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Why The Casio Privia PX350 Is The Best Choice For You

Good sound quality, durability, and affordability should come together when buying an instrument. Does the Casio Privia PX-350 have these characteristics? How is it different from the other Privia models? Is it even worth the money to buy one?

These questions will be answered in this guide to help you decide whether to push through with this choice or to pick its predecessors.

Remember that picking a digital piano may also depend on your level of skill. You will learn in full detail what factors you should consider before buying this Casio digital piano model.

How To Figure Out Whether Or Not Casio Privia PX160 Is the Best Choice For You

Your learning progress in playing the piano does not always depend on your interest, innate musical talent, and perseverance. You have to supplement your drive to improve with a good quality piano.

I have learned of the Casio Privia PX160 from a friend who owns one. It is priced reasonably and has all the necessary features that can benefit me as an intermediate piano player.

In this guide, I will share with you fine details of what I have learned about this amazing digital piano.

I have spent hours and hours of research to present the most relevant information that can help you decide whether or not to invest in this brand of digital piano.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Casio Privia PX150

One thing I have learned from piano playing: Progress does not only depend on skill and determination; you also need to consider the unit of digital piano you are using.

In this guide, I will tell you why Casio Privia PX150 is the best choice for me. What are the things you need to consider before buying this product? Read on to find out.

Casio CTK 4400 Review: A Closer Look To This Beginner’s Digital Piano

Casio is not a manufacturer that you can just turn down. They were among the few pioneers who changed the field of electronic instruments in the past decades.

They can even stand side by side with Yamaha, Roland, and Kawai. In fact, it would not surprise us if some of your friends got their skills while grinding in a Casio piano. Of course, you can do that, too!

There are a lot of Casio keyboards that are for made for beginners. An example of this is the Casio CTK 2400. But if you want an alternative from the same brand, then we will give you this Casio CTK 4400 review.

You can still expect that the CTK 4400 has the same excellent features that the CTK 2400 has. However this time, you should anticipate the revamps that it has.

Overall, this digital piano is a good choice for anyone who wants to learn the instrument. It is easy to use and affordable at the same. Anyone could start right away as long as they have this unit.

Before we discuss the full features of the CTK 4400, we have to narrow down the key features that a digital piano should have. With this guide, we are hoping that you can get the best digital keyboard that is worth your time and money!

The Casio CTK 2400 Review: One Of The Best Beginners Piano

A beginner would certainly stumble when it comes to choosing their first piano. After all, there is a need for anyone to pick among the hundreds of piano models out there.

Now, if you don't know which one of these would fit your skill level, you are probably going to have a bad time. Fortunately, we go you covered. And for that, we will introduce this Casio CTK 2400 review.

Casio has been in the piano industry for quite a time already. Therefore, it is undeniable that they have their share of ups and downs. Well, the latter is completely normal, considering that they are testing the waters, too.

But on the other hand, the company has a lot of awesome pianos to offer, such as the Casio CGP 700 and the CDP series.

All of those digital keyboards have fine quality. They became a proof that Casio can somehow compete with some of the best piano manufacturers out there.

On the other hand, Casio has constantly been producing keyboards for beginners. We already featured the CTK 2090, a 61-key keyboard that possesses excellent sampling.

The Casio CTK 2400 is another 61-key digital piano that you should consider as well. As early as now, we can say easily that this product is worth your time and money.

But before we fully reveal its features, we should highlight some of the key considerations for choosing a digital piano. Here are they:

The Best Casio CDP 120 Review: It Is A Good Digital Keyboard!

It is an undeniable fact that Casio has been in a constant struggle against the perception that they are a brand of cheap products. There is a current stream of an idea that Casio pianos are for just for amateur players.

Of course, at some point, the brand has something to do with it. Fortunately, they are beginning to correct it. And among their redeeming products is the Casio CDP 120.

For starters, the Casio CDP 120 is an upgraded version of the CDP 100. We already mentioned in our separate review for this product that it is a good digital piano. It has excellent features that can serve any practicing pianists with ease.

Now that they have released the CPD 120, it is not surprising that the latter has qualities that surpass its predecessors.

Overall, the Casio CDP 120 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a good alternative to an acoustic piano. It comes with a lot of features as well. To know more about this digital piano, just read this Casio CDP 120 review.

But before we dissect this keyboard, let us highlight some of the key considerations in choosing a digital piano.

Guide To The Best Piano Brands Of 2017

Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian maker of musical instruments, created the piano in the year 1700. Since then, it has become one of the most sought after instruments in making music.

Today, different piano makers from all over the world offer exceptional piano features and characteristics.

If you think of a piano brand, some of the biggest names are Yamaha, Fazioli, Bosendorfer, and a lot more. Find out more about these brands and why most musicians consider them as the best.

2017 Top Ten Best Drum Kits For All Skill Levels

This guide will showcase some of the best drum kits available in the market today - from starter to sophisticated kits. I have intentionally chosen the kits that not only suits your budget or skill level but also matches different kinds of grooves from slow rock, to funky soul, R&B beats, or even heavy metal.

Furthermore, I spent hours and hours of research to find the best drum kits for you. I also have some tips on how you can choose the best gear combinations that can help you enhance your level of percussion skills, match your preferred genre, and of course, fit your budget.

First, I have to orient you on the parts of the drum set. You will need this very basic knowledge only because you want to make sure that you buy a complete set.

The Casio CDP 130 Review: One Of The Best Digital Pianos

The recent years is like a rocky boat for Casio. They have their respective ups and downs, which is pretty common for a music brand. Fortunately, they release the Casio CDP 130.

Aside from the CDP 100 and CDP 120, the CDP 130 is another commendable opus that you should not ignore. To fully know about this product, better read this complete Casio CDP 130 review.

Primarily, the Casio CDP 130 is an improved version of the 120 and 100. Those two are great in their right already, but it seems that Casio is not that satisfied yet. Currently, the CDP 130 is one of the best-selling digital pianos in the market today.

Of course, it is a standard keyboard that possesses all the features of its predecessors. Moreover, it also comes with additional perks that are certainly worth looking at.

We will discuss more of these later. But for the meantime, let us go to some of the basics of a digital piano. In this way, you will be able to discern if a digital keyboard is worth your money or not.

The Best Casio CDP 230 Review: Is This An Excellent Digital Piano?

A digital piano is a helpful instrument that can broaden your musical affinity. That's why it is essential to choose a model that can cater your needs, regardless if it is for practice or live performance.

Of course, there are a lot of choices for this. But if you want a reliable one, try considering the Casio CDP 230.

Casio is a controversial brand of musical instruments. But it is undeniable that their products have excellent build and performance.

For example, the Casio CDP 120 and CDP 130 have surprisingly excellent performance. If you want, you can read our separates for these digital pianos.

But for now, let us focus on the Casio CDP 230. This digital keyboard has a lot to showcase for its users. In fact, it is a known upgraded version of the CDP 130.

Therefore, you can guarantee that the same AHL sound engine is present. For more information about this digital piano, better read this Casio CDP 230.