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How To Make Vlogs On IPad – A Guide for Beginners

Nowadays, vlogging is one of the best online career options. Especially our youngsters are greatly attracted to this profession as you don’t need to invest much money in this profession. So it is a cool, easy, and interesting career to pursue and make money easily.

At the start, people used to think that for perfect vlogging you need a premium quality camera. To some extent it is true, but you can also use your iPad for making good video content.

In this article, I’m going to tell you how can you make Vlogs using IPad. Probably, certain ways are using which you can create an impressive vlog. Let us have a look at those ways by which you can produce a perfect vlog on IPad.

  • Apps for improving built-in video camera quality.
  • Apps for editing captured videos.
  • Apps for creating video from pictures.
  • Apps for adding effects to your content.
  • Apps for adding music to your vlog.
  • Apps for enhancing your content presentation.
  • Apps for sharing your Vlog.

1. Inshot - Best video app for enhancing video quality

Inshot is a basic video enhancer designed for beginners. Using this app you can focus on pictures easily and get the desired results. It gives you high-resolution video and along with several zooms in and out effects.

The app gives you free download offers. Furthermore, many other features are also offered by this app to enhance the functionality of your IPad camera.

Bonus Tip:

Using an external mic for recording audio is one of the best practices one could use for making a vlog with iPad.

So, don’t forget to use an external mic whenever you are making a vlog with iPad because its built-in mic cannot capture discretion or full HD audio easily.

2. Pinnacle Studio Pro-Best Vlogging editor 2021

Pinnacle studio app offers you a wide array of effects to edit your vlogs as per your wish. This app is specially designed for professional vloggers. The app bestows you with various editing tools such as slow-motion, transitions, and pan-zoom, etc.

No doubt the app is not offering these features for free but for sure it worth it. The app costs you about $12.99 but is an ideal app for correctly editing your vlogs.

3. VideoShop-Best app for adding effects

This app is a great tool for the sake of adding various effects to your video content. The app provides you a list of fun features that are updated frequently. The app allows you to add filters, add texts, do voice-overs, and you can also speed up or speed down your footage according to your need.

The app also offers you several frames by using which you can crop your video which fits best to your need.

4. Videopix - Best app for creating video from pictures

In order to create a vlog using captured pics, the best app you can use is video-pix. The app turns your pictures into a stunning video. You can add playback music, manage its speed and add up transitions as well.

You can also check out its ‘screen grab’ feature and saved perfectly timed pictures from video back into the phone. Overall, the app imparts you a lot of powerful features for creating an incredible vlog.

5. iMusicVideo app-best app for adding music

Using this app, you can add suitable soundtracks to your vlogs and make an ultimate video. You can use music from your music library or can choose from an online available collection. All you have to do is download this app and then get facilitated by its unlimited features.

6. Enlight Video leap-Best tool for enhancing your presentation

A video leap is the most advanced platform for enhancing your vlog presentation. It is packed with tons of tools to give you results up to the mark. It provides you more than 100 sound effects, Layer-base editing, Chroma-key compositing, and equalizers are present as well.

This app also bestows you a timeline where you can see your clips frame-by-frame. You can download this app for free from the app store. Moreover, this app offers you a lot of features for free but if you want to get more features then you can purchase them in app-purchases.

7. Video sharing

After you have made your video content, you can share it with your friends and in public via various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as well. The more you share your video, the more it will get fame and you will achieve your goal. But keep in mind that your content should be inspiring and you should have a piece of proper information about your content. Try to get more and more feedback to improve your content.

8. Be Consistent

Don’t lose your hope if you are unable to get the attention of your audience. Be consistent and try to add more quality to your videos.

Vloggers like PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and Jon Olsson didn’t gain all these subscribers in a single day. More precisely, if you take a look at their old videos, you’ll get to know that these videos were quite mediocre.

However, these professionals didn’t give up no matter the circumstances they faced. And now you could see how popular they are on YouTube and other online social sharing websites.

So, just take a leap and never look back. Try to add at least 3 to 4 videos for a week on your channel and ask your friends and family to support you without any hesitation.

I’m damn sure that you’ll get famous within a short time. You could then shift to getting a DSLR camera for making vivid video blogs as well.

Final words

I hope this article would be of great help to you. I have tried my best to provide you enough information on this matter. So, no more worries just try out the above-mentioned ways and you can easily make vlogs using an iPad. I’m grateful to you for reading this article.

Best Of Luck!

What Can I Do With Spatial Sound Edge? Features and Pros Cons

What can I do with Spatial Sound Edge?  But do you know what Spatial Sound Edge is?  People around the world depend on technological innovations more and more that arising. No matter where a person stays, he uses technology for enjoying his leisure or doing some work.

Since the technology introduced, Bluetooth speaker has made more advancements in the quality of sound produced by speakers. Different companies are making audio devices for the market that produce the best quality sound. Spatial Sound Edge is one of the top competitors in the market that produce the best quality sound.

What is Spatial Sound Edge?

Spatial Sound Edge modern-day innovative portable speaker that creates a surround sound environment around it. And  Let’s get a clear idea in our spatialsound edge review. This Bluetooth device is an advanced sound speaker with a remote controller to smoothly navigate the speaker’s activities. This speaker is different from others because it provides refined and top-notch sound quality.

With this amazing music tool, we can listen to music wherever we want, on the beach, on the train, in our car and also in our house. This Bluetooth device can be connected to any device’s mobile phone, laptop, or any other device to listen to music.

This amazing portable Bluetooth Wi-Fi speaker is a perfect audio frequency fixture. This audio sound device is advanced sound equipment having a vibration Bluetooth. And it is capable of making it harder to surface euphonious play notes for proper sound.

Features of Spatial Sound Edge

People use Spatial Sound Edge instead of other audio devices around and in the market because it provides better sound quality with innovation. Here are some impressive features we want to discuss in this section.

  • Spatial Sound Edge has rich 3D sound quality.
  • This device can work on any surface it may put into, including metal, wood, and glass, etc.
  • It has a larger battery, which provides longer backup, and it also charges very fast.
  • Any surface we put into making it a powerful speaker with high bass.
  •  It consists of multimedia with a mike input.
  • It has two speakers, one membrane sound frequency, and the other create the vibration for bass.
  • 15W output power in this device
  • It gets a power supply from a lithium rechargeable battery.
  • It has a Bluetooth distance of 8 meters.
  • It provides 2-3 hours of playtime with one charge.
  • The compact speaker is viable with all the devices such as Android,  iOS, Pc's, etc.
  • Its drum design provides incredible 360° surround sound.
  • It can be controlled easily and also has a brilliant outlook.
  • Come up with a 12-months warranty.

What can I do with Spatial Sound Edge?

Spatial Sound Edge

What can I do with Spatial Sound Edge? Or why should people need this Spatial Sound Edge? These questions may arise in the mind when you think about buying this audio device.

It’s undeniable that people of all ages love to hear music. In this case, Spatial Sound Edge provides you with the best sound and bass quality that will guarantee an incredible music experience. The enhanced bass that comes up with the spatial sound edge gives an extra boost to the music so that tempo is not lost.

There is an appropriate reason why the producer added “Edge” in this device’s name. This means that this product will have an advantage compared to other products in the market previously.

Sure enough, this gadget has superiority in the market with other products because of the distinctive features that we described in this article. You will know much more when buying this product.

Pros and Cons of Spatial Sound Edge

Everything that is produced by humans has some superiority or pros and some flaws or Cons. Many Bluetooth devices have problems in the distance creates sound distortion and connection loss, and many other problems. But this product makeover most of the obstacles in its way, making a great music experience for users.

To ensure that the seller is just not promoting the product to be good, here are some Pros and cons of this device.


  • This device provides better Bluetooth connectivity with the devices.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • It has a fast recharging capability.
  • Long-distance Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Portable on any surface, sure to its low weight if this device.
  • It has a 360° surround sound.
  • Easy to use
  • Enhanced bass that keeps the sound quality perfect.
  • For keeping stability on any surface, it has a sucker in the bottom.
  • It also provides a 10-meter range of remote control for precise use.
  • A built-in mic provides the facility to talk to people with this device.


  • The remote controller cannot be used without attaching any antenna.
  • The sound is not as loud as a big speaker.
  • In the long-range, it may cause sound distortion.


Spatial Sound Edge is a kind of audio device that gives you the best quality sound performance in all directions. For the people who love to listen to music with a better sound quality and surrounding environment, this the item for them.

The sound quality of this remains unaffected wherever you put the device. It gives perfect sound for you with a wireless Bluetooth connection up to 9 meters of distance. Its remote controller provides the potential user convenient support. This amazing conservative and portable device is a hot cake for the music listener.

What You Should Know About Email Marketing for Musicians

Musicians choose their career because they have a passion for music, and they want to share it with the world. Then they find out just how difficult that sharing can be.

One of the best promotional strategies for musicians is email marketing.

After all, what better way to make your music heard than to deliver it right to someone's inbox?

The key to successful email marketing for musicians is in the execution.

These tips can help you launch a great strategy.

Tips for Email Marketing for Musicians

To make the most of your emails in your music marketing strategy, use these tips below.

1 - Don't Underestimate Private Sending.

Email marketing is a great way to announce your latest tracks or pursue record deals.

The problem, though, without using a robust email marketing platform designed for the music industry, it's easy to lose which song went to which recipient. This is especially important if you're sending unreleased music.

Make sure you use an email service that provides a form of private sending. As much as you may trust the people on your contact list, it's not a good idea to deliver the wrong music to the wrong person.

The best services will provide private sending, real-time tracking and analytics, which means seeing what's going on with your promotional campaign at any given time is possible.

2 - Manage Multiple Email Lists

When it comes to promoting music or sending bulk marketing emails in general, segmentation is critical. Without an organised up to date email list, email marketing becomes a challenge.

If you're a musician, you should use marketing emails for different purposes. Maintaining a few other email lists for those purposes will make your communications more productive and achieve better results.

For example, if you're seeking a record deal, have one email list for people in the industry you want to pitch. Then have another email list for fans so you can promote your music independently as well.

To organise your email lists:

  • Make sure your chosen email marketing platform has an easy way to segment the email lists.
  • Spend time organing your email lists; segmentation is probably the most critical part of email marketing.
  • Remember; always deliver the right message to the right person.

3- Always Plan Your Next Step

The key to great email marketing is driving people to the next step of the process.

To do that, you need a clear and compelling call-to-action.

For every email, determine the next step you want the readers to take. It could be purchasing your next release or calling you to schedule a meeting.

A useful tip for driving engagement is to ask the reader one question in the body of the email. But don't over complicate your problem to the recipient or add multiple proposals.

For example, you could say: "would you feature my music on your next radio show?". The reader can reply back quickly with a 'yes' or 'no' answer. Which then starts the conversation, builds a relationship and ultimately trust.

Whatever it may be, guide readers to it and make it as convenient as possible for them.

4 - Give People a Reason to Scroll

There's a common myth that people rarely scroll on websites and emails. You might think all the pertinent information needs to be "above the fold," or on the part of the screen, they see right away.

That may have been true in the Internet's early days, but today people are willing to explore more. You just have to give them a reason to scroll by telling them what type of compelling content awaits.

For example, you could say. "For those who read to the bottom of this email, I'm giving something away." Writing something like the example will create mystery, and most will want to find out what you're giving away.

5 - Put Serious Thought into Your Subject Line

The subject line may be the most underrated part of a marketing email. After all, the only information your viewer has to determine if they want to open an email is the subject line and your name.

Overall, the average open rate for email newsletters is just under 23 percent. If you want to make the cut, your subject line needs to be unique and inviting.

Building Your Music Career with Email Marketing

Email marketing for musicians is a great way to start spreading the word about your music career. It's also a powerful tool for successful musicians who are trying to keep the momentum they've built.

No matter where you are in your career, the tips above will help.

How Music Help You Calm Down And Bring You To Sleep

Music can have a profound effect on your body as well as your emotion. Upbeat music might make you feel more positive and optimistic about life. Faster music might make you concentrate better and feel more alert.  Slow tempo music can relax both your mind and muscles, those soothing while reducing your stress levels.

Not only does music help in stress management and relaxation, but also in bringing you to sleep. Have you ever wondered why lullabies make children sleep? Because they soothe and calm them, making them fall asleep.

Just like quality mattresses, music can calm adults and help them fall asleep. However, its effect doesn’t occur overnight.  Sometimes it can take up to three weeks before you can see an improvement in your sleep patterns.

Keep on reading to find out how music affects your sleeping pattern….

Effects of music on the mind and body

Listening to your favorite song can make you feel a rush of pleasure, that’s why you tap your feet or nod your head.  Music possesses the power to affect your mind and body.

Music can influence your breathing and heart rate, trigger the release of stimulation hormones, boost the brain’s emotional and cognitive centers, and even stimulate your immune system.

Our reaction to a different song varies and each type of song has a varying effect on both our mind and body. Music can trigger emotions and in others, it triggers memories. 

As a unique tool to improve sleep, relaxing and soothing music can:

  • Lower heart rate

  • Ease muscle tension

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce sleep-stifling hormones such as cortisol

  • Trigger release of sleep-friendly hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin

Upbeat music can:

  • Increase heart rate

  • Trigger production and release of dopamine and adrenaline hormones that boost alertness.

  • Activate the area of the brain responsible for mental focus, attention, creativity, and physical coordination

  • By selecting the right music at night you can achieve calmness and eventually sleep.

Music and Sleeping

When you listen to relaxing and soothing music before going to bed, your breathing and heart reduce and your blood pressure reduces. These physiological changes help you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

In addition, soothing music relaxes the body, alleviates stress and anxiety, and distracts you from stressful thoughts that might prevent you from sleeping.

Listening to music before going to bed essentially helps to turn on your body sleep mode both psychologically and physically.

Most studies show that music improves sleep quality not only in children but in both young and older adults. It also improves the sleep quality of adults suffering from insomnia.

In hospitals, patients in the intensive care unit who listens to music during the day experience improved sleep.

Music and Sleep Efficiency

Sleep efficiency is the measure of the time you sleep compared to the overall time you spend in bed.   Waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, having trouble falling asleep once you wake up, or taking long before going to sleep indicates a lower sleep efficiency.

If you’re experiencing a lower sleep efficiency, listening to music before going to sleep can come in handy.  Research shows that music can be an effective treatment for both chronic and short-term sleep disorders, including insomnia. However, music therapy only works with consistent use. It’s not a one time thing.

Music improves mood and treats pain

Lack of sleep hurts your emotional health.  Sleep deprivation leads to the production of stress and anxiety causing hormones.   But music can help you sleep, by balancing your mood and emotional state and increasing the release of sleep-inducing hormones.

Music is known to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety which are some of the most common inhibitors of quality sleep.  Music influences the memory and emotional centers of our brain, easing stress and improving mood. As a result, improving our sleep quality.

Another indirect influence of music on sleep is its ability to reduce pain.  Discomfort from pain can prevent you from sleeping.  Sleep and pain go in hand together with pain. 

Pain interferes with your ability to sleep, while poor sleep increases your sensitivity to pain.  Thankfully, they both ease each other.

Listening to pain can help to treat acute and chronic pain. At the same time, it eases anxiety, stimulates the immune system, and offers a channel for emotional release.


Apart from calming you and helping you to fall asleep, music can improve your focus, creativity, stamina, and physical performance.

When using music to induce sleep, avoid emotional triggers that can bring sadness or excitement. Also, try lyric-free songs since your mind can’t help following along songs with lyrics. These songs can stimulate you mentally and prevent you from sleeping.

Keep in mind you need to be consistent if you want to improve your sleep quality and to reap the maximum benefits of music therapy.

Industry Resources For Indie Artists – That You May Not Have Considered

Indie artists are faced with more competition today than ever. There are so many individuals who are working to make it big in the music industry. In spite of the difficulties, there are many artists out there still willing to work hard and not give up on their ultimate goal of being discovered or just staying afloat and true to their dreams during these times.

What most artists may not know about is the plethora of resources that are available on the internet, in some cases, even for free. It can be overwhelming to try to continue to perform music for an audience, or maybe start your own label if that’s your true goal. As a new independent artist trying to make it, finding great resources is important and can really help guide you in the right direction. Here are some amazing resources that you may have not considered, but should.


Courses available online for independent artists are a fantastic place to start. You can find many easy courses that will help you get a jump start. A great resource that can help you is Skillshare, where you can browse thousands of different online classes within the music realm. This can help you narrow down exactly what you need more help knowing before you dive into your next project.

For instance, if you want to learn more about camera angles to help with shooting a concert to stream, you could find a specific course that caters to just that, or how to navigate programs, equipment, and much more. Skillshare also has tons of courses that you can take for free also, so it’s the best kind of resource for those on tight budgets. 

The importance of learning as an independent artist and taking music classes is that you can always stand to learn something more and build upon your skills or craft. Musicians don’t just become musicians and then stop growing. Courses provide the assistance to help keep you focused and adapting to changes as the years pass, too, so it’s a good idea to always be striving to learn more and create new goals to achieve.


Some of us learn things much easier by seeing it first-hand, so we can get a feel for it and be able to follow along in a hands-on fashion. This is where videos come in handy as a resource. Many independent artists sometimes just have to see something to truly understand it. They can help with showing you how to market your music or promote your up and coming online concert.

There are many outlets to find video tutorials such as ones for free on YouTube, or you can find even more specific websites that contain videos that provide guidance and tips. A good idea here would be to identify an independent artist or even a famous musician you’d like to mirror within your own business, whether it’s creating new ways to stream your music, finding where to promote your concerts, or maybe just how to start getting noticed in the online world.

Locate that person’s website and see what kind of resources they have. Chances are there are some that you may have to pay for (but they may be worth it), and there may be other resources they give away online for free.  


Because we are amidst a pandemic, independent artists NEED to utilize their social media now more than ever. It is by far the easiest and best way to reach people. You should always be marketing your work and reaching out to your audience. There are many options for how to go about utilizing these platforms to best promote yourself. 

Some great advice to help you get started with it - just pick one social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and use that to start building a following. Create posts a few days a week to engage and interact with your target market. You can post fun pictures, throwbacks, even videos of performances, or even promote any upcoming gigs or projects.


Marmoset, a company focused on music licensing is the perfect choice if you want to contribute your own original music for commercial use. Films, tv shows, and video ads always need scores and tracks, and you can be the musician that they utilize so they don’t have to pay royalties using well-known songs that have already been created. Marmoset is the perfect middle-man solution to connect artists with viable publishing opportunities - you can stay true to your style and create your original tracks, but a music licensing agency can help you get your music heard.


Podcasts have become all the rage for millennials. However, they are a really great resource for any independent artist, because there are so many options to navigate. There are a lot of great music-centered podcasts out there that can give you so many helpful tools you may have not thought of previously. Some recommended podcasts for musicians include Punch Up The Jam, Sound Opinions, and Song Exploder, but there are plenty more and you can cater to your preferred music genre as well. The best thing about podcasts is that it’s free to listen to and you can listen while you work!


Working under the GRAMMYs/Recording Academy, MusiCares is a resource for many independent artists to access now during these trying times, providing “a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need.” MusiCares has expanded its services to help members of the industry make up for some of the lost income as a result of canceled tours/performances. There are numerous other resources in this realm including the Sweet Relief Musician’s Fund and Musician’s Foundation, so they are worth looking into if you’re finding yourself in a time of need.

If you can, one last resource you can utilize is finding a music streaming service such as SoundCloud, where you can share recordings and live performances to help communicate with your audience. Staying in touch is difficult right now so independent artists need to make sure to utilize every effort to find these resources, keep their name active, and pave the way for success in the music industry.

Music to Commute To: How to Create a Perfect Playlist for Commuting

People cover vast distances every day, to school, to work, to the gym, and the circle is complete when we get home in the evening. It is a pretty tiring process. It doesn’t matter if you are the one how does all the driving or you take the bus. Since we go through this every day, it usually becomes tedious, stressful, and tiring. 

One of the things people do to pass the time is listening to a radio. It’s not the perfect solution since all of us have a completely different music taste. A lot of time can pass before we can hear the song that can spark some emotions and make our day much better. Since we are living in a time when integration between the Bluetooth and smartphones is an option, this puts this issue to rest. 

Thankfully, you can create your playlists by using apps like Spotify and Deezer easily. Visit Lease Fetcher, and take a look at some of the most popular songs you can include. So, the solution to all the problems during traveling is to have your playlists.

Why Is This Beneficial?

Spotify LeaseFetcher

According to a study conducted at McGill University, it can be seen that hormone responsible for responses to pain and pleasure, dopamine, has its levels 9% higher when a person listens to a song it likes. At the same time, a study done by Brunel University showed that music could enhance endurance by 15% and decrease perceived effort by 12%. 

With that said, here are some tips that can help you with creating a perfect playlist for commuting.

Versatility is Important

The critical element to the well-compiled playlist is diversity, in terms of artists and genres included. Having this versatility will provide you with much more enjoyable than having a playlist that has songs done only by one artist. Also, the change between genres will keep you entertained and engaged throughout the whole time you are traveling.

Include Songs You Adore

Some people consider the process of creating a playlist an art. We cannot but agree with this claim. Not all people have the ability to know what to use to improve their mood. According to various statistics available on the internet, we can see that the average iTunes user has countless tracks on its device. The question is, how many of these are adored by the user? Inevitably, a lot of them. So, create a playlist that will make your every drive so much fun.

Make a Long Playlist

Probably the best thing about creating a playlist is that all of them are customizable. This makes a perfect opportunity for you to compile a playlist that will provide you with complete enjoyment. Based on the length of your commute, you should create a playlist that will fill all the time you will spend in your car or bus. The chances of you having to encounter negative emotions during these trips will be reduced to a bare minimum.


To prevent yourself from getting tired of your playlist, you should click on a shuffle button. Just imagine yourself listening to the same songs in the same order. Over time, you will get annoyed by the vast majority of songs. Therefore, if you want to prevent getting bored, due to the predictability of the list, you should shuffle your playlist from time to time. The element of surprise will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in you staying entertained and engaged even after you’ve listened to it for quite a lot of time.

Have Multiple Playlists

Music to Commute To

It would be wrong to have only one playlist for every period of the day and all events. For example, you will surely not enjoy listening to the songs you listen to in the morning, on a Friday evening. What’s the solution in this case? You should create a couple of playlists that will provide you with enough entertainment for a lot of different situations, periods, and events.

In Conclusion

As soon as you get into your car, you can be in your world, where you don’t have to encounter all the negativity in the world. This makes it a perfect opportunity to listen to songs you love, and by doing that, improve your mood. So, don’t waste any time, go, and create your playlists now.

How To Practice Drums-Without Bothering Your Neighbours

If you are someone who practices their drums in an urban setting or an apartment, you usually have to deal with complaining neighbors. You could try to schedule your drum practice at times when neighbors aren’t home, but this can get tiring after a point. So, if you want to practice drums at your leisure and perhaps sing to your heart's content without bothering your neighbors, here are some things you could do.

Practice Drums—Without Bothering Your Neighbours

Electronic drum set

Electronic drums are no longer limited to low-quality drum samples and noisy rubber pads. The latest generation of electronic drums feature mesh heads that are quiet and at the same time feel pretty close to an acoustic kit. No matter how hard you play on an electronic drum set, the chances of anyone hearing you next door is very low. 

Electronic drums have plenty of other perks too. They usually come in with plenty of drum sets inbuilt, so it will allow you to experiment with new genres of music without having to invest in a new drum kit. If you have a room with poor acoustics, an electronic drum makes even more sense. While an acoustic drum kit might sound bad in such a room, an electronic drum remains unaffected. With many companies now manufacturing the best drum set for you and your lifestyle, you will be able to find one within your budget that suits your needs

Changing cymbals 

If you want a cymbal that isn’t loud, you have two options. You could get a set of rubber cymbals. While these are pretty cheap, their tone and feel is quite different from that of an acoustic cymbal and aren’t preferred by most people. If you have little money to spend, you can invest in low-volume cymbals from Zildjian. 

These cymbals have tiny holes all over them which helps reduce overall mass. This allows these cymbals to have the feel and tone of a normal cymbal while producing only 20% of the volume. The company also has a set of custom pickups that can be attached to your low volume cymbals which will allow you to record and manipulate the cymbal. You can even listen to them through your headphones.

Replace drum heads

Mesh heads used in electronic drums are great at producing low sounds. The good thing about them is that they can also be used on acoustic drum sets. You can replace the heads of your existing drum kit with a set of Mesh heads from Roland and you will see a drastic reduction in volume. 

The mesh heads aren’t particularly expensive and should cost you the same as any typical batter head. This makes this an affordable option compared to replacing your entire kit. Don’t change all the heads on your drums, only replace the batter heads(these are the ones you hit)while leaving the resonant heads as they are. 

Changing sticks

Replacing your sticks with hotrods or brushes is a simple and inexpensive way to lower volume. The effectiveness of this method is however limited. While this will be great at reducing the volume of your cymbals, there is no effect on your kick drum.

Muffling your bass drum

If your neighbors seem to particularly hate your bass drum, there are some easy ways to reduce its volume. You’ll need to remove the resonant head first, this is the head that would be facing away from you while playing. 

You should then add things that soak sound into the cavity. You could use things around your house like pillows, rugs, and even that towel you never use. The more the cavity is filled, the more the noise will get muffled and the lesser the neighbors will complain.

 Using Practice pads

Practice pads are a great temporary option. These silencer pads are usually made of rubbers and you can easily attach these to your acoustic kit. These will greatly reduce the sound that comes out of your kit. 

However, in the long run, attaching and removing these practice pads could get tiresome and you should try more permanent solutions in such cases.

Soundproofing your room

It’s a dream for every drummer to have a soundproof room in their house so that they can practice to their heart's content without disturbing others and without being disturbed by others. It is however important that you realize that properly soundproofing a room is going to be expensive. 

While closing your doors and windows tight is going to reduce the sound going out, it isn’t going to get you far. Also, do not fall for soundproofing myths and end up covering all your walls with egg cartons. If you are really serious about soundproofing your room, it will take up some time and a lot of money. 

However, the end result will be pretty dope. You will be able to practice at any time of the day without having to worry about anyone. The better acoustics in a soundproof room will also improve the sound of your acoustic kit. It also opens up the opportunity of using your soundproof room as a place to record your songs.

Tips For Professional Audio Quality For Your Videos

Sound quality really matters when it comes to vlogging, filmmaking, and video making. But what to do when your video lacks vividness and crispness? The whole excitement and fun of our video fade away when the sound quality is low.

To keep the viewers engaged the sound should be perfect, but we have seen many videos that have distractions and unnecessary sounds that should be avoided. 

And how to avoid them? Don’t worry we have gathered some pro-tips to make your video a perfect one. All you need is the right techniques and tools.

So if you are ready to do a small effort and want to make a difference than just follow the tips and there you are, having a professional piece.

Tip#1: Choose an Ideal place

For making indoor videos choose a place with fewer reverberations so that the echo effect is low. A carpeted floor is preferred over a wooden or tiled floor. 

Similarly, choose a place with a good amount of stuff placed instead of an empty room. This will cause less sound reflections and hence a good quality for sound.

For outdoor videos choose a location with less background sound. Prefer a place where environmental sounds like beach, waterfall, and roadside are not present this will cause you microphone to just focus on your sound.

Tip#2 Microphone Selection

Choose your microphone wisely, as they are available in a wide variety so choose the one with most suitable features. 

There is a wide range of microphones available in different sizes and ranges but the best microphones for vlogging include wireless, handheld, lavalier(wired and wireless), shotgun, PZM, and stereo microphones. 

So select wisely because your sound quality is mainly determined by it.

Tip#3 Light Effects

Prefer a location with lots of natural light because it causes a good imaging factor or the video and makes your video more natural.

Tip#4 Separate Recorder

With an external recorder, you will be able to record high-quality sound and this will also help you to overcome the automatic circuit gains that interfere with the sound. An external recorder allows you to have multiple modes for adjusting the sound as you like and boasting the quality of sound.

Tip#5 Mic Positioning

It is recommended to keep the mic as close to the subject as can be. As you know that background sounds distort the quality so keep the microphone nearer your mouth.

Lavalier mics are omnidirectional meaning they can capture sound from all the directions so in order to have a clear sound effect keep the microphone closer to the subject.

Tip#6 High pass filter

You should have knowledge of a high pass filter that allows frequencies above a certain level to pass through it and blocks the others. This effect will reduce the buzzing and humming in your videos. 

This feature is mostly inbuilt in the microphones and you can also turn it off and on according to your desire. But if you forgot to turn it on then you can always use an editing software containing this feature to remove the buzzing.

Tip#7 Editing Tools

You can always enhance your sound quality with several editing tools like DaVinci, Filmora, and Professional Pro. This will help you to adjust the sound quality and levels, manage distortions, and improve the quality.

An editing software gives you more power and you can always experiment with the sound with different effects with some of the popular software like Peak Pro, Sound Forge, Vagus Pro, Digital Performer, and Pro Tools.

Tip#8 Recording level Test

This is an important thing to do you should always consider testing your recording levels in order to avoid clipping. This tip is missed by most of the V-loggers but you should always match the recording levels of the adjacent clips so that the clipping effect is minimum.

Tip#9 Ambient Noise Effects

While recording, make sure that there are no ambient noises in your background. Ambient noises include ceiling fans, outdoor units, printers, even computer fans. Such noises can reduce the video quality so make sure to turn off such things or sit away from them.

An alternative that can be used is a restoration software that removes all the ambient noise and even the unwanted sounds in the video. But keep in mind that keep your editing simple because if you do too much editing you will lose the natural effect that is important.


So if you are looking for professional effects in your videos and are a neophyte in video making then I hope these tips helped you in improving the sound quality od your video. 

Don’t forget to sync your all videos and if you have any queries and suggestions then feel free to contact us.

Easiest Ways to Learn Guitar Chords

Ways to Level Up Your Guitar Playing

One common barrier that beginners encounter when they first learn to play the guitar is the nerve-wracking numbers of chords one must learn. Many beginners will try to learn as many as possible without trying to remember or master the basic chord shapes. Some might even jump into barre chords that are extremely hard for a newbie before developing enough dexterity and finger strength. Finally, they get disappointed really fast. This article will give you tips on how to learn guitar chords the easiest way.

What are the Hurdles of Learning a Guitar Chord?

Newbies in playing the guitar often have an issue in progressing due to lack of consistency. The key to playing this musical instrument efficiently is a continuous practice. If you practice a lot, but always make the same errors time after time, and consistently, your capabilities in playing the guitar might stagnate.

Never let yourself get stuck. Follow this guide and move forward towards your dream of becoming a professional guitarist. You may come across a few hurdles when trying to learn new things, most particularly in guitar playing.

Keep these hurdles in mind when checking on your guitar playing progress.

Hard to Understand Chord Chart

Guitar chord chart knowledge can enhance the beauty of the guitar as a musical instrument that sounds great when it is played by itself. No accompanying instruments are needed to sound good on a guitar. This is because the guitar has a massive range of sounds, which give it a full sound and can be played in rhythm. Since guitar chord makes this musical instrument sound good on its own, beginners often begin by leaning this aspect of playing the guitar. A chord chart shows aspiring guitarists all the different chords and the finger positions needed to play them. But, these chord charts often don't identify which chords are best for first-timers. That is where the guitar chords of beginners can be helpful. This shows which chords are perfect for them and how to arrange them.

Researching the Chords for the Favorite Song

This is the best way to learn guitar chords. The simplest form of doing this is to go online and do research for the chords of your preferred song. Looking for the chords of your preferred song is easy. You can begin practicing one chord of the song until you get used to it. When you master playing the first chord, go to the second one. You have to do this repeatedly until you get used to all the chords of your song.

Developing the Capability to Play the Chords without Overthinking

This is also called muscle memory, which takes many weeks or months to build. In general, it can take 4 to 6 months for you to master executing the chords without needing to think about them. It might look like a long time; however, keep in mind that each guitarist must undergo the same procedure to learn guitar chords.

What are the Things to Consider to Learn Guitar Chords the Easy Way?

Now that you know the struggles you can face when learning the guitar, your next move is to consider these simple things to learn guitar chords without too much pressure.

Memorize the Chord

You can find chord books in any music stores online and offline. Focus on three to four basic chords in the open position, close to the top of the guitar where the strings are attached. Great ones could be A, E, D, G, and C. Know the actual positioning of your fingers. After that, you can practice play while memorizing their specific shapes. Use sheet music that takes account of the ones you learned. Practicing them in a particular song is the best way to dedicate them to memory. Once you have mastered all the first chords, settle on a small number of brand new ones, and duplicate the process.

How to make a Chord Out of Scales

Usually, any music theory slant may be time-intensive. However, once you become familiar with the basics, you must be able to construct any chord each time you want. It is essential to master your minor and major key signatures, so you can build the chord out of the notes in the scale.

After grasping the information and comfortable with the place where the notes are located on the musical instrument, you'll find that you can construct a similar chord in many places on the guitar.

However, to master this approach, you want a table showing the minor and major keys and chord structure table. You will also need a chart showing the location where the notes are located on your guitar.

Is Visual Education Useful?

Many musicians discover that the simplest way to learn guitar chords is by watching another guitarist playing something. Online sites offer many video guitar lessons for all levels of guitarists. Watching the way the fingers are placed on a guitar for specific chords and the chance of pausing the video is considered the easiest way to learn them right in the comfort of your home.

Take a look at this Guitar Tricks review to grab your FREE trial of Guitar Tricks, the best online guitar course. Here you will find all the techniques needed to learn guitar chord fast and easy.


If you are sincere in learning how to learn guitar chords, you should begin by learning the scales, from which you can learn guitar chords where two or more notes are played. The perfect way to start with and memorize will be chords like C, G, A, E, and as well as D. You'll need to master the minor and major key signature and the notes of the scales, and where they can be found so that you can find and play the chords anywhere on the guitar.