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The Best Headphones To Practice Guitar Quietly

Learning how to play guitar isn't particularly easy. Once you have the basics like finger positions and chord composition down, you'll still need to put in countless hours of practice. Unfortunately, those hours can be torturous to anyone who lives in your home or even nearby - that is, unless you have access to a great set of headphones.

There are plenty of headphones that work incredibly well for those who want to learn how to play an electric guitar quietly, ranging from those created specifically for guitars to all-purpose headphones that do a great job of providing an excellent aural experience. Below are eight of the best currently on the market.

11 Tips For Healthy Guitar Practicing

Learning a guitar takes time, but with regular practice, anyone can learn it to perfection. The basics of playing guitar are very easy to learn, and you can take your playing to perfect levels with practice.  The habits you build in the beginning stages of your practice will stick with you till you play guitar in your life.

If you begin with the correct styles and habits, you are sure to reach the levels or perfection where you can play for any type of song or music. So, check out these tips to make your guitar as effective as possible.

Holding the guitar

The first step in learning a guitar is holding it correctly in your hands. If you are a right-hand person, you should hold the neck of the guitar with your left hand. Put your right hand in the middle of the sound hole and the guitar bridge. Align the neck of the guitar at 45 degrees with the vertical position of your body and hold the back of guitar so that it touches the right side of your abdomen.

Hold the pick correctly

Holding the guitar

The pick is a tiny device used to play the strings of a guitar. It is essential to hold the pick correctly to play the guitar comfortably and produce the required tones. Hold the pick between the thumb and fingers of your dominant hand, so that the skinny point faces towards your body. A tiny part of the pick should stick out of your fingers.

Playing the chords

Playing the chords

An essential part of playing guitar is playing the chords. You need to practice playing the chords until you produce even notes without any highs or lows. The best way is to start with the first position chords that you need to play between the first and third fret. Using a few first position chords, you can play the tones for pop, country, and rock genres.

Playing the Barre chords

They are also called the power chords, and you can make them by positioning the same finger at different frets. For example, one can make a G chord in the 1st position or by making a barre chord at the third fret.

Find the buzz point

Play the strings, so light with your left hand that the notes buzz due to not playing hard enough. Then press enough to make the buzz disappear from the notes. When you squeeze harder than the point on which you have just made the buzz disappear, you need to warm up daily to repeat finding the “just enough point” for not to buzz. Squeezing beyond the just enough point” would be a waste of energy and might lead to an injury.

Practice to a beat

Most players play the guitar to different songs as they want to play with speed. But playing steadily with feeling to a song is the key to achieve perfection in guitar. Practicing to a beat enables a player to play the notes he or she can see not the ones he/she can play. It is crucial to develop a sense of rhythm to achieve perfection in your playing.

Practice Scales

The guitar training academies offer you scale sheets that you need to learn and practice. However, the self-learning players need to find the scale and practice them while playing. If you are learning to play the guitar yourself, you can search and download the lesson and scales to practice them, but it is beneficial to learn from an instructor.

Make your practice fun

Make a decision for learning playing the guitar on a new song for every new scale or page of your learning book. It is best to learn playing for the type of genres you want to learn instead of spending your time learning unwanted songs. If you are learning from a teacher, you can ask them to help you to play for the songs you want to learn.

Create a practice schedule

Create a practice schedule

As every new field, whether it is learning a guitar or martial art, requires practice to learn. You need to spend sufficient time daily to learn to play guitar. Therefore, it is best to create a practice schedule to organize your time and regularity. It will help you to provide real-time to your learning.

For example, if you work in a job and have a family, you won’t have sufficient time. It is better practicing 15 minutes daily than to schedule a three hours session in a single day and none for rest days in a week. If you have spare time, you can practice for hours in a day, but you should be realistic regarding the practice time.

Skill building and fun activities

As a beginner, you need to learn the basic skills first, while professionals can practice more fun. It is best to create a balance between what you need to learn and what you want to learn while playing the guitar.

For example, if your teacher instructs, first to practice scales on a mini guitar and you want to learn to play on your favorite song, you should practice the scales first. As you develop your skills on scales, you can practice learning on any song you like.

Practice and learn from others

A person cannot be perfect by playing the guitar alone. You should learn from other professionals. Many professionals offer online lessons on video platforms like YouTube. After learning the necessary skills, you can follow a professional to learn the advanced lessons.

It is also essential to play your guitar in groups with experienced players as you can learn many lessons from them. The positivity and collective energy help a player to learn more and achieve the next levels of learning guitar.

Final words

Learning a guitar is an art. The more you practice playing guitar, the more you learn. Learning playing guitar is a never-ending activity, and the tips in this post can help any beginner to learn the guitar from the basics.

How To Succeed In Your Music Lessons?

A music teacher is surely a major reason for the success of a student. No doubt about that! But, pick any music learning theory and you will find the role of the student is relatively more prominent.

The credentials of a teacher give you a kick start but to continue the student has to be well prepared for the next step. Here is a list of 6 steps compiled for the benefit of the students in the most specific situations to avoid frustration and accelerate the learning process.

How to Sing Like A Country Music Artist

It may surprise you to learn that many famous country music artists weren’t born with that perfect country twang. Believe it or not, Shania Twain is from Canada, and Jo Dee Messina is from Boston.

So, how did these popular artists learn to sing that perfect country twang? They had to learn it, of course. Surprisingly, you don’t have to be born in the South to sing like your favorite country music artist.

The Most Popular Electric Guitar Models

There are hundreds of electric guitar models out there, but only a fraction of those can be called great. Many of these models are popularized by the world’s foremost musicians, and many guitar players have since worked hard to acquire these very same guitars that their idols play or have played.

From beginners to seasoned pros, musicians of any age strive to have the best instrument they can get. Here are some of the most popular axes that’s on many musicians’ electric guitar wishlist.

Best Musical Instruments to Be Given to Children

Only one-third of the kids learn to play musical instruments and this is the reason that 70% of
the adults wish that they had learned. For advocacy of music education, it is essential that we
take into account the music education statistics. Schools which offer music programs have
approximately 90.2% graduation rate whereas the institutions not offering it have 72.9% rate
on average.

The Gallup Poll conducted a special survey titled American Attitudes toward Music. It revealed
that 71% of the people believed that teenagers who played musical instruments were more
disciplined and 95% of them had a firm conviction that music plays a positive role in essential
child development.

The findings by the National I​​nstitute of Health suggest that musical interventions have the
potential to support child development and facilitate educational processes. They enhance the
language, cognitive, social, motor, and academic abilities. Considering these facts, we present
the list of the top musical instruments which must be given to children:

How to Improve Your Singing Skills

In today’s time, a lot of singers are discovering new and unique ways of being more in key, eliminate nasality and increasing the volume of their voice. Whether you are just someone who loves singing with the radio while driving down the road or performing professionally on stage with your band, there is always a good reason to learn and improve your singing voice.

Lastly, passion is the name of the game. If you want your voice to improve into something attractive, you will sing and practice often. You can also opt to have vocal lessons at Bohemian Vocal Studio to improve and be a good singer! Singing is an art, not unlike composing music or painting. Keeping in touch with your voice will keep you satisfied and self-assured, apart from working as a form of personal therapy. You always need to remember that your voice is your body’s musical instrument and staying in practice will help you maintain it.

Here are some tips on how you can improve your voice to be better than the best bookshelf speakers in your home.

The Most Important Tips That You Need to Know to Maintain Your Guitar

If you are a guitar owner, you probably attach a lot of sentimental value to your instrument. After all, you know your guitar like the back of your hand and are able to make it sound just the way you want. Due to this, you will want your instrument to last as long as it possibly can.

Then there is also the fact that some of the best instruments aren’t exactly cheap either, which means that you have made some kind of investment. So, it stands to reason that you probably don’t want to spend that kind of money any time soon. 

Well, the best way to ensure that your guitar continues to hold up well is if you maintain it properly, guaranteeing a longer lifespan. If you aren’t entirely sure how to go about this, check out these useful tips below:

Top 10 Best Chorus Pedals On 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

People who are in dire need to color the tone of their guitar must have the best chorus pedals. If you are aiming to mimic the glorious shine of the "Come As You Are" of Nirvana or emulate the beautiful tones of psychedelic rock, then these pedals are a must have.

Chorus pedals will let you explore the undiscovered sonic charters of your instrument. In addition, as long as you own a quality unit, you can produce ecstatic rich tone anytime you want. Moreover, it can also provide noticeable interference and thickness in your instrument.

Because of these features, chorus pedals became a favorite accessory of rock ballad bands in the 80s. But don't get us wrong. These pedals are still widely used today, especially by professionals in the scene.

A guitar geek would not miss the chance to grab an excellent model of chorus pedal. Furthermore, with all the perks that it can provide, buying this pedal will never become a wrong investment!

In this article, we listed down ten of the best chorus pedals out there. Out of the dozens of chorus pedals out there, only the units on the following list were able to make the cut. See all of them for yourself.

5 Tackiest Music Clichés Everyone Is Fed Up Of Hearing

Let it be through the overblown levels of emotion or dreaded auto tunes, artists use every possible trick to make us love their music. When obnoxious, silly music choruses like “Ooh la la” makes us dance, cry, or scream, it becomes the trend for the songwriters and singers to follow. Call it inspiration or lineage, but it works.

But sometimes these stale traits becomes too much that it starts sounding loathsome and boring. Some meaningless clichés become a part of music just because it happens to rhyme.

Here are such 5 tackiest music clichés everyone is fedup of hearing.