sound at any setting.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Doesn't consume too much space.


  • Its tone control has limits.
  • More of an overdrive sound than distortion.

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If you are looking for a high-end version of Boss DS-1, then you might want to take a look at the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.

Just from its name, you can assure yourself that this one is built for metal! Aside from its magnificent tone production, you will love the improvement of its tone control.

This distortion pedal comes with a dual gain circuit that can create ear-crushing screams. It can also generate bone-shattering distortion and long sustains!

One of the best upgrades that you can see in the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone is its 3-band EQ parameter. Specifically, it includes knobs for high/low shelving and a mid-band EQ as well.

Once you got this weaponry in your arsenal, you can already say that are ready to crush the sonic barriers!


  • Comes with dual-gain circuitry.
  • It got a parametric mid control.
  • Can produce various tones in simple configuration.
  • Quality of tone is truly excellent.
  • Works perfectly on live gigs.


  • You must dial the controls correctly to get the right sound.
  • The jack outputs are somehow loose.

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Donner Morpher is one of the distortion pedals that will tell you that your journey in metal will never end! With its true bypass circuitry, it will introduce you to a new spectrum of sound.

We can say that the quality of distortion that it produces simply outshine other pedals!

The intensity of distortion of Donner Morpher can get through your senses. It is an expressive distortion pedal that can echo shattering sounds. Despite its appearance, the Donner Morpher can work on different applications.

It is not just a practice pedal. You can also use it to recording sessions and live gigs!


  • Highly durable construction because of its aluminum-alloy chassis.
  • Performance is stable and consistent.
  • True bypass circuitry that can generate compelling tones.
  • Possesses LED indicators.
  • Quality but affordable.


  • It doesn't run on a battery.
  • You will need a 9-volt power supply for it to run.
  • It doesn't have a delay or echo function.

Best Metal Pedal Buying Guide

Best Metal Pedal

Before buying a distortion pedal, you should ask yourself with this important question: what is the amount of distortion you want to integrate to your signal? Do you want a lot of distortions or just a little?

From answering this question, you can already decide the type of pedal that you want. Specifically, you will deal with the different tone-manipulating capabilities of the pedals. Of course, the basic setup should include a level control, EQ, and harmonics.

The Importance Of EQ Parameters

The EQ parameters will put your guitar on the sound spectrum in where it could shine all out. It doesn't matter if you are in a recording studio or a live performance. The distortion pedal that you should choose should have an excellent EQ configuration.

Most of the time, big amps accompanies distortion pedals. They are the perfect partner. If you got good units of these two, you could produce full shredding sounds that everybody can hear.

However, the ideal distortion pedal should be able to give a full sound even in low volume. It should be able to do the same even if you only have a 15-watt amp.

Distortion pedals have variants, or cousins, to be appropriate. They are the overdrive and fuzz pedals. Both of the distortion and overdrive pedals can pack up the peak of your signal.

It will then load the latter with harmonics by rendering it to various clipping stages. When this process happens, the tone of your guitar will change.

Specifically, distortion pedal can alter your signal, regardless of the level. This makes this pedal ideal if you usually switch between high and clean gain sound. In short, it is one of your most versatile options for the metal genre.


A distortion pedal is your ideal choice if you want to pursue your interest in the metal genre. This effects pedal will give you the right tone that can amplify the overall sound of your electric guitar.

Moreover, it will guarantee that your instrument will stand out in the entire mix!

Of course, we know that you are looking for the best metal pedal. For that, we will give you the Pro Co RAT2 Distortion Pedal as a recommendation.

Although it is true that this pedal may not be the most advanced in the league, it can still provide you shattering screams and long sustains. The quality of the distortion it produces is compelling and irreplaceable, too!

However, we still suggest that you try all the metal pedals on this list. Who knows, you can find another distortion pedal that will satisfy your needs!

Top 5 Best Metal Guitar – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you think about the best metal guitar? If you are, then you probably know right now that choosing a good electric guitar for this genre is not a walk in the park. Contrary to popular belief, the metal genre is pretty intricate.

You cannot play songs or pieces that are under this category just because you have a strong amp and distortion pedal.

Although these accessories are essential, the main arsenal for the metal genre will always be your guitar. Of course, this statement is also true to other types of musical genre as well. Choosing the right guitar will always make the cut.

In this article, we will show you some of the best metal guitars that are available on the market today. We will also give you a detailed buying guide on how to choose an ideal electric guitar for metal. So what are we waiting for? Read on!

5 Of The Best Metal Guitars 2021

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In the realm of metal, ESP is a guaranteed kingdom. It is a guitar brand that already produced myriads of electric guitars for different genres.

However, most of their guitars excel at metal. Their ESP LTD EC-256 has a classic look and sleek appeal. It has components that certify its capacity to bring every metal sound that you want!

The price and performance of the ESP LTD EC-256 are in harmony. It doesn't cost too much, but its quality is indeed reverberating.

As we mentioned, it doesn't have an appearance of a medieval weapon. But it should not fool you. The sound it can produce is bright and thick, which are perfect for shredding sounds!

The origin of the EC-256 is the ESP Eclipse. However, this one, together with the EC-1000, is both expensive. If you have the capacity to buy them, then go.

But if not, EC-256 is the right choice for you. This particular guitar is the little brother of those expensive ESP metal guitars. It can still offer you a look of perks, even if you have a budget limit.


  • Body and other components are made of mahogany
  • Resonance is full and highly distinct
  • Easy to tune and has a stable performance
  • The next best thing to Les Paul guitars
  • Amazing aesthetics


  • Limited features compared to the EC-1000 and ESP Eclipse
  • Needs a little adjustment to regulate the action of the strings

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Any metal guitarist would recommend the Gibson Les Paul as an ideal guitar for this sophisticated genre. From its appearance, you can tell already that it is for conquering the world of metal.

It has a simple aesthetics, but it has the performance of a beast. There is a standard model for this guitar, but the Les Paul is always the top choice. Aside from the quality, it is budget friendly, too.

This guitar has an excellent construction. It has a mahogany body, which is an ideal tonewood for metal guitars.

It can provide rich and deep sound, which can complement detuned pieces correctly. The cap and neck are all mahogany, too. With all these parts play together, this guitar can shatter your hearing.

The Gibson Les Paul also comes with the 498T and 490R pickups. Both of these are way hotter than those of BurstBucker Pros.

Once again, these pickups are ideal for the metal genre. It has a stop-bar, which means that you can always tune this instrument with stability!


  • Sound is resonating and powerful
  • Quality design and construction
  • Pickups improves the overall performance of the guitar
  • Budget-friendly option
  • Ideal for professional usage


  • It has an entry price, but beginners would take time to learn this
  • Other Gibson Les Paul variants have better aesthetics than this one.

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The Schecter Omen 6 is a certified all-time favorite of many metal players. Its price is not as high as those high-end guitars and not as low as those entry-point products. You can say that this guitar is for the middle market. However, this one is certainly is worth your attention.

The Schecter Omen 6 doesn't particularly stand out when it comes to design. Its appearance is somehow bland and typical. Because of that, many people mistook it for an ordinary electric guitar.

But you should not come to the same conclusion as this one can produce nasty shreds and shocking resonance. Its tone are so thick that it can easily indulge anyone.

With its body and bolt-on neck made from mahogany, you can guarantee that buying this one is never a waste of money. Moreover, its Tune-O-Matic bridge and fretboard are made from far superior materials.


  • Top quality tuners and hardware
  • Uses the highly coveted Schecter Diamond pickups
  • The tonewood is mahogany
  • Loud shreds and long sustains
  • Body contours allow you to play it comfortably


  • Appearance is apparently not for metal
  • A little muddy if you set your amp to high gains

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One of the greatest metal guitarists of all time is Darrell Abbott. Even after he died, the legacy that he left still resonates in the entire community. You can see his influence on the shapes and styles of the guitars today.

Among this is the Dean Razorback. Among all the guitars here, only this one has the design that you can use for self-defense!

This one has neck and body made from mahogany. They optimize the overall sound that this guitar produces. Moreover, its 24-fret fingerboard is rosewood, so everything about the Razorback is quality.

It possesses hardware that is far superior compared to ordinary electric guitars. In fact, this is among the few guitars that are solely built for metal alone.

If you can spare some money, the Dean Razorback is an excellent choice. As long as you got this arsenal, you can tear any stages down!


  • The overall appearance is really for metal
  • Components are made from quality materials
  • The sound is incredibly powerful and punchy
  • Have high and long sustains
  • Perfect for studio recordings


  • A little pricey compared to other choices
  • Not for amateurs

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Many guitarists rant about the excellent quality of the Schecter products. Their guitars are fascinating. Moreover, their price will never break your bank account. When you play this guitar, you will immediately realize that it should cost more than its original value.

However, only a few of Schecter guitars can be considered on this list of the best metal guitars. Specifically, their top candidate is the Hellraiser C-1. It can stand out from the competition because of versatility, performance, and overall sound quality.

This particular guitar features a body made from mahogany. Meanwhile, its 24-fret fingerboard is rosewood. Therefore, you can guarantee that it can create rich resonance.

When it comes to style, this Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is mesmerizing. Its body has an arch design, which makes its comfortable and appealing to any users. The primary intention of the C-1 is to produce the dark tones which are iconic in death and thrash metal.

However, it is quite flexible to some other genres as well. It has an active pickup (EMG81TW and EG89R) which come with a coil tap. With these pickups, the sound that the C-1 can create is virtually limitless.


  • High-quality hardware
  • Classy appeal but has modern tone
  • Can create vast selection of sounds
  • Powerful and resonating tones
  • Ideal for live gigs and performances


  • Sustains are quite lacking
  • The bridge could use a little rework

Best Metal Guitar Buying Guide

Best Metal Guitar

As we mentioned earlier, getting the right electric guitar is essential if you want to improve your playing skills in the metal genre. Many think that those guitars have quirky and scary designs are must-haves for this kind of music.

However, most of the decent metal guitars have a bland and generic appearance. You won't discover their real power until you play on them already.

In selecting an electric guitar for the metal genre, you have to pay attention to the construction and not on the appearance. Specifically, you have to take a look at the type of materials used in the neck and body.

These components play a significant role on the quality on resonance, sustain, and the overall tone of the guitar. Moreover, you should not forget that electronics and hardware should be excellent as well.

Back in the days, the best guitars for metal were those that are producing sonic Strat sound. These guitars have ash bodies and maple necks. The sound they generate is usually bright, which are ideal for shredding (the iconic sound of metal).

Despite this, they can also perform well on the mid-range sounds and several variants of British overdrives.

Today, the world of metal went a huge leap already. Most of the metal pros out there typically prefer the combination of high-gain amps and detune guitars. With these two around, you can smash anyone's eardrums by just hitting a single chord.

Technically, the trademark sound of the modern metal is a dark, resonating tone. Therefore, the ideal tonewood that you should choose would be basswood and mahogany.

Meanwhile, you should not also ignore their capacity to send powerful signals to the amp. The construction should be rigid enough so that it can emulate the sustains and rhythmic harmony that your ears are craving.

Choosing The Right Metal Guitar

Metal Guitar

There are a lot of electric guitars that you can see on the market today. However, you will never know their real quality until you test them.

If you want to improve your skills as a metal guitarist, getting the right weapon is necessary. It doesn't matter what kind of subgenre you want to play. As long as you got the best metal guitar, anything else can be taken care!

Regardless of your preferences, the best way to get the right guitar is research. Get all the necessary information you can. Of course, this should include reviews and testaments from other guitar owners. In this way, you can already gauge the initial quality of a particular unit.

Meanwhile, you should never forget to test the actual guitar you want to own. You can always go to any music stores near you so that you can test some brands. If the product you want to buy is online, you should watch and hear its performance from review videos.

Below is the detailed review of our top picks for the best guitar for metal. They have been among the most excellent electric guitars that we encountered during our stint in the music industry.

They got reputable brand names that you would certainly take into account. Of course, that is just one qualification. The real performance of these guitars will only be unleashed once you start shredding with them!


These are our selection of the best metal guitars. Each of them can produce ear-crushing tones and energetic resonance that are ideal for metal. The sustains they can create are far better compared to the standard electric guitar. Of course, having any of them will improve your playing skills in the metal genre.

Best Metal Guitar

Among them, we recommend anyone to go with the ESP LTD EC-256 Black first. So far, this is the best choice that you have for metal guitars, considering its quality, performance, and price.

We are not saying that it is better than those high-end guitar units. Instead, we are saying that it can match them without tearing your pockets away.

Always get these recommended guitars if you want to pursue a shredding career. Who knows? These guitars may even take you on the pro scene!

How To Restring An Electric Guitar: The Best Method

Learning how to restring an electric guitar is essential. After all, you should know that electric guitars require a frequent change in the strings. In fact, electric guitars need more often change in strings compared to their acoustic counterparts.

Because of this reason, most manufacturers today have integrated specialized hardware on their guitars. As a result, restringing becomes fast and easy. Among the three types of guitars (classical, acoustic, and electric), the electronic ones are the most comfortable to restring.

Serious guitarists will need to restring their electric guitars every three to four months. Fortunately, the process is pretty simple. However, it still requires some practice.

In this article, we will teach you the easiest way to restring an electric guitar. Let us get started!

Best Guitar Pedal 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Guitar pedals come with different effects. Some of the most common guitar pedals are the reverb pedal, wah pedal, and overdrive.

Though these may have varying effects on your music, it can’t be denied that all of them are very useful. When used in the most efficient order, you can utilize all these effects. Of course, without sounding too overboard.

However, the whole process of finding the best guitar pedal for you is not as complicated. You do not have to be an expert in this field to know what you want from your guitar pedal. Is it the effects? The price? The brand?

5 Best Guitar Pedal for Beginners

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

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The next on our list is the Hall of Fame Reverb pedal. It’s a bundle that comes with all sorts of reverb effects that will surely entice you.

Many guitarists treat reverb as one of the essential pedals out there, so if you’re buying one might as well pick a versatile pedal.

When talking about reverb effects, you want to look at the number. How many reverbs are there? The more, the merrier. But of course, the sound quality is a must too. This is where the Hall of Fame enters and its quality inevitably backs up its name.

It comes 11 reverbs that can be easily switched using one of its four knobs. These range from classic ones like Hall to unique ones like Lofi. However, the TonePrint feature stands among the rest.

This is because it gives you instant downloadable access to different customized reverbs.


  • True Bypass.
  • Analog Dry Through feature provides maximum clarity and tonal integrity.
  • TonePrint reverb is matched with the TonePrint app for infinite reverb choices.
  • Can be a substitute to a delay pedal.


  • Needs a separate 9V adapter to work.
  • May overpower the tone of your amplifiers.

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive Effects Pedal

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The Fulltone OCD drive makes this list as our overdrive pedal of choice. Having an overdrive pedal gives you a lighter version of a distortion. This allows you to maintain the original tone of your electric guitar.

The Fulltone OCD gives you a lot of high overtones that rings well into feedback. There’s a lot of versatility with this product too. You can go clean when playing, or you can go punkish and wrong.

Again, the personality of your guitar wouldn’t be affected, so it’s perfect for rhythmic blending.

Furthermore, the responsiveness of the Fulltone has received positive comments. The knobs and other features work perfectly well to enhance your playing experience.


  • Works best with A-class tube amplifiers.
  • Has a vibrant and dynamic overtone.
  • Lets your guitar music shine through while in effect.
  • Great in low-gain setting.


  • Loses low frequencies when on.
  • Battery is hard to replace because of screws.

Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby is a Wah pedal that can give your guitar significant effects when playing. A wah pedal is usually used by guitarists that want that screaming factor in their music.

So if you want that extra human voice factor when you play your tunes, then the Dunlop GCB95 is one of the best products you can find out there. This product is already tried and tested by some of the best.

To name a few, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and David Gilmour is among the greats that have used the Cry Baby.

The aesthetics of the Dunlop is sleek and minimalistic. It comes with a smooth black finish that blends in well with the color of your amplifiers and stereos. Furthermore, it has a heavy die-cast construction, so you don’t need to worry about rust or scratches anytime soon.

Also, the Cry Baby has a 100K ohm potentiometer. This meter allows that swift and abrupt wah sound that you would want in your wah pedal.

Lastly, the Cry Baby is easy to operate.


  • Heavy Die Cast Construction.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Easy power through a 9V battery.
  • Indicative lights gives you a sound guide when you’re playing.
  • Smooth operation.


  • Sound can be squeaky after a few months of use.
  • Turning the on/off switch can be quite challenging.

BOSS Audio DS1 Distortion Guitar Pedal

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The Boss Audio DS1 is our distortion pedal of choice for this product review. Boss is known for its great distortion effects that take metal and punk music to the next level.

The DS1 distortion gives you a hard nose effect that’s great for metal music. However, you also get to maintain a high-pitch treble sound. The BOSS DS1 prevents that deep crunchy sound that other distortion pedals have. So if you’re looking for this right blend, the BOSS Audio DS1.

The BOSS Audio DS1 also has tone and distortion knobs. Make sure that you play with these knobs as it gives you that classic effect that made the BOSS popular. You also get extra gain thanks to the 12 o’clock setting.


  • Gives you extra gain.
  • Has a hard nose distortion but maintains a high treble sound.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Has a good cascading gain.


  • Battery can be quickly drained even when off.
  • Richer low-end zone effects are not met by this pedal.

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Our last product to review is the Donner Compressor Pedal, which is one of the best pedals when you base it in the reviews. A compressor pedal cleans your guitar’s sound by balancing the high and low audio signals. Hence, this is another great pedal to have for your performance.

One of the first things you’ll notice with this pedal is its sleek design and robust built. This is because it’s built out of the whole aluminium-alloy. Internal parts are great too as it features a true bypass.

Functionality-wise, the Donner Compressor Pedal comes with tone knobs to allow you to dial your desired sound. There are two modes which are treble and standard compression.


  • Very durable because of its whole aluminum alloy construction.
  • The compressed tone is round and smooth.
  • Has three knobs with two modals for versatility.
  • Has LED light to indicate its status.


  • Has a noticeable squishy sound past the 12 o’clock setting.
  • Has static when included in the circuit. Could suffer from a dangerous ground.

What To Look For In A Guitar Pedal?

Just as we mentioned earlier, the most important thing when buying a guitar pedal is knowing what you want from it. Personally, the first thing I look for when purchasing a pedal is the effects that come along with it.

For instance, some reverb pedals or compressor pedals can also be used effectively for added sustain. So instead of buying both a reverb and a sustain, I can just look into a particular reverb pedal with good sustain as well.


Best Guitar Pedal

The next thing I look at is if it works well with a bass or an electric guitar. Most people overlook the fact that not all pedals work naturally with both the bass and the electric guitar. What type of guitar are you looking a pedal for? Is it for your bass? Or your electric guitar?

An example of this would be a guitar distortion pedal. Using the distort effect might create a soft sound instead. This is because electric guitars are in a higher octave than bass guitars.

Another example would be the compressor pedal. The compressor pedal might be one of the very few instances that a particular pedal works for both the bass and the electric guitar.

Identifying which pedals work best with a particular guitar might help you avoid unwanted noises or strange sounds.


Best Guitar Pedal

Lastly, I look at the feature. This is a critical aspect when buying a guitar pedal. A guitar pedal may very formidable and technologically advanced, but this is not all that matters.

Are the knobs and controls all functional? Are they easy to use? Is the pedal itself comfortable to step on? Or is it durable enough to withstand stomping?

Nothing beats a simple yet durable guitar pedal effect. For me, pedals are best with solid rubber feet. This will help you not lose grip, especially during intense performances.

A durable pedal hinge is also crucial. This will keep your pedal’s lifespan long even when you love stomping on it.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Pedals?

Again, there are different types of pedals. These pedals are classified according to their effects. However, there are a lot of gray areas in organizing these pedals. Some pedals have different effects but fall under the same category.

We will be listing below some of the most shared and essential pedals to use, even for beginners.

The Basic Effects

 Different Kinds Of Pedals
  • Sustain pedal - A sustain prolongs a particular note or portion of your music. If you want emphasis on a particular note, the sustain pedal might come in handy.
  • Reverb pedal - The reverb pedal creates/adds space to your notes. This will make it sound as if you are making music in different kinds of halls or different sized spaces.
  • Drive pedal - A drive pedal has many uses. Whenever you try searching for “drive pedals,” you would also see overdrive, fuzz, and distortion popping out from your search engine. This is because a gray area lies between the effects and the uses of these pedals. 

However, put in a nutshell, a drive pedal just provides gain to your music to give the “overdrive” effect. It is a less harsh version of the distortion.

  • Wah pedal - The wah pedal is pretty much an effect that tries to mimic the human voice. The word wah is just an onomatopoeia for this effect that alters the resonance of notes. This is what makes the wah effect sound similar to a human voice saying “wah.”The Necessities in Your Chain

The Necessities in Your Chain

best effects pedals
  • Delay pedal - From the word itself, the delay pedal recreates a small digital recording of your riff then plays it back at a time of your choosing. In result, this is what creates the “delay effect.”
  • Compressor pedal - Finally, a compressor pedal compresses certain parts of your audio signal. This particular effect, however, is not as audibly heard as other effects.

It only reduces your audio signal when it exceeds a predetermined threshold then makes quiet audio signals louder. This is what creates a clean and balanced sound to your music.

Although these are not everything you need to know about the different kinds of pedals, their uses, and orders, these are just some of the basics covered. Especially for beginners, you might still need a lot of research on which pedals to get.

However, we will also be listing below some of the best guitar pedals you can try out there. Depending on the effects you need and your musical style, looking for the best guitar pedal for you should not be as complicated as it seems.

The Verdict

Since there are a ton of different guitar pedals out there, choosing the best pedal is up to your needs.

For example, if you want more audio signal balance, then a compressor should be the one for you. On the other hand, if you want to cover a lot of metal songs then a distortion pedal is the choice to make.

Ultimately, if you’re serious about playing the electric guitar, then you’ll eventually need all these pedals to perform well. Hence, it’s best if we pick one of the five we reviewed and start from there.

When it comes to pedals, reverbs are one of the key ones that you’ll need from day 1. You can use it for almost any kind of song. This is because the options and types of reverbs out there are almost limitless.

With that said, the TC Electronic Hall of Fame is probably the best guitar pedal that you should consider buying. The TonePrint feature gives you versatility in your effects right from the start. Not to mention, it’s durable and has a good reputation too.


Best Distortion Pedal – The 5 Top Choices in 2021

A guitar player is quite greedy when it comes to those sweet tones. Of course, the more you learn this instrument, the more you will realize that there are a lot of fields to explore. Among these epiphanies is that you need the best distortion pedal.

It is true that getting the desired tone is not just about the pedal. Instead, it should involve the total harmony of your guitar, strings, amps, and other accessories you are using. Once these amenities are around, there is a good chance that you can discover new sounds day by day!

However, the cheapest way to revolutionize the tone of your guitar is getting a variety of pedals.

Moreover, it is also the easiest route to transform the overall quality of your sound. A minimum amount of fifty bucks could already give you a plethora of choices. Spend a little more, and you can have access to exquisite guitar pedals on the market.

For the meantime, you might want to check out the best distortion pedals that are available today. After all, this should be among the first pedal variants that you have to invest. Here are they:

5 Best Distortion Pedals Reviews

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There is an unwritten rule that every guitar player should have a Boss pedal. This brand is pretty prevalent, especially in the guitar industry. They have been in the business for quite some time, which resulted to various imitations. However, Boss remain to be a stellar manufacturer.

For example, their BOSS Audio DS1 is among the most ubiquitous guitar pedals today. First, you will love this pedal because of its constant performance. Despite several reconstructions, the DS1 still possess the same distortion qualities.

Second, getting this one is always worth your money. After all, most BOSS pedals have prices residing on the entry level.

The design of this product is pretty straightforward. All of the knobs for Distortion, Tone, and Level have excellent arrangements. Once you can experiment with it, you will be able to configure your amp the way you want it.

This one runs on a pair of 9-volt batteries. However, it also comes with the AC adapter as well for a continuous performance.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Construction is pretty tough.
  • Can create multiple tones from your guitar.
  • Ideal for rock and metal genre.
  • Price is friendly for the pocket.


  • The volume can get too noisy.
  • Some occasional hiss can be heard.

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If you are looking for a tested-and-proven distortion pedal, then you have to settle with Pro Co RAT 2. This one can produce powerful and punchy distortions.

Almost any veteran rock players know the grit of this pedal. Therefore, it is not something that you can just remove in your list.

The RAT2 has a stout box that can withstand thousands of usage. Even if you use the pedal every night in your gigs, it won't even complain. As many are jesting, the RAT2 is meant to be abused.

This distortion pedal also comes with another version. Specifically, it is a newer model that has glow-in-the-dark indicators on the knob and LED markings. In short, it is RAT2 that you can benefit you if you are a nocturnal player.

Once you can hear the distortion that the RAT2 can produce, you will just get addicted to it. The default grind is pretty low, which is pretty satisfying on the ears already. However, this device still needs a complementary tightening and brightening. Therefore, a booster may come handy.


  • Sturdy and rugged design.
  • Comes with a night variant.
  • Perfect for rock genre with its dirty grinds.
  • Ideal for regular usage.
  • Analog circuitry is a plus.


  • Not the most versatile option for distortion pedals.
  • It doesn't come with a power supply.
  • It uses an old model jack (does not fit with 9-volt power supplies).

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Guitar players should know Earthquaker devices. Many professionals always see the pedals they produce to be excellent and guitar-smashing. All of their music accessories possess premium quality.

The parts are carefully picked, too. Aside from the Hoof Fuzz, you can also opt for their Disaster Transport Jr, Arrows Booster, and Monarch Overdrive.

Since the manufacturing of the Monarch Overdrive is put to a stop, the next best distortion pedal you can choose from this brand is the Hoof Fuzz. Many already attested to the quality of this EQD product. Some even claim that is better than the Monarch!

The same as the first two products we featured, the EQD Hoof Fuzz has a simple interface. The knobs for the controls are big and easy to configure. Aside from the usual Tone, Fuzz, and Level functions, the Hoof Fuzz also comes with the Shift.

This particular feature is the one responsible to the versatility of a pedal. Specifically, it lets you control the mids of your guitar. Most of the modern metal sounds today are byproducts of lifted mids.

The features of this guitar pedal are definitely worth your attention, especially on the quality of its fuzz distortion. Yes, it is true that is a little pricier than ordinary pedals. However, we can guarantee you that the cost is truly worth it.


  • The sustains are harmonic and very natural.
  • Tone quality is distinct and clear.
  • Diminishes muddy bass.
  • You can change the frequency response, thanks to its Shift feature.
  • Features an all-analog circuitry.


  • Not a good distortion pedal for blues rock.
  • The switching needs a little rework.

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Aside from Boss, Electro-Harmonix is also popular. If a guitar player is not using a Boss pedal, there is a good chance that he/ she is using an Electro-Harmonix product. Because of this, many considers EHX as the "boutique" among all the pedal manufacturers.

Usually, most of their pedals came from the United States. They also have a lot of models, so the selection for this brand is quite decent, too.

Among their distortion pedals, the Big Muff Pi has the most solid rapport. It is so prominent that many manufacturers tried to copy it. In fact, there is a Sovtek Russian and Black Russian iterations for this particular distortion pedal.

The Wren and Cuff pedal is a mimicry of the BiG Muff, too. Therefore, you can guarantee that this product is as solid as you think it is.

If this is your first time to try the Big Muff, then you should try this version first. The EHX Big Muff Pi is the latest model of the American Pi series (distortion pedals, not the tv show). Technically, this one is a sustainer or fuzzy in nature.

But when it comes to the performance, it just gives the quality distortions that you are looking for.

It comes with a simple setup too, just like the BOSS DS1. Configuring and learning this distortion pedal is quite easy, even for starters. If you want another brand aside from BOSS, then you should go with the Big Muff of EHX!


  • The sustain is pretty powerful and punchy.
  • Distortion quality is superb.
  • Features a true bypass technology.
  • Comes with batteries and DC-100 power supply.
  • Simple setup and configuration.


  • Big footprint (consumes too much space).
  • It is quite noisy if you don't equalize the tone.

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Pink is the new color of rock! Well, that is how the Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 defines it. With its chic appearance, nobody even guessed that it could produce extreme and rugged distortions. After we tested it, we easily that are perfect for heavy and death metal genres!

The Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 possesses multi-gain circuitry. As a result, this particular pedal can give you relentless sustains.

Moreover, such kind of scheme allows this unit to produce very thick distortions. Unlike most of the pedals in the distortion category, the UM300 is among the few that is built for distortion. No fuzz. No overdrives. Just pure distortion.

Meanwhile, this distortion pedal has a 3-band EQ for better control in the shaping of sound. The interface is pretty straightforward, too, which is an ideal feature for novices. It also got ergonomic LED indicators for the effect and battery level.

Another thing that you should love about the UM300 is its sturdy design. It can withstand extended usage without losing any quality. Since this product is conceived in Germany, you can guarantee that it will last long!


  • Premium design and construction.
  • Possess sufficient controls for limitless sound configuration.
  • Signal integrity is in bypass mode.
  • Purely made for distortion.
  • Can run on 9-volt batteries or DC power supply.


  • Can consume batteries pretty quickly.
  • Its pink color scheme is not for everyone.

The Best Distortion Pedal Buying Guide

Best Distortion Pedal

Apparently, choosing the ideal distortion pedal for you is quite important. As a guitar player, you have a particular tone or "voice" that you want to sing out. Of course, your guitar is not the only prerequisite for this voice to be heard.

If you choose a low-quality distortion pedal, it can cause effects to your overall playstyle. In the end, it might cause you dissatisfaction and bad taste.

Important Considerations

To choose the right distortion pedal, you should always be aware of the type of the genres you usually play. Will you use it for a country melody or thrash metal? Or are you planning on exploring on something else? Almost all of the guitar pedals you can see today are already designed for a particular genre.

Primarily, a distortion pedal is for the rock genre. In fact, it is one of the foundations of the rock and roll era. As a guitarist, you know that the said genre comes in various tones and permutations. Furthermore, in this type of musical genre, the grind of the guitar is always the icon.

Specifically, a distortion pedal can transform the sound waves coming from your guitar without being too dependent on the amp gain. This particular function is unique from an overdrive pedal.

The latter can alter the sound by increasing gains at specific spots and points. Just as its name suggest, an overdrive somehow pushes the amp to its limit. However, it does such in a very natural way.

Fuzz Boxes

Meanwhile, it is also notable that fuzz boxes and distortion pedals change the input signal from the guitar. As a result, both of these effects pedals can both give a hard-edged tone. This kind of sound is already a trademark of the modern.

But there is a particular area on which these two pedals part ways. A distortion pedal removes the bass prior the start of the clip. The removed bass is later added to the circuit.

On the other hand, a fuzz pedal primarily relies on increasing bass and powerful transistors. Both of these effects pedals alter the signal before the amp can do.

If you are looking for a Van Halen type of sound, then you should go for a distortion pedal. Among the rock genre pedals, distortion has the more potent effect. It can simply generate compelling sounds that small amps cannot do.

If you have a modern guitar, then having a distortion pedal can give a new spectrum of sound!

In buying a distortion pedal, make sure that you have an extra cable. The default cable of the pedal will connect the latter to your guitar. The additional cable will connect the pedal to your amp. Specifically, you will need cables of around 5 feet in length.

They can work well in any setup. You don't want to pick longer cables because they can cause tone loss.


A distortion pedal is a necessity for any guitar players who want to take the rock n' roll road. Of course, this type of effects pedal is also a good warmer for those who want to enhance their skills in playing metals.

If you want to put a punch and power to your music, then you certainly need a distortion pedal. The churning and grinding sound that a distortion pedal can produce can totally give a makeover to your playstyles.

Meanwhile, we declare the BOSS Audio DS1 as the best distortion pedal on the market today. From the brand to the performance, everything from DS1 is pure quality. Once you have this, you can already transform your dull sounds into smashing and electrifying screams!

Moreover, it wouldn't hurt you if you will try our other recommended pedals as well. Who knows? You might find something that suits your taste perfectly.

35 Of The Best Bass Guitar Songs Of All Time

Are you eager to enhance your bass-playing skills? Then you should learn the best bass guitar songs of all time!

Musicians and listeners alike have their individual qualifications for an excellent bass song. Some people will assume that it is about the riff of the bass. For some, it would be the complexities that bring life to a song.

A good bass can make you groove and dance to your feet. Sometimes, it would even invoke your emotions. After all, the bass is the soul of the band. Without it, a piece would be empty and incomplete.

In this article, we listed the best bass guitar songs of all time. Many audiophiles voted These tracks because of their flawless execution. The ranking of these songs is based on their bass impact and quality. Of course, the overall performance of these tracks is also part of the criteria.

So what are we waiting for? Turn on your subwoofers and let the bass of these songs go pumping!

5 Best Guitars For Small Hands in 2021

Most people who try learning the guitar start with the standard one. Even people with smaller hands. This is what makes learning the guitar difficult.

Women and younger children who try learning the guitar are faced with this simple yet crucial dilemma. Not being able to grip the fret properly or reach certain strings might sound simple but, they do affect your learning a lot.

It is important that you find the right guitar size for you. Not only will you be able to touch the fret and the strings correctly, but you also won't have any trouble carrying it. Or even tucking it under your arm during performances.

Finding the right guitar size for you will also make your experience more fun and enjoyable! With that said, we will be giving you tips on what to look for when finding the best guitar for small hands.

5 Best Guitars for Small Hands

The Yamaha JR1 is built for small hands due to its perfect ¾ size. The fingerboard of Yamaha width is at a convenient 43 mm. On the other hand, the string scale is just at 540 mm. Furthermore, the body depth is at 80-90 mm.

Yamaha has long been famous for its different instruments. Their junior-sized guitars are no exception to great sound and quality. Yamaha models the JR1 after the famous FG series. Like the FG series, selected wood and careful craftsmanship give you the best sound quality.

Also, the change in frame measurements suites your playstyle more if you’re a person with small hands.

Speaking of craftsmanship and material, the JR1 has a spruce top, meranti back, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge is best guitar for small hands.


  • Great Legacy Accessory Bundle

The JR1 comes with many add-ons that make the $150-$160 reasonable.

Comes with legacy picks, Yamaha’s folk guitar strings, DVD

Guitar accessories are also included such as a clip-on tuner, capo, guitar strap, and peg winder.

  • Great size for its strings and body.
  • Ideal for beginners; has all the necessities that you need.
  • The material is top-notch. Built for durability and the best sound quality.


  • Pegs might not be in sync
  • Tuner is quite complicated to use.

The Hola HG-36SB gives you an option to purchase it at either the junior or standard size. This is perfect if you’re looking to transition to a bigger guitar after using a junior that’s the same.

The guitar comes with great material and color. It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge to go with a mahogany back. Although it’s not a top-tier brand, Hola still delivers in sound quality.

The strings are D'Addario Coated Phosphor Bronze strings. This gives it a high quality that’s ready to play as soon as you buy it.

Furthermore, the strings are well matched. You won’t need to adjust the strings or grind the bridge. The sound is fully resonant and mellow.


  • Excellent sound quality

No buzzes

The laminated wood gives it a rich high tone together with good bass.

  • High-quality material

Features TUSQ nut and compensated TUSQ saddle

  • Very affordable ranging below $100
  • Comes with chrome die-cast tuners.


  • Not ready to play upon unboxing

Nuts are not glued, nut slots are positioned high, sharp fret ends, and many more components need a proper setup.

Can have a strange sound sometimes that might be due to loose parts on the pegs

The Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar features a Walnut colored finish to its paint. It is a ⅞” scale guitar. This is perfect for toddlers as well and aspiring guitarists with small hands. (specifically for right-handed players) Its neck is made out of maple and its fretboard out of rosewood.

It comes with Martin strings, usually bronze. Phosphor Bronze is often used for acoustic guitars, giving them a clear sound.

It also comes in other color finishes such as the Red Burst and the Natural Acoustic Guitar paint. However, the case is sold separately.


  • It is very lightweight as well.

Like the Music Alley’s Classical Guitar, it is also a perfect travel guitar. The size is ideal for people with small hands as well.

  • It is cheaper than most other guitars within this category.

It is a decent guitar at least, for its price range. Its paint finish is not as thin as it is more on the glossy side.


  • It has very high string action.

This might pose some problems for beginners as you will have to adjust the saddle and the truss rod to keep your hands from hurting too much.

  • The strings are not as good.

You might have to buy new strings for this guitar especially if you are looking for a warmer and richer sound.

  • The saddle is made out of plastic.

Like any other cheap guitars, synthetic saddles might have problems keeping your guitar in tune.

The Strong Wind is at a convenient ¾ size that makes playing easier thanks to its nylon strings. These nylon strings not only deliver comfort for your fingers, but it also generates top-notch sound.

The material of the Strong Wind’s body is also high quality. It has a laminated linden top and a basswood back and side.

Furthermore, the components of the Strong Wind are all designed to be high quality. The fingerboard is straight, and the tuners give a good intonation guide to your guitar.


  • Has excellent tone and sound quality
  • Material used gives it a sleek design and long-term durability
  • Comes with a tuner, polishing cloth, spare strings, and a gig bag.


  • Strings may stretch a lot, not ideal for beginners
  • The painting on the guitar has imperfections, and there are rough edges too

There can be sharp wood shavings on the fret area

  • Quite difficult to tune at times because of poorly tied strings

The Music Alley’s MA34-N Classical Junior Guitar is a 34” classical guitar with nylon strings. It is very lightweight as it only weighs a good 2.1lbs. This is perfect for children who want to learn to play the guitar, ideally 5-8 years old.

It also comes with a free two-month Take Lessons live. This will give you access to over 200 live, online group classes with different expert instructors for each month.


  • It is very lightweight.

Its light weight is perfect for people with small hands, beginners, children as well as musicians on the go.

  • Its strings are nylon.

Nylon strings would be less harsh on your hands. They also produce a more clean and crisp sound as compared to steel strings. (which also accumulate rust, just as we mentioned earlier.)

  • It comes with two-month free guitar lessons.

This will help you learn the guitar even when you’re alone.


  • The strings have trouble staying in tune.

Because of its material and the nylon strings, this guitar gets out of tune now and then. This might be a hassle for beginners who still can’t tune guitars without a tuning device.

  • It is coated with a thin layer of paint.

The thin coat of paint might deteriorate very quickly and leave you with a short lifespan guitar.

  • There are few complaints about unwanted buzzing in the fret.

When you play one same note all the way up the fret on some of the higher keys, you might encounter this.

What To Look For When Buying A Guitar

Yamaha JR1 Acoustic Guitar


Of course, if you are one of these “small hands” cases where you want to find the right guitar size for you, this would be the first thing you should be looking out for.

Is the fret too thick or too thin? Can you adequately reach all the strings for the primary keys/notes? Is it light enough for you to carry with ease?

Being able to properly hold the neck and carry the body of the guitar will have a significant role as to how you play.


The second thing you might want to look out for would be the strings. Do not take the strings lightly especially if you don’t want to end up with callouses and band-aids after a session.

Determine how many strings do you like or need. Usually, the acoustic guitar has five strings. However, if you feel like you want to go the extra mile, you can always opt for the six string guitars.

Let me warn you, though. It was already hard enough learning the guitar with five strings. I had trouble reaching the fifth string with my small hands. So if you’re a beginner and you just want to focus on learning how to play, the five string guitar might be the better option.

You can check this best guitar for small hands for more information on choosing the right guitar strings for you.

Kinds Of Strings

Best Guitar For Small Hands

Anyways, you do not need to be pressured into covering more notes/keys when it’s your first time learning. Next, is the type of string. The kind of string is what usually identifies the acoustic guitar from a classical guitar. Nylon and steel strings are among the most common materials used for guitar strings.

Steel strings could be much harsher for beginners or people with small hands. Pressing too hard on this kind of strings might leave marks on your fingers. Or worst, wounds. Aside from that, steel strings could also accumulate rust. If not well maintained, this might become a source of infection for your fingers as well.

However, steel strings are quieter in general. They produce a softer, more mellow music which is perfect if you love acoustic or classic songs.

Nylon strings, on the other hand, are made with different “tensions.” Nylon strings with lighter tension are easier to play. However, because they’re light and they quickly vibrate, they can give out some unwanted buzz. On the other hand, normal or medium tension produces a consistent tone.

String Gauge

Another factor you should look into when choosing strings for your guitar is its gauge. The thickness or the diameter of the string also plays a significant role in your learning experience and music.

Note that the strings matter a lot. Both for your experience and the music you will be producing.

The Guitar Itself

Third and last thing you should be looking out for is the guitar itself. Is the wood that they used for high quality? Is the paint job and coating durable enough to withstand long sessions?

The wood used is critical as this might also affect the sound your guitar will be producing.

Other than its size and weight, the wood utilized in the body and the neck affects your music. This is because the sound waves vibrate/bounce off from the wood inside your guitar.

The hardness or softness, as well as the ambiance of the music produced, can also be attributed to the type of wood used.

These aren’t all of the things you should be considering when buying a guitar, especially for small hands. However, these are the fundamentals. There will be other things as well such as the quality of the tuning pegs, its accessories, and connection capabilities.

You might even be concerned about the price or the brand. But remember, it’s your needs and musical preferences that should matter the most. Do not sacrifice your experience and the artistic quality for the price.

If you need a smaller and lighter guitar for your little hands, or customized strings to make your learning experience more comfortable, you must take notes of these first.

The Verdict

With all the guitars we reviewed, the Yamaha JR1 is best guitar for small hands. We used parameters such as comfortability for smaller hands, durability, and sound quality.

Judging by these criteria, Yamaha’s detailed approach to the JR1’s design gives it a significant edge among its competitors.

It’s made from the best materials, and its build gives you maximum comfort. Kids, women and older people will enjoy this convenience of the JR1.

Although it’s one of the pricier products, the JR1 comes in a complete set of different tools and accessories for your guitar.

Whether it be tuning or tutorials, everything is covered in one bundle. This saves you time and money which is perfect for beginners most especially.