Casio LK 165 Review: An Innovative Beginner’s Piano

A wide array of digital pianos is already swarming the market today. The numbers could make the choosing process easy or difficult, depending on how much you understand this instrument.

But if you are a novice in this field, then the predicament could be hard for you. That's why we have to introduce this Casio LK 165 review to you.

Specifically, the Casio LK 165 is a 61-key digital piano. It has a compact size and pretty decent build. We can say that it is a versatile machine as well, considering that it has an enormous sound library and high-quality sampling.

By just looking at its full-sized keys, it easy to say that this digital piano is meant for beginners. Teaching students how to play the notes would be a breeze if you got this feature.

There are a lot of good things that you can find in Casio LK 165. It is a complete package of innovation and creativity, which should satisfy its buyer.

However, don't take that statement as if we are saying that it is the perfect digital either. It has still flaws, which is quite reasonable, especially in this industry.

Before we dissect the Casio LK 165, let us highlight some of the important features that you have look for a digital piano.

Through this guide, you would be able to understand the makings of a good digital keyboard. So what are you waiting for, read on!


Things to Consider Before Buying a Digital Piano.


It is understandable that a piano is a complex machine. Its entire structure is so sophisticated that it can produce otherworldly and ethereal sounds. Of course, this is only the case for acoustic and grand pianos.

But the story could take a different turn for digital keyboards. After all, they don't have the necessary components for them to generate those unique passages.

Fortunately, there is a thing called polyphony. Mainly, this concept indicates the capacity of the instrument to play a different number of notes in a particular progression.

For example, if you want to play classical music, then your digital piano should have a 128-note polyphony or more. For amateur applications, a piano with 64-note polyphony or less could already work.


Aside from polyphony, the overall sound quality of the piano also lies on its sample sounds. As we mentioned earlier, a digital piano doesn't have the parts of a traditional grand or acoustic.

Therefore, it has to rely on technology to replicate the aural and tonal characteristics of a piano.

Sampling is the process of recording sounds for later playback. If they want to include a particular sound in the instrument, then they have to sample it.

But a mere record alone is insufficient. Instead, the sound should be processed thoroughly for it to be realistic and immune to tone loss.


Another important aspect that you should look for a digital piano is its keys. The first thing that you have to consider is the number? Are you looking for the standard 88-key piano or the 76 or 61-key models will do?

Well, the answer depends on your skill level. If you are already advanced with the instrument, then you should go with the 88-key model.

You cannot play those complicated musical pieces if your keys are not complete! But if you are still an amateur, those keyboards with lesser keys will be okay choices.

The second aspect that you must your pay attention is the build of the key. Make sure that they do not give off the feeling of "cheap plastic." Moreover, always prefer digital pianos that are using weighted mechanisms.

The latter will provide a realistic and satisfying playing experience to you.

Some manufacturers today are integrating touch sensitivity settings to their digital piano. These are some innovations that you should try as well.

Now that we got the essential concepts covered, we should head to our product of the day! Let us see if the Casio LK 165 has enough qualities to get your attention.

Casio LK 165 Review

Casio already produced many 61-key digital pianos such as the CTK series (we have a separate review for them here). Apparently, Casio is quite well-versed when it comes to 61-key models, as they are keeping innovation as their top priority.

Moreover, they make sure that their entry-level keyboards are friendly to beginners and students.

Of course, we could put the LK 165 under the same category. It has a decent spec plus additional features that would make learning a lot easier. One of these is its lighted keys.

Specifically, this function lets the player remember the notes easily. It is similar to a visual guide, making things more convenient on your part.

Meanwhile, this digital piano is seriously affordable as well. It is a good candidate if you are looking for your first piano.

The quality and build of the LK 165 give value to your money. In fact, the product is so good that it has been featured on shows like "Extra."

If you are eager to know the other features of the Casio LK 165, then you should read on.

Step-Up Lesson

One of the most impressive features of the LK 165 is its Step-Up Lesson System. Specifically, there is an LCD screen that teaches any novices the basics of a piano.

Moreover, the system is so smart that it lets its users learn at their pace. Therefore, there is no need for you to huddle in everything as this piano will guide you step by step.

Of course, the lighted keys will eventually smoothen your learning process. Some people think that the feature has visual learning has "bad" effects for piano learners.

But for us, it is just an assistive means to get things going. If you don't have a music teacher, then the Step-Up Lesson System is a great substitute.

A Lot of Sounds

Among its class, the Casio LK 165 has the highest polyphony. Particularly, this digital piano has 48-note polyphony, which is plentiful for amateur and practice applications.

Furthermore, it also comes with 400 tones presets and another 100 songs for your disposal. You can access to all of these sounds by just a touch of a button. And who knows what kind of fantastic music you can create.

Of course, you can also guarantee the quality of these sounds. After all, the Casio LK 165 is using an AHL Sound Source Engine. Key transpose functions are present as well.

Therefore, you can fully control everything (-12 to +12 semitones increments).

One of the most impressive features that the LK 165 offers is its sampling function. You can record up to three tones with the maximum length of one second. When it comes to effect, this one has ten types of reverb.

Ergonomic Design

When it comes to layout, we can say that the LK 165 is pretty intuitive. It doesn't confuse anyone even those that are wet behind the ears. Its compact size also contributes to its usability.

Imagine if you can take a keyboard anywhere you want it. Isn't that great, especially for practice purposes? Well, that's what the Casio LK 165 can offer you.

Meanwhile, this digital piano is not lacking as well when it comes to connectivity. It has multiple jacks for audio devices, sustains, and microphone. It also comes with an USB port for computer-to-piano interaction.


  • 48-note polyphony
  • Sampling function is available
  • ​Stereo sampling
  • ​AHL Engine Sound Source
  • ​Key light system (4 keys can glow at a time)
  • ​Huge sound library (400 tones)
  • ​One touch preset (150 rhythms)
  • ​Built in songs (130 songs in total)
  • ​Comes with reverb effects
  • It has metronome and adjustable beats
  • Step-up Lesson system.


  • Doesn't come with a dual-layer function
  • Critics say that the lighted keys can demean the learning of pianists
  • Keys are not weighted.

Social Proof

Overall, the Casio LK 165 has a good rapport with the online music community. A lot of pianists recommend it as one of the best beginners pianos because of its usability and easy-to-access functions.

Moreover, various reviews in online stores suggest that this digital piano has an excellent build and sound quality. Of course, we have to agree with them. After all, we tested it ourselves!

Final Verdict

Despite some inadequacies, it is still safe to say that the Casio LK 165 is an excellent piano.

With its price, it is like getting more than what you will pay for. From the sound down to the build, this digital piano is truly fantastic. For people who are still looking for their first piano, the LTK 165 is an excellent choice.

Did you learn from this Casio LK 165 review? What are your thoughts about this digital piano? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!

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