8 Smart Phone Accessories Everyone Should Have

Accessories are like the sprinkles on top of your ice cream. You could probably do without them but their presence just adds a little bit more intrigue to it. So mobile accessories are no doubt just as popular since a smart phone literally takes up more of your attention than your other average hand-held devices.

There is no denying that accessories add a certain glam factor to anything. So why not invest in accessories for a device that has become such a constant element of your life i.e. your smart phone. Here is an article that focuses on widely preferred accessories under a reasonable price range.

The list for popular accessories can go on as the smart phone accessories market is a leading seller at present but in this article we will concentrate on the accessories you can acquire within a practical budget. Below is a selection of sought after accessories:

  • Protective Mobile Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Pop Socket
  • Ear buds / headphones
  • Power Bank
  • Selfie Stick
  • Car Mount Phone Holder
  • Arm Bands

Let’s look at each of these accessories in detail and what is the price range they are available in:


Mobile cases have become more of a necessity nowadays than an accessory as modern phones are quite prone to breakage. Not only do mobile cases give added protection to your phone, they also give it a personal touch. With the wide variety of designs available in the market you can go for any look you desire for your mobile and not to mention it is also easily available in an affordable range.

You could also go for a customized mobile case to give it a personal feel but it costs a little more than already available ones though it’s worth the money.


The smart phones gained the most popularity because of their wider screens but it goes without saying that the screen is the most delicate part of any smart phone out there.

So for any smart phone user it’s a priority to get screen protection. They come in the form of thin plastic films customized for each model of smart phone to exactly fit the screen. Nowadays there is a new type of jelly protector that spreads over the screen itself to encompass it entirely.

Though they play a significant role in a smart phone’s protection these screen protectors are very cheap and can be found for almost every cell phone model.


Has it ever happened to you that you are lying on your bed with your phone above your face and suddenly you lose your grip on your phone? The phone faceplant has happened to the best of us. That is where a pop socket comes in handy. It’s like a socket you can stick to the back of your phone which you can use to hold the phone.

Pop sockets also reduce the amount of times you drop your phone. So if you are likely to drop your phone more than usual it is about time you get a pop socket.


A pair of headphones is a universal gadget that you can find in possession of anyone and everyone because not only does it allow better sound transmission it also provides a sense of privacy to the users that nobody can listen in on what they are listening to.

Nowadays wireless headphones also called ear buds, have become all the rage because of the ease of use they provide and space saving. You can find a good pair of headphones for a decent price. Even now best Bluetooth earbuds under 50 dollars are available in market.


A power bank is a very useful device because it allows charging on the go and the world is extremely mobile with a constant need to be at different places not allowing enough time to plug in your device at a charging port and wait.

Though it is relatively pricier than other accessories but still worth investing in.


Who doesn’t know what a selfie is? It has become a very common phenomenon today. The selfie stick gained recognition after the concept of “Selfie” was introduced. It quickly became popular among people since nobody wants to miss a chance to get in the picture. It is best for group photos and eventually became a necessary accessory.


This accessory is handy for people who need to use their smart phone while driving, may it be for GPS or a call or even just for playing a video for your kids. It gives you easy access to your phone while not diverting your attention from the road.

Arms bands are best for people who work out outdoors as this band provides you with the convenience of securely attaching your mobile to your arm with a flexible band to fit your arm size. This allows the user to safely carry around their smart phone while out for a jog or a run without the phone getting the way.

Streaming Service:

Another additional accessory one should have within the phone is cable TV alternatives which off course are Hulu, Netflix & more. These are additional tips to save on cable service large fee.

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