35 Of The Best Bass Guitar Songs Of All Time

Are you eager to enhance your bass-playing skills? Then you should learn the best bass guitar songs of all time!

Musicians and listeners alike have their individual qualifications for an excellent bass song. Some people will assume that it is about the riff of the bass. For some, it would be the complexities that bring life to a song.

A good bass can make you groove and dance to your feet. Sometimes, it would even invoke your emotions. After all, the bass is the soul of the band. Without it, a piece would be empty and incomplete.

In this article, we listed the best bass guitar songs of all time. Many audiophiles voted These tracks because of their flawless execution. The ranking of these songs is based on their bass impact and quality. Of course, the overall performance of these tracks is also part of the criteria.

So what are we waiting for? Turn on your subwoofers and let the bass of these songs go pumping!


35 Of The Best Bass Guitar Songs Of All Time

Best Bass Guitar Songs

35. Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz featuring De La Soul

This song is a juggernaut upon its release. Aside from the melodies and outstanding rapping, the bass of this track is excellent.

34. Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group

This piece is an immortal creation of the Edgar Winter Group. It is has a heavy riff throughout the course of the song.

33. Taxman - The Beatles

George Harrison is the mastermind behind this great Beatles song. Up to now, Taxman is still one of the most famous attempts of the group into psychedelia.

32. Rescue Me - Fontella Bass

This song is pretty straightforward. Nothing seems to be so complicated about this song. However, it has bass lines that would grab anyone's attention.

31. Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang

One of the most memorable masterpieces of the Kool & The Gang. The bass lines gave life to the song. Overall, it can leave you with a funky impression.

30. Magic Man - Heart

Ann Wilson's vocal prowess is apparent on this song. However, it wouldn't be that great if the bass of Steve Fossen is not rumbling and punchy enough.

29. I Am the Resurrection - The Stone Roses

This song is considered one of the best closing tracks of all time. Specifically, this anthem is 8-minute long and features crazy bass riffs!

28. Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil

We don't care if this piece is politically motivated. The song itself has an igniting melody, and the bass is always in height. It certainly delivered the message its needs to convey.

27. Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson would be incomplete without the Smooth Criminal. Aside from its catchy tunes, this song features powerful bass riff that can make you groove anytime.

26. Orange Crush - R.E.M.

The Orange Crush is one of the greatest pieces of R.E.M in the 80s. What makes this song great? Of course, it is the massive bass lines!

25. Jeremy - Pearl Jam

You can say anything about the Pearl Jam. But it is undeniable that they are famous icons in the 90s rock. Jeremy is a classic that has an enduring quality. It has a bass part that you wouldn't want to forget!

24. Paradise - Sade

This song is a glorious piece of Sade. In fact, it is considered to be the greatest among all of the artist's hits. The riff of the bass glue to the song altogether!

23. One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelic

A track of the Funkadelic that has a killer bass line. Up to now, it will always be endearing. Enough said.

22. Josie - Steely Dan

Josie is the closing track on the legendary album Aja. It is one of the most recognized recordings due to its exceptional rock and jazz arrangement.

21. Epic - Faith No More

Epic became a standard of 90s classic rock because of its integration of different elements. Funk, metal, and hip-hop are some of the genres you can hear on this song.

20. Get Up, Stand Up - Bob Marley & The Wailers

The tandem of Bob Marley & The Wailers is alive because of this piece. It may be one of their most politically-motivated songs. However, its bass is truly explosive as well!

19. Maneater - Hall & Oates

The 80s pop scene won't be complete without the Hall & Oates. Their music is all catchy and really well-made. Maneater is a proof of this unique balance that this duo can create.

18. Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran

One word to describe this track of Eddie Cochran: "Intense." It has a powerful and jangly guitar riff that only a few can recreate.

17. You Can’t Hurry Love - The Supremes

This song is one of the oldest recordings of the Supreme. However, the quality of its bass riff remains to be captivating even up to today!

16. Sloop John B - The Beach Boys

The Sloop John B features a flawless bass execution. In their album Pet Sounds, this is one that has the biggest impact. Actually, it is stole the limelight of the album.

15. Cissy Strut - The Meters

If there is an unsung hero of funk, it would be The Meters. Fortunately, their Cissy Strut track is keeping them alive in the hearts of many audiophiles.

14. I'll Take You There - The Staple Singers

If you are looking for a feel-good track, then you should listen to this classic jazz song. The vocals of Mavis Staples are well defined here. However, the bass line remains to be an icon of the track.

13. Electric Feel - MGMT

Many can get the "throwback feel" once you mention MGMT. For example, the Electric Feel can make anyone remember the good old times. It has an empowering bass that gives it a shocking appeal!

12. Would - Alice in Chain

The track "Would" defines the significance of Alice in Chain in their generation and genre. Moreover, the song emphasizes how bass can make a song enduring and endearing as well!

11. Bernadette - The Four Tops

Bernadette is a good example of a fierce song. In fact, this one of the most powerful bass songs that the band has ever released!

10. N.I.B. - Black Sabbath

The N.I.B. roars with bass. In fact, the song itself can make a stadium go rise into a repertoire. Therefore, you can always consider this track as an explosive manipulation of bass.

9. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher - Jackie Wilson

The impressive bass riff makes this Jackie Wilson track one of the most uplifting songs of all time. Although it is undeniable that the vocals of Wilson are great here, people will still remember the song because of its punchy bass.

8. When I Think of You - Janet Jackson

You should know that this song is the first US hit of Janet Jackson. The track possesses complex composition that nobody can ignore. However, it was the powerful bass that puts this song in the history books.

7. Moondance - Van Morrison

For those who already heard the "Moondance," you will agree that it is the bass line that keeps the song together. You can even hum with the complex bass solo although it is intentionally hidden!

6. The Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy

It is quite sad to know that only a few tracks of Thin Lizzy made it to the international scene. For example, the "The Boys Are Back In Town" is an awesome song. It has a captivating bass riff, too!

5. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

If you are looking for an immortal bass line, then you should listen to the "Another One Bites The Dust." This rock track highlights the legendary skills of John Deacon. Even his band mates can't do anything about it except to complement it with a good structure!

4. Money - Pink Floyd

It is undeniable that this song would always be included on any "greatest song" list. However, it is also good to honor its impressive bass line. Although it is repetitive, you can never deny that it is a product a pure genius.

3. Come as You Are - Nirvana

Nirvana became famous because of this song. This track is both a symbol of heavy rock and iconic ode. You should also know that the bass riff of this song is played by none other than Kurt Cobain.

2. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

Just listen to this song, and you will realize how talented this band is. In the 2000s, the Talking Heads give life to the masterful creation of bass.

1. Come Together - The Beatles

The bass of the "Come Together" by the Beatles is on another level. It may be a composition of Lennon, but it still McCartney that took the song off. As of now, we considered this track to be the greatest bass song of all time.


These are some of the best bass guitar songs of all time. Each of them was created on different timeline and genres.

However, nobody can disagree that they have the most compelling and captivating bass lines and riffs. If you are a music aficionado, then you can certainly hear these mesmerizing elements.

Do you have your list of your favorite bass songs? Share it with us here!

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