5 Best Door Speakers Of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Car door speakers are there to entertain you while driving. This technology has been with us since the 1930s. Therefore, you can expect that the best door speakers of 2021 can perform way better than their predecessors!

Having a good door speaker will elevate your riding experience. Aside from listening to music, it also allows you to talk on your phone by the use of Bluetooth connectivity.

They are now ergonomically designed for cars. They can make you stay awake even while driving for long hours. As a result, risks of accidents are reduced.

Choosing car speakers can somehow be confusing. There are a lot of brands and prices to consider. That's why you should check the following buying guide. In this way, you can get the best door speaker that would suit your needs and preferences!


Top 5 Best Door Speakers

There is no arguing that Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series is the best door speaker today. It has quality audio output and accurate resonance system. Once this pair of speakers is installed, you can guarantee that your car will never be lifeless anymore!

Each of the speakers of the Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series has a layered Mica Matrix woofer. This woofer allows the speaker to deliver a perfect midrange and low response.

Specifically, this speaker system can play in the range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Therefore, the sound it produces is always audible to the human hearing. The high and mid frequencies of these speakers are excellent, too, thanks to its tweeters.

Among all the speakers on this list, the Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series is the loudest. It has an excellent power handling, which allows it operate without consuming too much power. On top of that, if you are looking for more budget-friendly gadgets then you can find new speakers on SpeakersDaily.

The design of this door speaker is better than its predecessors. It can already play a myriad of musical genre, such as those that includes heavy bass, dubstep, and even alternative rock.

The audio output of the Pioneer A-Series is absolutely real, not just ambient. It can mimic the aural reflection, stage size, and other musical details that make music come to life.

Moreover, the Pioneer A-Series comes into 2-way coaxial designs. It also available in multiple sizes to that it can cater a variety of vehicles.

The Pioneer A-Series is a combination of different high-quality audio components. The diaphragm of this speaker set is extra rigid and light.

It can produce clear and sharp sounds without compromising the responsiveness sensitivity. Meanwhile, its internal loss is at decent degree, too!

Also, the design of Pioneer A-Series allows its high and mid frequencies to be dispersed evenly. As a result, a smooth on-axis and off-axis responses are being produced.


  • Loudest door speaker in the market
  • Quality mid and high frequencies
  • Even distribution of size
  • Sound output is audible to the human hearings
  • Quality and appealing construction


  • They do not fit into some variety of cars such as 04 Tacoma and Tj 2000

The Kicker DS65 is your ideal choice for coaxial car speakers. It has a simple installment and budget-friendly price, which can benefit a lot of vehicle owners.

Specifically, the Kicker DS65 belongs to the 6.5 car speakers’ category. It has excellent features that allow it produce quality sound output.

The bass of these door speakers is amazing. This is thanks to the presence of voice coils that it enables this audio component to produce clean bass without any trace of distortion.

Meanwhile, this set of speakers has a massive motor structure. This design allows the Kicker DS65 to withstand a variety of stress and pressure. It doesn't lose its efficiency quickly, which makes it a great investment!

Comparing to other 6.5 coaxial speakers, the Kicker DS65 is not expensive. Any car owners can buy this audio system for their vehicles. Despite its inexpensiveness, these speakers still possess quality.

Meanwhile, the UV surround of the Kicker DS65 enables it to resist heat and high temperature. Therefore, its overall audio output can be preserved effectively. These car speakers have a power handling rating of 100 watts.

It is pretty decent already, comparing other low-quality brands. Meanwhile, the tweeters are made from titanium, which provides density and strength. It can also generate sound that is within 50 to 20,000 Hz of frequency.

The Kicker DS65 is also compatible with external amplifiers. With this, you can enhance the volume level and overall audio output of these speakers!


  • Have voice coils for quality bass
  • Simple installment method
  • Have protective features such as anti-UV surround
  • Decent power handling
  • Quality materials are used on its components


  • Not as loud as other speakers (must use external amplifiers)

Another great choice for car door speakers is the Kenwood KFC-6965S. This speaker set comes in a variety of sizes. It is also among the few car speakers that have a five-way system.

This means that it has a woofer, a midrange tweeter, and three super tweeters for high range frequencies! With this construction, you can expect that the audio quality of this product is truly sharp and clear.

The Kenwood KFC-6965S speakers are a combination of different materials. The woofer is made from a paper cone and polyethylene. Meanwhile, the tweeters are constructed from a professional grade ceramic.

This speaker is highly efficient. It can perform together with your aftermarket radio power effortlessly. On the hand, the RMS power handling of this product is 45 watts. Therefore, you can produce audible sound outputs without consuming too much power.

This set of car door speaker allows you to add an amp. Therefore, you have the freedom to amplify the volume level, depending on your preferences!

The treated cloth surround works harmoniously with the woofer of Kenwood KFC-6965S. Because of this combination, the speaker can pump powerful bass sounds, regardless of the internal conditions in your car.

The PEI cone tweeter and ceramic super tweeter enable a smooth transition between low to high frequencies. This product also includes grilles. Therefore, you can do customized installation to these speakers.

Specifically, the frequency response of the Kenwood KFC-6965S is 30-22,000 Hz. Its sound sensitivity is 92 dB while its power handling ranges from 2 - 45 watts RMS. The peak power of this speaker set is 400 watts.

You can also get 8-speed clips and eight 1 1/4-inch self-tapping screws when you purchase this speaker.


  • Made from quality materials
  • Have tweeter and ceramic super tweeter for better transition
  • Bass output can overwhelm harsh conditions in the ca
  • Have a high power handling rating
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Both the high and low-frequency accuracy are not as good as other brands

Polk is a favorite brand for audio components. They are a manufacturer of quality speakers and indoor sound systems for several years already.

Their Polk Audio DB691 is among their top rated products when it comes to car door speakers. Although it is true that this set of speakers is not the loudest out there, it is still very loud.

Both of its high and low frequencies are accurate. Meanwhile, its midrange frequencies may need some improvements. Overall, its audio quality is truly excellent.

The power handling of Polk Audio DB691 is superb. Specifically, its power range is 10 to 100 watts RMS, with a 300 watts peak power.

Meanwhile, its frequency response is 35-22,000 Hz, which means that these speakers can produce clear and sharp sounds. Hearing the music won't be a problem either, thanks to its 93 dB sensitivity.

The engineers of Polk used laser imaging so that they can get the right combination of speaker materials. In this way, they were able to eliminate distortion on these door speakers.

Moreover, the technology was able to produce a speaker that has excellent frequency response. The speakers also give off sharp details to every sound played.

Polk Audio DB691 car door speakers can play music at high volumes without straining. The woofers, which has a dimension of 6 inches by 9 inches is made from a combination of Mica and polymer composites.

On the other hand, the surrounds are constructed from durable rubber. This material resists stress from moisture and heat. It can even withstand the test of time itself!

The polymer-silk dome tweeters have Neodymium magnets. This additional component provides a high-frequency response for enhancing musical details. Music becomes real with Polk Audio DB691, thanks to its dome super tweeters.


  • Loud audio output
  • Quality combination of speaker materials
  • Excellent high and low frequencies
  • No distortion even in high-volume outputs
  • Quality and appealing design


  • The midrange frequencies need improvement

The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime is the ideal choice whether it is your first time installing door speakers or just replacing old components. This set of speakers can give you powerful and clear audio output.

It can give you the hype that you need while you are traveling! Rockford Fosgate is a famous manufacturer of excellent speakers. Moreover, their Prime door speakers will let you get this quality without breaking your budget!

Each of the speakers has a sturdy polypropylene woofer cone. These components allow this product to give off deep drums and bass sounds. They also contribute to the production of clean midrange frequencies.

Meanwhile, the piezo super tweeter and silk dome tweeter generates strong high-frequency responses. They improve the overall audio output produced by these speakers without being harsh at all.

There is an integrated crossover network that separates the frequencies that go to the drivers. Therefore, music fidelity and realism all become possible!

The sound produced by these speakers is highly audible. All the details of the music can be heard even for subjective hearing.

The average volume of the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime is less than 3 dB. It also complements to the standard 90-db sensitivity rating. Meanwhile, the power handling of these speakers conforms to the CEA-2031 standards.

This means that it can operate without consuming too much power. It also got the Integrated Concealed Crossover technology. This innovation cloaks the crossover inside the case, which results in stylish and clean look!


  • Stylish but simple appearance
  • Powerful bass and drum sounds
  • Decent high and medium frequencies
  • Overall audio quality is top notch


  • The power handling rating of these speakers are not as good as others

Car Door Speakers Buying Guide

Best Door Speakers

Speaker Type

There are two different types of speakers you can buy in the market today. They are the component and full-range. Getting the right one for your car can save you money. Moreover, it could give you convenience on the setup and installation process.

The component speakers are made so that they can produce the best sound possible. Their parts, such as the woofers and tweeters, are separated. In this way, you can move them around in your vehicle.

This scheme allows the component speakers to generate quality audio. However, you should know that these systems are expensive. They work best for those that are looking for an advanced setup.

The full-range speakers are simple to install. It is an all-in-one system that has a low price and can produce a different range of sounds. Choose them if you want to replace the default speakers of your car. Their quality is decent, but you cannot customize them, unlike component speakers.

Quality Of Sound

The overall audio output of a car speaker can be subjective. However, there are several guidelines to determine the sound quality of a door speaker. First, you have to check the range of frequency. Speakers that have wide frequencies can generate more sounds.

Typically, 20,000 Hz is the peak frequency for speakers. The lowest is 10. Moreover, you should know that there is no certainty that high frequencies can be audible.

Second,check the sensitivity rating of a speaker. Sensitivity doesn't affect the audio directly. However, it can indicate the how many sounds can a speaker produce using a certain level of power.

If you have a low-powered stereo, choose a door speaker that has high sensitivity. The same principle applies for the opposite.


A car door speaker has several components. The first of this is the tweeter. Usually, it is made from materials like silk, polyurethane, and textile blends.

These soft materials allow it to produce smooth sounds. However, you may need tweeters that are made from ceramics and metals if you are looking for higher tones.

The second part of a speaker is the surround. It is the casing you can see around the woofer. Its primary function is to prevent humidity and heat from compromising the woofers. Ideally, you should choose a rubber surround for better results. However, cloth and foam can work, too!

Woofers are the last component of a door speaker. They are there to produce bass sounds. It should be lightweight and constructed of a sturdy material such as polypropylene. You can also opt for speakers that have woven fabric woofers.


Best Door Speakers

The best door speakers can improve the overall experience for each ride you have. These speakers we featured possess distinct qualities that could revamp your ride! They can produce good and clear audio sounds without any distortions. They are quite easy to install, too!

Among them, the Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series is definitely the best. It has a clear and loud sound output, perfect for large vehicles. Its resonance system is sharp and smooth, which gives anyone an excellent listening experience.

Moreover, its power handling is amazing, too! This set of speakers won't consume too much battery juice, even if you put it on its top notch mode! All of these features are ideal for any car setups. As long as your vehicle is compatible, these speakers are worthy investments indeed!

There are a lot of car door speakers today. It is your choice which one you will buy. However, we recommend that you should try our feature products first! We won't suggest them if they can't perform well.

In fact, we tested several brands and models before coming up with this list. The fact that these door speakers are here is proof that they exceeded our expectations!

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