Top 5 Best Boss Pedals for Your Guitar Playing Skill Level

If you are a beginner in playing the electric guitar, you need to know the best Boss pedals you can use for your skill level.

The best Boss pedal should enhance the sound of your electric guitar. I’ll help you choose which one best suits your needs as a beginner through this guide.


Top 5 Best Boss Pedals

5 Best Boss Pedals: Pros And Cons

Here are five different models of Boss Pedals found online. I have detailed the pros and cons for each to help you choose wisely.

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This Boss pedal is ideal for rock and metal guitar players because it creates a loud distortion. If you are into rock, metal, or punk, this is for you. But take note of the pros and cons first before deciding to buy this product.


  • Distortion, tone, and level are easily controlled. Knobs are located side-by-side.
  • Robust build.
  • ​Go to for rock and metal guitar players. Creates loud, distorted sound.
  • ​Classic look.
  • ​Easy to setup and use.
  • ​Works with a battery and power adapter.
  • ​Low-cost distortion pedal.
  • ​Can be played with Fender Blues Deluxe (80-watt tube, 1x2 amp).


  • May produce fuzzes or noises in the background if not properly set up.
  • Does not come with a free adapter.

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This model is visually simple and looks classical. It has an easy dial-up control mechanism in which you can choose to make your guitar sound smooth or gritty. You can also use this to sustain guitar tones.


  • Classic look.
  • User-friendly.
  • ​Battery powered, but can also be used with an adapter.
  • ​Stompbox is easy to setup and use.
  • ​Best to use with Fender Sidekick 35-watt.


  • Does not have patch cords.
  • Can make background noises such as hiss, high pitched beep and humming when not properly set up.

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I love using this when I play covers or experiment with my tunes. It has multi-effects in its sound library. Since a lot of effects are already built-in in this compact guitar pedal, this is easier to manage compared to having multiple gears in one pedal board.


  • With three pedals: Memory Up, Down, and Solo.
  • Has another pedal for EXP.
  • ​Easy control and editing knobs.
  • ​Various tones found in the Sound Library.
  • ​Each type of tone has ten variations.
  • ​Has seven groups of effects: Modulation, Reverb, PreAmp, Comp/FX, OD/DS, Pedal FX, and Delay.
  • ​User-friendly interface.
  • Classic and contemporary styles available.


  • Does not come with a free power supply or adapter.
  • May create strong feedback and noises on your amp when not integrated preamp.

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This Digital Delay pedal is a new model that takes on the effects of its predecessors, but some say it is a new and improved version. It has both Analog Delay and Modulation Delay modes essential for songs that require very long delays.


  • Used for longer delays.
  • Two Delay Modes: Analog and Modulation.
  • ​Has external pedal control.
  • ​Best seller.
  • ​Versatile pedal - can be used to play different music genres.


  • Quite pricey.
  • No free AC adapter provided.

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I love the physical design of this pedal. It looks classic with a magnificent sound quality. Any guitar player can play blues with this guitar effects pedal, and it is super easy to manipulate. The controls are situated at the front of the gear. It creates soft distortion and subtle overdrive.


  • Creates classic blues effect.
  • Smooth overdrive and distortion.
  • ​9V battery included.
  • ​Quick response to volume change and nuances.


  • Does not come with a free adapter.
  • May not work or sound correctly if placed with a fuzz pedal.

Characteristics Of An Ideal Boss Pedal

Take note of some of the features of a Boss pedal before deciding to buy your first ever guitar pedal. I am stressing Boss here because I honestly think this brand is highly recommended for all skill types.

1. Durable Construction

Best Boss Pedals

Boss pedals might be the most durable and long lasting guitar pedals on the market. The brand claims that its pedals are made to last.

With quiet FET switches, non-skid bottoms made of rubber, steel casings, easy-to-open battery compartments, color-coded LED lights, recessed knobs, and heavy duty pedals; Boss could be the perfect pedal for you.

The extreme benefit you can get from its durable construction is to save money. You probably will not have to buy another pedal for next five years or so. However, that depends on how you use it.

Furthermore, you have to make sure to handle it with care before, during, or after use. I own a Boss Distortion Pedal, which I have been using for three years now and it still is my favorite.

2. Lightweight

Best Boss Pedals

Choose something that is not too cumbersome to transport from one gig to another. Someday, when you have gigs, various pedals with distinct tones and effects. It will help if you start collecting lightweight guitar pedals for easy transport.

3. User-Friendly Control/Operating System

Best Boss Pedals

As a beginner, you will need a Boss pedal that is easy to control or operate. Perhaps, you have not even seen or touched a real guitar pedal ever, so this can still be daunting on your part.

However, some models have ready-to-use tones—just choose from this extensive collection.

By using these tones, guitar playing becomes even more interesting. You may even improve your guitar playing skills faster in the process.

In my personal experience back when I was still learning the electric guitar, I borrowed a pedal from a friend who is a professional guitar player.

It has the most complicated user interface, and it took me time to figure it all out. As a result, I got frustrated thinking I will never be as good as my friend.

It turns out that I was merely not using a pedal that suits my guitar playing level. Do not try to push too hard by putting the pedal to the metal.

Start with an easy to operate Boss pedal and familiarize its operating system as patiently as you can manage.

4. Good Sound Quality

Best Boss Pedals

One of the most important features you should be looking for in a Boss pedal is its sound quality. It may help if you consult professional or more experienced guitar players who have owned and tried various guitar pedals.

They can be the best persons you can count on when it comes to sound quality of music gadgets.

If you are buying from a physical store, ask the attendant for a demo or offer to play it yourself before purchasing it. On the other hand, if you are buying online (through Amazon, for instance), check out the reviews first.

Take time to read through the negative comments and see if there are customers who got disappointed with how their guitar sounded using the Boss pedal.

There is also a Question and Answer section on Amazon. Here, you can input your questions about the quality of sound of your prospected Boss pedal model.

It will not hurt if you are nitpicky with your first ever guitar effects pedal. So connect with people, ask questions, and do some research before deciding to buy.

5. Affordable

Best Boss Pedals

Go for an affordable Boss pedal but be sure you get the right quality. There are inexpensive but good quality classic Boss guitar pedals available in the market.

Watch out for sales and discounts to get the best deals whether online or in physical music stores. Stay within budget.

You are not required to buy the most expensive Boss pedals to become a better guitar player. Even second-hand guitar pedals that still work exceptionally will do.

After all, it is not about the brand, the model, or the price. Ultimately, it will be about you and your perseverance to learn.

6. Fresh Design

Best Boss Pedals

The design characteristics are probably not the most important, but you need a guitar pedal with visually appealing design and color features. Of course, it should be your design preferences.

Although, any guitar player can set up and play the instrument regardless of the physical appearance of the pedal.

But a study shows that aesthetic beauty and utility are integrated. This means that a guitar player might become more inspired to play because the gadget is visually appealing.

Which Boss Pedal Is Best For You

Based on your level of guitar playing skill, the best Boss pedals you can purchase is the Boss Audio DS-1 Distortion Guitar Pedal. It has a cool classic look and so easy to manipulate.

With this, you can practice loud distortion and get used to the sound. More importantly, its specifications coincide with the characteristics of an ideal guitar effects pedal listed in the second section of this guide.

It has a durable build, user-friendly, has good sound quality, it is low-cost, and comes in cool, classic design. This might be the best first ever Boss pedal you can have to help you harness your guitar playing skills.

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