5 Best Subwoofers Of 2023 – That Will Blow You Away

There is no greater joy for an audiophile than to have a great home sound system. This fact holds true even to car audio enthusiasts.

A sound system cannot be considered great if it does not have a very decent subwoofer. Securing a great subwoofer isn’t as common before as it is usually limited to professional use.

Now commercial subwoofers are in existence, making it very accessible for regular audio fans. Here is a list of the best subwoofers in the market today.

Top 5 Best Subwoofers

This is a single 10-inch subwoofer packed with power. It helps enhance your home system with its 10-inch polymer-composite dynamic-balance cone driver.

It also frees up a load of your regular speakers allowing them to focus entirely on the production of mid and high-pitched tones.

The engineers have designed this subwoofer with care. A combination of materials, geometry and assembly techniques are used to get rid of unwanted resonance.

This is one of the most affordable subwoofers you can find on the market today. However, the people from Polk did not cut you short by making it affordable.

You can still experience heart-pounding bass in your music, movies, and games like no other subwoofer can.


  • It has a built-in high-current amplifier intended for big bass
  • Laser-based technology for an improved clarity of sound
  • Capable of playing music at extremely high levels of volume
  • Its speakers are designed to perform for a lifetime


  • It is a 10-inch, single subwoofer only
  • Its voltage is the standard US voltage (120 volts).

Another subwoofer that made the list is the KLIPSCH 10-inch Peak Power Subwoofer. This is a fantastic sub that helps deliver deep bass through its front firing driver and digital 250W amplifier.

It has an excellent and simple build so that it will not stand-out among your regular speakers, the real essence of a subwoofer.

Very easy to set-up and has excellent sound production. The price is also not heavy to your pockets. This is a remarkable subwoofer which can be a great addition to your home audio system.


  • Has a powerful 10” front-wiring woofer
  • Inputs are compatible with most receivers
  • Delivers 250 watts


  • Only two Jacks at the back of the speaker
  • The others speakers will not connect to the subwoofer, but connects separately to a receiver.

The Bic Acoustic PL-200 is one of the popular subwoofers and probably is on every list of top best subwoofers for this year. This subwoofer produces powerful, high-quality and high-impact bass sounds.

With a 250-watt initial RMS power, this is certainly one of the loudest for its size. Overall it can handle up to 1000 watts of power.

You will know how impactful the Bic Acoustic when it delivers below 25 Hz sound frequency that will really get you off your feet.

It has a stylish and compact design. However, its glossy finish will surely make it a dust and fingerprint magnet. Priced at around $250, this is one of the mid-range subwoofers available in the market.


  • Has adjustable crossover and volume controls
  • Has 22Hz – 200Hz frequency response
  • Has a long excursion surround and a high power magnet


  • It has 23.9 x 20.8 x 19.3 inches, making it bulky
  • It does not have any magnetic shielding
  • Its sides have a rough texture, making it not as shiny as the top part

If you want an outstanding listening experience, then Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with Subwoofer is what you have to grab from your nearest shop.

It is a two-sided speaker with dual passive subwoofers at its back and two active 5-watt front speakers.


  • Durable and has industrial-grade molded casing
  • Will play your music clearly as it produces a loud sound
  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours on one charge
  • Good for streaming music, games, and movies


  • Requires one Lithium ion batteries
  • Has small speakers
  • Bass isn’t as deep as you would expect.

If you are someone willing to spend more to experience a truly encompassing bass sound, then, the Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact Powered Enclosed Subwoofer is right for you.

It is an 11-inch subwoofer that can be placed under the car seat or in small spaces. It comes with a remote bass power and control.

This 150-watt subwoofer is a perfect pick if you are looking for something easy to install.


  • It is made of Kenwood, a quality product that will last for years
  • It has 150-watt subwoofer
  • The subwoofer itself is powered, without a need for an external amplifier
  • It comes with a remote bass control and power
  • It comes with a ground wire harness - It is easy to install


  • It doesn’t come with a wiring kit
  • The item can only be shipped to selected countries outside of the U.S.

About Subwoofers

Before you read further, especially if you are not yet familiar with audio systems, allow me to reintroduce the subwoofer.

A subwoofer is a complete speaker. This speaker specializes in the production of low-pitched sound or more commonly known as bass sounds. Bass sounds are important as they tend to give more fullness to music or sound.

Best Subwoofers

Have you ever listened to reggae music? Do you notice that there is a soothing vibe to it? Bass sounds make listening to reggae music very appealing.

Movies, especially action films, take advantage of bass sounds as well. By incorporating bass sound in movies, explosions and crashes have a more realistic effect. If it weren’t for the bass sounds, movies would just be scenes and actors speaking.

Regular speakers, woofers, and mid-woofers have the capability to emit low sounds, but, not as efficient as subwoofers. It is not advisable to use them as your primary source of bass sounds.

If you do so, there is a potential that you will damage the internal components of these normal speakers. The reason behind this is that these speakers are not designed to accommodate low-pitched sounds.

Choosing Your Subwoofer

There are different types of subwoofers. The types are determined according to the sizes of the subs. Each person has different preferences for subs.

In a similar manner, different sizes of subs can produce different quality of bass sounds. Let’s explore this before heading out to the list of best subs.

  • 8-inch subwoofers
  • 10-inch subwoofers
  • 12-inch subwoofers
  • 15-inch subwoofers
This means that this woofer can enhance the sound of fast-paced music such as rap or rock music. Subwoofers on this size are great compliments to a home system.

Criteria To Be Named The Best

In my opinion, the 10-inch and the 12-inch subwoofers are the safest choices if you are in the market to buy subwoofers. Obviously, waking up your neighbors is not a piece of advice that I will give to you.

Products that will be presented on this list will be between 10 and 12 inches only unless there is a very interesting thing about the other sizes where you can benefit out of it.

To become part of the best, factors such as price, build quality, and quality of the bass sounds were considered. Also, consumer reports of actual owners were taken into account to help on the selection of subwoofers.

  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Quality of bass

This might be the most important criteria for some consumers. You usually buy something that you can afford, so, if the price is too high, then, it wouldn’t be the best option.

Surely, price often determines quality, but, there will always be alternatives of the same quality at a lower price.


There are a lot of best subwoofers to choose from in the market. Some are affordable, and some are on the higher-end of the spectrum. You can choose whatever you want as long as it is something you want and within your budget.

But, if you want to hear an honest recommendation, Polk Audio PSW10 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer must be a good pick. It is an affordable one but can offer you a better service, even equal to the most expensive ones.

Unlike other products that look expensive and are really expensive, Polk Audio looks elegant yet just within your budget.

Best Subwoofers

Moreover, don’t forget that a subwoofer should be a compliment to your main system. If you have a flimsy main system mixed with a very high-quality subwoofer, then, your sub might overshadow your main system.

Consider these factors and if it’s possible that you can compare and test run a subwoofer to your system before buying, the better.

You always get what you pay for. So, if you want to have better sound effects in your home, you better invest in subwoofers. There are a lot of best subwoofers in the market today. You just have to be meticulous in finding the right one.

And if you already have your best subwoofer, make sure to maintain it in good condition by cleaning it at least every week. Even durable subwoofers need to be taken care of. I suggest you look for cleaning tools intended for subwoofers.

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