How You Can Benefit From Casio WK 6600 Review

Workstation keyboards, such as the Casio WK 6600, usually function like a synthesizer because they contain sounds, tones, and effects by the hundreds.

So it is capable of MIDI and audio recording and sequencing. Digital pianos, on the other hand, focus mainly on piano functions and lack recording or MIDI capabilities.

This workstation keyboard is more of a combination of a keyboard, a sound module, and a track sequencer. This is an essential multifunctional instrument that experimental musicians love. And you can have one at a reasonable price.

But before you decide to buy the Casio WK6600 finally, check out these factors to consider:


Things To Consider Before Buying Casio WK 6600

Casio WK 6600 Review


The Casio WK6600 is priced reasonably considering this is a multifunctional keyboard. I would say this is a more affordable counterpart of the Yamaha YPG 235 workstation keyboard, yet, it has similar features and sound quality.

Size and Weight

The Casio brand claims to manufacture keyboards and digital pianos what are lightweight and compact size. The WK6600 is ideal for traveling musicians for this same reason.

Recording capability

If you are into experimental music, you will be able to get more effects and tones using this workstation keyboard. It is MIDI capable so that you can make use of its MIDI and audio sequencing functions.


With amplified speakers and equal frequencies, you can never go wrong performing live with this portable keyboard workstation. It is also great for recording because it is built for this purpose.


Connect to devices with recording software using its USB connector, and the fun begins.


With 700 built-in tones, you have a lot of choices for your new music composition. Since it functions as a track recorder, a keyboard, and an instructional instrument in one, I reckon this keyboard is perfect for all skill level.

Product Overview

Casio WK 6600 Review

Casio offers a lot of choices for any skill level. You can choose whichever you think best suits your budget and preference, but I would recommend buying a durable and multifunctional keyboard such as this Casio WK6600.

As a beginner, you will be able to explore features that will help you advance.

Some of the essential characters of this workstation keyboard include a 16-track song sequencer, 700 Built-in tones, 210 rhythms and accompaniment, Rhythm editor, effects, sound editor, and a lot more. This keyboard is down for the money.

Top Features and Benefits

I have emphasized in the following section the top features and benefits of the Casio WK 6600. I hope this information will help you with your purchasing decision.

16-Track Song Sequencer

The WK6600 allows you to record up to 16 tracks. On top of that, it is also able to record five songs with a sum of 12,000 notes.

What this unique feature does well is to record the individual musical instruments or voice in separate tracks the same way a recording software can support multi-track recording.

You are also able to choose different editing tools straight from this workstation, such as quantize, event copy, and event insert. There is also a locator function that makes it easy for you to choose a range of notes that you need to edit.

Another amazing function it has is the step recording function which lets you specify the pitch and length or sustain of the notes you input.

Once you have completed your recording, you may convert the tracks to Standard MIDI File or SMF format. Since it has a slot for an SD memory card, you will be able to save your recordings in this format right away.

Built-in Digital Effects

This arranger has multiple digital effects in it such as five types of chorus, 100 types of DSP with 46 effect types, ten types of reverb, and a lot more. Input multiple effects on a single track or tone to make it sound even more unique.

You simply need to adjust the digital parameters of the DSP effects such as phaser, delay, rotary, wah, flanger, and more.

Rhythm Editor

Another recording feature is the rhythm editor. It allows you to combine various rhythms from the keyboard’s memory. This is also the function wherein you can create accompaniment patterns such as fill in, normal, intro, or ending.

This feature is similar to any digital keyboard. But this one allows you to store your original rhythms.

You can use the pan, volume, or turn other instrument parts on or off when you need to. Then, you can store your original rhythms in its memory back so you can go back to them anytime.

700 Built-in Tones and 10 User Tones

You have hundreds of different tones to choose from with the AHL sound source in this workstation keyboard. From these tones, you can create your own and store them for additional tones ready for future use.


The Casio WK 6600 has an arpeggiator that allows you to play different phrases automatically. You simply have to press the keys on the keyboard after selecting from 1500 types of arpeggiato.

USB Port

Aside from the SD card port where you can insert your memory card and save the tracks you created, this keyboard also has a USB port for instant MIDI connection. You can send or receive tracks to and from your workstation keyboard.

This will make it easy for you to add or transfer pattern sequencer, song sequencer, and tone editor.

All you need to do is to download an application called Data Manager 6.1, which allows you to store and transfer data from your keyboard to your laptop or computer.

210 Built-in Rhythms and Auto Accompaniment

The WK6600 has 210 preset rhythms that you can use for making any style of music - choose from pop, rock, jazz, Latin, bossa, and a lot more. All these rhythms will certainly keep you busy for the weekend if you have nothing else to do. Just choose any of these built-in rhythms and turn the Auto Accompaniment on. Voila! You are a one-man-band in the making.


  • 700 built-in tones.
  • ​210 preset accompaniment rhythms.
  • ​With built-in effects.
  • ​MIDI capable.
  • ​With SD memory card slot for easy saving of recorded tracks.
  • With high bass frequency speakers.
  • Comes with a stand.


  • Keys are not weighted.
  • A bit more expensive than its predecessors.
  • No sustain pedal in the package.


What is the difference between the Casio WK245 and the WK6600?

The Casio W6600 is also a workstation keyboard but has more features. It has 700 built-in tones while the WK245 has only 600. Aside from that, WK6600 has unique recording functions.

Does it have a power source in the package?

Yes, it has a free AC adapter.

Does it have a keyboard stand?

Yes, it does have a free keyboard stand - a sturdy and durable one.

How do you connect it to the computer?

Download an application called Data Manager 6.1 so you can easily transfer tracks from the keyboard to the computer and vice versa. It also has a USB connector and an SD memory card.

Does it have weighted keys?

No, it does not. It is specialized for synths, effects, and recording. If you want the weighted keys, they are available in the Casio Privia series.

Concluding Words

The Casio WK6600 is one of the best arrangers available in the market for me. I think the special features are worth the money and adds value to my performance as a keyboardist.

I would recommend this to any keyboardist regardless of skill level because, with this machine, you already have a multi-track recorder, a piano, and accompaniment in one. These are the best benefits you will ever have as a musician.

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