5 Of The Best In Ceiling Speakers In The Market Today

You would need the best in ceiling speakers if you got home theaters and entertainment systems in your home.

If you want to get the maximum "surround sound" experience without compromising the floor space of your living areas, then these kinds of speakers should work for you.

In-ceiling speakers can be installed without any professional help. Moreover, they also come with various grill covers, which you can paint to match your overall interiors.

There are different in ceiling speakers on the market today. Therefore, the choosing process can be pretty overwhelming. This article will teach you the basic guidelines in selecting in ceiling speakers for your home.

Later, we will show some of the best in ceiling systems in the market today. Read on!

Top 5 Best In Ceiling Speakers

The Polk Audio RC80i 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Speakers is the best in ceiling speaker that we can recommend today. It has a reasonable price. However, its overall audio performance is still excellent.

This speaker system has a frequency response that ranges from 35 Hz to 20,000 kHz. Therefore, you can expect that it can generate clear and full sounds. The Polk Audio RC80i also comes in two sizes (6 inches and 8 inches).

The cone of these speakers are made from polymer composite. It has a swivel-mounted tweeter that can rotate 15-degrees in either direction. These combinations allow the Polk Audio RC80i to produce high-quality frequencies.

We tested the Polk Audio RC80i in a medium-sized room. Upon our testing, we didn't hear any distortion even we set the sound at high volumes. Moreover, it also got a design which allows wide dispersion of sounds. Because of this feature, this in ceiling speaker can be perfect for big rooms as well.


  • Have rubber surround on the speaker for protection
  • Easy to install (without professional help)
  • Grill is paintable (default color is white)
  • Compatible with damp places because it is moisture resistance
  • Clear and loud audio


  • Bass quality is not that great
  • It uses spring-loaded clips for the wire

The Micca M-8C 2-Way in Ceiling in Wall Speaker is a 2-way in ceiling speaker which can produce quality sounds. It has a high excursion poly woofer and a soft dome tweeter. These components allow this speaker system to be highly versatile when it comes to configuration.

Moreover, the Micca M-8C can also guarantee that it can cater different audio preferences. It is capable of generating soothing background music and high-intensity home theater sound.

This speaker is designed with a variety of audio components to ensure its quality. It also underwent heavy testings to ensure its optimal performance.

Installing these speakers is not a problem either. Specifically, it got integrated mounting tabs which allow convenience in installation.

It also comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors to match the quality of your interiors. As long as you got these speakers, you can guarantee that sound details and clarity are always present!


  • Silk dome tweeter is pivoting
  • Woofer can produce clear and full sound
  • Crossover design provides highly sensitive sounds
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in variety of sizes and colors


  • The grill design is not that great
  • Low and mid frequencies are not as good as other speakers

You should also consider the Pyle PDIC80 Ceiling Wall Mount Speakers on your list. This in-ceiling speaker system can produce clear and full audio, thanks to its exceptional components.

The Pyle PDIC80 is a dual speaker system. It got a high-temperature voice coil, which is necessary for preventing damages.

Meanwhile, its 1-inch dome tweeter is directable. The titanium-based tweeter produces high-frequency sounds without traces of distortions or hissing.

Moreover, you can expect the strength of these speakers, thanks to its high power handling rating. Specifically, it has a 300-watts maximum rated peak power. Therefore, playing loud sounds is not a problem for Pyle PDIC80.

The Pyle PDIC80 also got mounts that can quickly flush on ceilings. It has a perfect design for customized installations and designs.


  • Sleek and straightforward design
  • High power handling rating
  • Produce no distortions or hissing
  • Have protective features
  • Durable construction


  • It doesn't come with a woofer
  • Bass output is not great

One of the most flexible best in ceiling speakers in the market today is the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5 In-Ceiling Speaker. It can direct sounds wherever you are, thanks to its rotating tweeters. Specifically, this 3-way speaker can produce harmonious and crystal clear sound. You can guarantee that this product is worth your money.

The woofer of the Yamaha NS-IW280CWH is also tilted. Therefore, you can direct it in whatever position you desired.

Meanwhile, the swiveling tweeter has a crossover design. Because of this, it can provide an efficient sound dispersion. With these components, this in ceiling speaker can produce clear high frequencies that reach up to 28 Hz.

Even its low and mid frequencies are still audible and clear. They won't distort even you set your volumes into maximum.

The Yamaha NS-IW280CWH is easy to install, too. It has a default white grill, which you can paint to match your color of your interiors.


  • Clear and audible sounds
  • Fewer distortions and hissing sound
  • Highly versatile design
  • Sound dispersion is superb
  • Easy to install on any ceilings


  • These speakers are quite large
  • Bass output is not stable as it seem to be
  • Low range frequency is not okay, especially in low volumes

One of the best features of the Pyle PDIC60 In-Ceiling Speakers best in ceiling speakers is its high-temperature voice call. Moreover, it also got a directable titanium tweeter for efficient sound dispersion.

Although it is true that the mobility of these speakers is not as good as other brands, the sound it produces is still loud and full. In fact, the Pyle PDIC60 has a maximum power handling of 250 watts. Therefore, it is one of the loudest speakers on this list.

The Pyle PDIC60 is also your option if you are tight on budget. But don't fret. Its economical price doesn't mean that it has compromised its performance. This in ceiling speaker is inexpensive, yet they can still match those high-end brands.

You will definitely love the clearness of its frequencies. Moreover, it has a solid bass output, which is relatively rare for many in ceiling speakers.

We should remind you that the Pyle PDIC60 produces deafening sounds. Putting it into maximum might disturb your neighbors!


  • Reasonable price
  • Can produce extremely loud sounds
  • Powerful and rich bass sounds
  • Mid and high frequencies are clear
  • Easy to install


  • The plastic housing is susceptible to cracks
  • Overall construction is not that durable

Best In Ceiling Speakers Buying Guide

There are two primary considerations that you need to take when you are planning to install in-ceiling speakers in your home.

The first one is its volume. You should know how many of these speakers that you would want to install in your house. To solve this issue, you need to know the size of your room. A big room will require five to six in-ceiling speakers.

The second consideration is the placement of these speakers. You need to know what kind of arrangements your speakers are capable of. This is important so that they can deliver an optimal coverage to your entire room.



The in ceiling speaker should have rotatable tweeters. Instead of relying upon a single direction, the tweeters should be adjustable so that it can deliver high-frequency sounds where you want it to be.

Single Stereo Input

Ideally, you should choose an in-ceiling speaker that has only one single stereo input. In this way, both of the right and left channels of your sound can be played in a single area. This design is perfect for small rooms and spaces.

Power Handling

Choose an in-ceiling speaker that can play loud sounds without consuming too much power. A speaker that has high power handling rating means that it can produce loud output. Therefore, a speaker that possess such feature is best for big rooms.


This term refers to the efficiency of the speaker in using power to create sounds. A speaker with high sensitivity (dB) can produce loud volume without stressing the amplifier. We recommend that you should use highly sensitive speakers for home theater applications.


You will need an in-ceiling speaker that can resist the elements. It should have protective feature against the heat and cold. Moreover, its construction should be sturdy enough to instant pressure and certain impacts.


These are the best in ceiling speakers on the market today. Each of them can perfectly complement with your home theaters or sound systems. They are a great addition to ensure that you can maximize your listening experience.

Moreover, these in ceiling speakers have excellent construction. They have distinctive designs that disperse the sound equally throughout the room. Therefore, they are perfect for surround sound purposes.

Among these, we declare Polk Audio RC80i 2-way Premium In-Ceiling Speakers as the best in ceiling speaker. It has a smart and ergonomic design which allows you to install it conveniently. The tweeters and woofers of this speaker are directable, too. You can install them wherever you want, without worrying about the sound quality!

However, we still recommend that you should try all of these speakers we featured. You will never know which one will suit your preference if you don't check all of them!

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