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Is Banjo Harder Than Guitar?

The debate is endless between the banjo and guitar. For beginners, it’s become quite hard to decide which style of music they want to learn. So, beginners who are in a dilemma on choosing any one style, this guide is for them. Here, we will show you whether the banjo is harder than the guitar or […]

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How to Use Your DAW to Improve Your Guitar Playing

Guitarists tend to get tunnel vision when practicing. You get a practice tone going, you start playing through some scales, some licks, some chord changes, and everything sounds good, right? Then you get into the practice room, or even worse the studio, and it all falls apart. Your tone sucks and you’re not able to “nail” […]

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Top 5 Ways To Make Money As A Guitarist

Most guitarists dream of getting paid a steady income for playing their own music. Getting to a place where this is possible can be challenging and sometimes daunting. In order to support themselves as artists guitarists need to find various paying gigs. Luckily, there are many ways for guitarists to make a living while fighting […]

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Top 100 Guitar Lessons For Your Kids

What are the easiest guitar lessons for kids? Are there any songs out there that they can grasp quickly? Well, you can find all the answers to these questions in this article. So read on! We love to teach our kids essential skills to develop their holistic well-being. Aside from sports and arts, music is […]

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The Best Cheap Guitar Pedals On The Market Today!

Every guitarist nowadays is looking for the best cheap guitar pedals. Since the birth of this accessory, almost all electric guitar players became so obsessed with them. For those who are longing for quality tones, then a pedal is a must. However, new pedals may come costly. Of course, high-end brands would give you the price that […]

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7 Of The Best Volume Pedals On 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best volume pedal is somehow a tricky process At first, you might think that the process is straightforward. After all, these effects pedal don’t produce their unique sound. Instead, then just serve as a means of volume modulation. Of course, the mechanism is pretty simple, too. However, once you get down to business, you will […]

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How To Read Bass Tabs: The Best Guide For Beginners

How to read bass tabs? For those who wants to master a bass guitar, answering this question is necessary. Or to be appropriate, learning the answer to this interesting query is the best way to go. Regardless of the genre, many musicians consider bass the as the soul of a band. A bass guitar can create […]

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