Anasounds Spring Reverb And Its Benefits

Anasounds continues its path in the world of effects without giving in to ease. The effect pedal is the reverb Anasounds Element and its three separate spring tanks: Le Bon, La Brute & Le Truand. So here we are going to discuss about Anasounds spring reverb and its benefits.

Anasounds Spring Reverb and Three interchangeable spring tanks

When purchasing the reverb, Anasounds Element, you can opt for the total package, including the three spring tanks, or you can compose your assortment with only one or two tanks. The heart of the effect is a standard format pedal Anasounds pedals easy to slide on a pedalboard.

The design is typical of the brand, a brushed metal frame topped with a laser-engraved wooden facade. The backlit green window with the logo found on the first Anasounds pedals has given way to a logo that lights up in white when the pedal is activated.

The pedal has four potentiometers and a mini-switch to control the effect. They are arranged as follows:

  • Out: this potentiometer controls the output level of the reverberated signal (wet). When set to the minimum, there is only one sound without reverb (dry).
  • Mix: this potentiometer allows you to control the proportion of signal with and without reverb. When set to the minimum, you get a sound without reverb (dry). Adjusted to the maximum, we get a sound made only of reverb (wet).
  • Low: this potentiometer makes it possible to remove or reinforce the low frequencies.
  • High: this potentiometer makes it possible to remove or reinforce the treble frequencies.
  • Spring Saturation: This mini-switch allows the springs to be saturated. In the high position, the pedal operates conventionally. In the low area, the springs saturate with a reasonably impressive increase in the output level.

The connection is located on the top of the pedal. There are the power plug, the input, and output jack plugs, as well as a mini-jack plug, which allows you to connect the main pedal to one of the three spring tanks.

The tanks are connected to the Element pedal via the stereo mini-jack / RCA cable supplied. RCA connectors are on the edge of the tank. The design of the tanks is similar to the design of the pedal, namely a metal frame surmounted by an engraved wooden facade and plexiglass, which allows you to contemplate the springs. Each tank has three longer or shorter springs that generate the reverb signal.

Anasounds spring reverb and its benefits: A complete package

  • As usual with Anasounds, the construction of the Element pedal is robust. The spring tanks are lighter than you would expect, but they look just as reliable as the main pedal. The advantage of the separate tank is to be able to move it away from the pedal - the Le Bon and La Brute tanks can be integrated under a pedalboard if necessary - so as not to bump into it inadvertently.

The Ugly (which we did not receive for this test) is the largest of the three tanks, will require some space adjustments.

  • Whichever tank you plugin, with all the knobs at noon, the Anasounds Element allows us to obtain a sound of reverb with springs clearly in line with the reverb of a Fender Twin. Very logically, the sound captured from the La Brute tank has more body and amplitude than that of the Le Bon tank. We hardly dare imagine the sounds we can touch with Le Truant!
  • If the sounds are quite typical "vintage," the Anasounds Element is very versatile in that its controls allow subtle adjustments. The combination of the OUT and MIX settings is particularly useful for obtaining light reverberant tones. In this kind of configuration, MIX low and OUT high, you will have to be careful not to push the output level too much because the OUT setting generates breath beyond 3/4 of the knob stroke. The MIX knob, which controls the proportion of dry/wet signal, is exceptionally useful for obtaining very "ambient" tones. The LOW and HIGH settings allow you to work on textures subtly.


If you are looking for a spring reverb well-typed vintage, we can only advise you to look at the case of the Anasounds Element. We can argue that the price of the premium pack is a bit high, but Anasounds is the only one to offer three interchangeable tanks, and users can choose the configuration that suits them best at a lower cost. Therefore, Anasounds spring reverb and its benefits need no further telling.

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