Best Musical Instruments to Be Given to Children

Only one-third of the kids learn to play musical instruments and this is the reason that 70% of
the adults wish that they had learned. For advocacy of music education, it is essential that we
take into account the music education statistics. Schools which offer music programs have
approximately 90.2% graduation rate whereas the institutions not offering it have 72.9% rate
on average.

The Gallup Poll conducted a special survey titled American Attitudes toward Music. It revealed
that 71% of the people believed that teenagers who played musical instruments were more
disciplined and 95% of them had a firm conviction that music plays a positive role in essential
child development.

The findings by the National I​​nstitute of Health suggest that musical interventions have the
potential to support child development and facilitate educational processes. They enhance the
language, cognitive, social, motor, and academic abilities. Considering these facts, we present
the list of the top musical instruments which must be given to children:


Keyboard Or Piano

Learning to play the keyboard or piano is always special because it forms the basis of so much
music. It is a unique instrument which displays all elements of music including harmony,
dynamics, rhythm, and melody at all different levels. It is not very easy to learn but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be done.

A piano makes it convenient for the students to learn to read music because of the way it is laidout. It is easier to find the relationships between pitches in chords and melodies. It will serve to be a very good stepping stone for the kids and then they can move to other instruments too if they want to. You can always look for some nice piano lessons near me or hire a teacher to teach your child the instrument at home.


The guitar is the most popular instrument amongst the students as most of the popular
musicians play it. In the last few years, the sales of acoustic guitars have soared maybe because of Taylor Swift or the rising popularity of country music. Swift has definitely made it more popular amongst the females as they are now in equal representation in budding guitar players.

A study has revealed that first-time guitar players are picking up the instrument not because
they want to pursue a rock-star dream. Rather, the intention is to play emotional songs for
themselves or their loved ones. Around 72% of the respondents are doing it because they want to learn a major life skill or improve themselves.

It has become easier to find guitar lessons near me because of the increased popularity of the instrument. After they become familiar with a few chords, you can let your children learn a song so that they feel a sense of achievement and fulfillment.


It is a bit difficult to learn to play the violin because of how it is played. It will not at all sound
great when you start and learning the first technique can even take years. Manual dexterity and a good ear are required for the efficient playing of this instrument which definitely has a
steeper learning curve.

Initially, the violin won’t sound nice and would require essential care but you can really work
hard to kick through this phase. If your child is able to pull through the initial stage, he will
definitely be able to understand the beauty of this instrument and play it skillfully.


Most of the parents never desire that their children play the drums because of the noise they
would have to deal with. However, the drums are actually fun and can prove to be a great
outlet for the children who are dealing with depression and aggression in their lives. One of the best things about learning drums is that one doesn’t need to learn harmony which is actually a great turn off for many children because of its difficulty.

For the parents who cannot deal with the noise, there are a number of electronic drum sets
available luckily. These kits can turn your child’s practice sessions into quieter spaces and your
kids can continue with the fun without causing any disturbance around them. Science proves
that drummers are more intelligent than their other band members since experiencing a steady rhythm actually helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain.


9 out of 10 adults and teenagers have affirmed that learning music brings them closer to their
family. Also, the students who are involved in music learning experience fewer instances of
fights, racism, and hurtful sarcasm.

The odds are in the favor of child musical education, thus, the parents should start taking it
more seriously. They must allow their children to foster a new talent within themselves and
help improve their individuality.

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