The Best Casio WK245 Review For Your Buying Reference

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate piano player, the Casio WK245 could be perfect for your learning adventure. I think this is the go-to keyboard for those who are looking for affordability, durability, and good sound quality.

In this guide, I will help you understand why this could be the best model for you aside from the characteristics already mentioned.


Top Considerations Before Buying the Casio WK245

First, let me share with you the top considerations before you buy this model or any digital piano model in particular.

Casio WK245 Review


The Casio WK245 is certainly way more affordable than its Yamaha counterpart - the Yamaha YPG 235.

Weight and Portability

This portable keyboard is light, so it is easy to carry around. You can even take this with you while traveling.

Recording capability

The Casio WK245 is MIDI capable so that you can use it with a recording software. It boasts an amazing six-track built-in recorder. This feature is ideal for intermediate players.


It has balance volume and frequencies that make it sound like a real grand piano, but not as amplified as the advanced Casio Privia models.


Aside from the fact that this digital keyboard is MIDI capable, it also has USB connectivity so you can connect it to tablets or laptops. You can download tracks to and from your digital keyboard.


This digital piano offers a broad range of tones you can explore as a beginner or intermediate player.

Product Overview

Casio WK245 Review

The brand boasts its wide range of products perfect for beginners and the WK245 is one of the best I have tried playing. My 15-year old nephew has been using this for almost a year now, and I can guarantee its durability.

Mind you this could be the most affordable arranger you will ever have. It has powerful speakers that can amplify the volume, too. You may also opt to practice privately because it has a headset jack.

Features and Benefits

Highlighted in this section are the key features and advantages of the Casio WK245. This information shall help you get familiar with the specs of this amazing instrument so when you go to the music store or visit an online shop, you will know what questions to ask.

MIDI, MP3, and USB Connection

One of the key features this digital piano has is its capability to record six tracks, which is ultimately ideal for an intermediate player. This is essential for practicing and experimenting music.

Since it is MIDI capable, expect that you can add effects and tracks via a recording software. This should be a fun learning and experimental music adventure for you. You can even connect your MP3 so you can play along to your favorite music.

76 Touch Sensitive Keys

The keys are touch sensitive, and you can explore more possibilities compared to digital pianos with 61 keys.

But if you are looking for weighted keys that mimic the hammer response of a real acoustic piano, you may want to look for more advanced options such as the Casio Privia PX-150.

Packed With Built-In Tones

With 600 tones to choose from, you will certainly be able to practice different styles of music. Plus, it has 180 Auto-Accompaniment rhythms and 152 built-in songs.

What more can you ask for? This instrument will certainly be able to help you develop your speed, timing, and coordination.

I suggest you explore one simple style at a time and develop it before moving on to the more complicated styles.

Intelligent Lesson Mechanism

It comes with a free songbook with beginner instructions such as proper finger position, basic notes, abbreviations, and measures. The songs in the songbook are all in the song bank of the keyboard.

The LCD also allows you to learn the piano on your own. It shows the notes that correspond to the keys you press.

Advanced Functions

The Casio WK245 also has scale changer, line input, sequencer, and auto-atomizer. Plus, newly enhanced sound effects. Even the control interface is improved so as you can have easy access to the Virtual Hall Effect.

Works on Both Batteries and Power Source

This works on batteries or power source. It already comes with an AC adapter so no need to buy separately. If you wish to use batteries, you need 6 AAs which you can buy in your favorite go-to convenience store.


  • Lightweight, portable, and ideal for travel.
  • Perfect for beginners with its built-in intelligent learning system.
  • ​Wider LCD for learning the underlying notes easier.
  • ​600 built-in tones.
  • ​180 rhythms.
  • ​150 built-in songs in various styles.
  • ​MIDI, USB, and MP3 capable.
  • 32-setting registration memory.
  • ​Comes with an AC adapter.
  • Affordable.


  • Does not have a more advanced audio technology such as AiR and AiF.
  • Does not come with a free sustain pedal.


What is the difference between the Casio WK245 and the WK225?

The WK245 is a more advanced model and comes with 76 keys while the WK225 has only 61 keys.

Does it come with a power source?

Yes, it has a free AC adapter in the package.

Does it come with a music stand?

Yes, it does have a music book rest where you can place the free song book.

Does it have a keyboard stand?

No, you will have to buy it separately.

How do you connect it to the computer for recording?

Just plug in using the MIDI connector, and your computer should easily recognize it. You can use Ableton Live, Mixcraft, or FL recording software to try recording your tracks.

Does it have weighted keys?

No, it does not. If you want the weighted keys on a digital piano, you can find it in the Casio Privia series such as the PX150, PX160, and PX350. These are more expensive models, by the way.

What are its dimensions?

46.73" x 15.16" x 5.13".

Can the touch sensitivity be disabled?

Yes, you can turn it off. You can choose from three different settings. Please refer to this user’s guide to help you out:

Overall Rating

Overall, I would rate this five stars because of all the functions and unique features it offers for beginners.

I love how the manufacturers highlighted the integrated step-up lesson system on this keyboard because it allows the user to learn the basics on his own.

The 600 built-in tones would surely keep a beginner, or an intermediate learner preoccupied, and it is fun to use with the rhythm accompaniments that comes with it.

You may not need to pay for an instructor to learn the basics. There are also YouTube tutorials where you can start learning the basics as well.

There are many ways for you to learn how to play the keyboard. And the Casio WK245 will certainly be able to help you learn quickly. You’ll have total fun in the process, too.

So say goodbye to boring weekends once you get your hands on this fine instrument.

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